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Where Is Your BUSINESS HOW-TO Book?

Where Is Your BUSINESS HOW-TO Book?

by Bart Smith

Having been a web designer (and author) for 20+ years, I had years of opportunity to look behind the curtains of other people’s businesses. In particular, life/personal/business coaches were my ideal web clients. What I discovered over time was many of them lacked in the areas of how they ran their coaching business and their marketing.

So, I took my knowledge, know-how and insights in those areas and wrote a business-related book for them called Rich Coach Broke Coach. It was and still is well received by coaches and even consultants today, worldwide.

I simply shared my own business practices and insights with them in the form of … a BOOK, which I also recorded in audio format and turned into an online course here at MTC. I also came up with a series of coaching client forms for them to download, use, even customize for their own needs in their coaching businesses. All that spells extra passive income to me. Okay, now, it’s your turn.

From a business perspective, what do YOU know HOW TO do that others (in their businesses) might like to know HOW TO do too? Don’t you think it’s time you write a business-related how-to book based on your knowledge and expertise that you’ve been taking for granted or at least selling (your time) by the hour or project? Isn’t it time to make extra money outside of that time and effort. It’s time to turn your business related how-to and knowledge into another stream of income.

You can easily take your knowledge, education, experience, client case studies, real life business examples, what-to-do’s, what-NOT-to-do’s, success and failures, lessons learned and other aspects of your business and turn it all into a book.

Steps to writing a business how-to book …

Having written 18 self-help, non-fiction books covering a wide variety of genres from business, marketing, networking, motivation, relationships, personal growth and development, a cookbook, etc., for me (i.e., someone who likes using books to generate amazing exposure, free publicity, extra income from book/audio/eBook sales, instant credibility in my field of experience, spin-off products/services (for more income), among other reasons …) I like to help my clients write the following types of books REALLY FAST:

  • Make a quick list of your business knowledge, skills, experience, client case studies, procedures, steps, checklists, successes, failures, lessons learned, most frequently asked questions you get asked over and over, etc.

  • Now prioritize those topics and what you wrote into a list where you identify, which topic(s) will be:

  • 1. Best received by other business owners …

    2. The most content to write to fill up a minimum of 30 pages (in your new book) …

    3. Fastest to write, as in it won’t be too complicated to explain or put into a book …

  • With your prioritized list in hand, start writing!

  • Not too complex, right?

    Writing your Business How-To book …

    Here’s a quick look at a proposed book outline you might use. With that in place, open up a Google document (for example), and start writing for each section:

    How do we get started if you wanted me to write a book for you?

    Now, that pretty much nails it. Think about it as you fill in the blanks, start writing (anything) and see how far you get with a week of effort. Once you start writing, at some point, take a break and read what you wrote. Then, expand upon it by adding more content to what you wrote and no doubt rewriting some sentences and sections you think could be said better.

    Writing is like building a sand castle. If you don’t have enough words, go get some more sand (words) and then keep shaping your sand castle (i.e., words, sentences, paragraphs) and keep working at it until your book starts to really come alive. Sometimes it feels hard to write something, but that’s okay. That’s the same feeling you get when you start working out after a long hiatus of not working out regularly and then after a few hours, days, weeks, it all starts to flow out of you.

    My self-publishing book and video mtc-layout-video-mtc-layout-video-tutorials …

    If it helps you, check out my self-publishing manual. It's sure to get you fired up and in-the-know about how to write virtually any type of book. From start to finish, I walk you through every step. I know for me, I wouldn’t and couldn’t write a book without the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years and then I put it into my self-publishing book/course.

    What's more, be sure to check out my self-publishing video mtc-layout-video-mtc-layout-video-tutorials as well. They're sure to give the education of a lifetime when it comes to self-publishing your book.

    Need help with your book?

    Let me know if you’d like some help writing your business related how-to book. Time and availability permitting, I’m available. I’ve helped many clients with their books. We’d have an initial phone call to determine where you are at with your writing and discuss how I can be of assistance.

    Perhaps, you might just need some coaching on the book idea itself and then you could write the book on your own time. You might send your written work back to me to put in book format, get it edited, and even design your front/back book covers. BAM, your business related how-to book is born!

    So, let me know if I can help you in any area.