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Who's Hungry? (Cookbook)

How To Make Bart’s “World Famous” Pizza, Salad, Omelette, Party Smoothie, Pad Thai Dish & More


WHO DOESN’T LOVE FOOD, right? Well, you’re in for a real treat. It hit me one day to put together a cookbook of my favorite dishes I make at home for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Well,  WHO’S HUNGRY? was born (in my kitchen) for all to enjoy in their homes as well. Since I like a wide variety of dishes from different cultures, I made sure there was a huge variety of easy-to-make and ultra delicious meals.


Pages: 100

Full Color Interior

Size: 8.5" x 11"

Mailed to you.  $21 + S/H



Full Color, more detail, enhanced steps and way more photos!



70+ pages of delicious wisdom …

Within this full-color, 8.5″ x 11″ page cookbook , you’ll find 20+ of my favorite meals I love to make at home that you will too. Trust me, your stomach, friends and family will thank you forever and ever!

There are so many dishes in this cookbook that my friends (and strangers) trying them out for the first time all say, “Wow, this is the best _____ I’ve ever had. Thank you, Bart! May I have more?”


Take a peek inside my cookbook, WHO’S HUNGRY? If you like what you see, then order the paperback or order the PDF version and view it on any device!


Just check out these chapters of Who's Hungry? filled with my personal recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner meals and fun stuff for parties and more!


“I love Bart’s pad  Thai dish,  his  cookies,  his  party smoothies  … when are you moving in? I want you as a roommate. Your buddy, John (my husband), also gives you the green light. Hurry! What’s for dinner tonight?” –   Leisa R., Mission Viejo, CA

“Bart’s cookies are the absolute best I’ve ever had. I remember he brought them to the bar where I work one Halloween night and I ate like 10 of them. The other 90 cookies were passed out to everyone else that night who absolutely loved and devoured them. His cookies are famous at our club.” – Megan H., Ventura, CA

“Bart is a natural gourmet like no one I know. I helped him make cookies about 12 years ago. THAT was amazing. Then, he made me his world famous salad, and as a vegetarian, I can say, it was the best salad I’ve ever had. Bravo, Bart. What’s on the menu today?” – Sherrie R., San Diego, CA

“Bart’s dishes are beyond mouth watering! I’ve had his salmon salad, which is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I want to try every dish he makes! Enough teasing me with your photos sent to me via text. I want the real thing. I’m booking my flight to come to see you now! His cookies are the best, too.” – Sheila R., San Diego, CA

“Well, I’ve had Bart’s tortellini and salmon, his pizza, his salad, his soft tacos, smoothies and other dishes. When I brought friends over to enjoy these dishes they were blown away by how fast and fun Bart whipped them up. Speechless, he left them! What’s more, I assisted him when he made over 30 PITCHERS of his world famous party smoothie at a party. He stole the show! Everyone came back for seconds, thirds and fourth cups of his party potion! His cookies also disappeared faster than we could say, ‘Where’d they go?’ Bart, you rock, always!” – Gale G., Huntington Beach, CA

“Where do I start? Bart’s smoothies, his udon, his yaki-soba stir-fry seafood noodles, his pizza, I could go on and on. One of a kind entertainer and host! No one can touch him in these areas and so many other areas too!” – Belinda C., Newport Beach, CA

“I’ve been a fan of Bart’s cookies for going on 15+ years. One time we had guests over and they were just enamored by Bart’s homemade pizza, cookies and smoothies! Thank you, Bart. You made a lasting impression on them.” – Bill & Teri M., Reno, NV

“Bart, your cookies are absolutely the best ever. They melt in your mouth and leave you smiling all day long! Can’t wait to try your other dishes.” – Charlotte G., Playa Del Rey, CA

“I’ve known Bart for almost 15 years. Whether it’s his pizza, protein shake, salad, or cookies … his are the very best and makes me smile every time.” – Marlene G., Orlando, FL

“I love Bart’s sautéed sweet potatoes and salmon. Oh, and his tortellini and salmon. Oh, and his fried rice. His are the best I’ve ever tasted. I’m so glad I live close. Heads up, I’m coming over. What’s for dinner tonight?” – Dominique N., Fountain Valley, CA

“I’ve never had gluten-free cookies that were as good as Bart’s. Seriously!” – Dr. Andrea P., NMD, Phoenix, AZ

“If Bart isn’t wowing us with his pizza or cookies, it’s the 17 pitchers of his world famous party smoothies he made at a 4th of July party I held about ten years ago. I remember it as if it were yesterday. Bart, you made such an impression on everyone there. OMG! Thank you!” – Connie Q., Placentia, CA



Why DID I write a cookbook? Great question! It’s not like there aren’t enough cookbooks out there already, let alone more sophisticated ones written by professionally trained chefs and nutritional enthusiasts, right? I mean, I don’t have any certifications or degrees in culinary arts or other fields related to food and nutrition, per se. Although, I do make the world’s best chocolate chip cookies, bar none, without training, certifications, degrees or stealing some family recipe. Something to keep in mind … You don’t need certifications either to be the best at what you do when it can bring smiles to people’s faces with every bite!

That said, I’m certainly not aiming to help you attain some super duper vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, low-carb or some other health regimen goal via the fun-tasting dishes and beverages I’m about to present to you inside my cookbook. I will say though, there actually are some meals and beverages I do make, and are included inside my cookbook, that are healthy for you and can actually help you lose weight and stay slim. I make note of them on specific pages. So, watch for them!

So, back to the question! What, then, is the aim of my cookbook? Simply, it is to share a handful of my personal/favorite meals that I’ve been making for the past 20+ years and that other people have also found to be absolutely great tasting, “out-of-this-world delish,” “yummy to the taste buds” and ultimately their favorite too whenever I’m in town or I happen to be in their kitchen or they’re in mine! “Bart, will you please make your world famous ____________________.” (Fill in the blank WITH A MEAL or BEVERAGE of your choice FROM THIS COOKBOOK!)