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Who's Hungry? (Cookbook) by Bart Smith

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“No matter what time I wake up, it’s breakfast time! Time to eat, and ... EAT LIGHT!”

PART 1.1

Bart's Quick & Healthy

✮ Fruit Bowls & Plates

So much is said about what we should be eating for breakfast, how much, when and all that jazz, such as, eat a big breakfast to last you all day or don’t skip breakfast. With so many opinions, one thing I’ve discovered is that I don’t like to eat a lot of food in the morning. Here's what I have most of the time in the morning ...

PART 1.2

Cool, Healthy & Nutritious ...

✮ Protein "Hair" Shake

If you’re in a hurry like me many times, or just lazy, why not whip up a delicious protein shake loaded with all the right stuff (i.e., vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other good-for-you ingredients). Making a shake in the morning takes literally five minutes and you’re off to start your day! It can be a your favorite flavored protein shake or my beloved "hair shake!"

PART 1.3

Lose Weight & Feel Great! 

✮ "Juicing" For Real Energy

I have been juicing for more than 25+ years.  Whenever I feel I need a shot of real liquid vitamins and minerals, I turn to juicing. If I want to scale back my food intake and give my digestive system a break, I’ll juice. If I want to make something simple for breakfast, lunch, dinner, even a snack, I’ll juice. 

PART 1.4

Bart's "World Famous" ...

✮ Omelette

When it comes to my Omelettes? I can tell you this, they're a real crowd-pleaser! They're fluffy, flavorful, loaded with ingredients, and ultra satisfying! If you’re hungry for something semi-quick, try making my "world famous" Omelette! C'mon, let's check it out ...

PART 1.5

Bart's "World Famous" ...

✮ Pecan Belgian Waffles (Served With Hot Maple Syrup)

I remember playing football my freshman year in high school and after every Saturday morning game my parents would take me out for breakfast (e.g., I was HUNGRY). All I remember ordering was 1-2 pecan waffles with a bucket of syrup every time we'd go out for breakfast after a game. Well, those memories are now pouring their way into my cookbook and onto the page below for you to enjoy at home like me!


“What’s for lunch? How about something light, delicious, and good for you?”

PART 2.1

Bart's "World Famous" ...

✮ Spinach Salad

So delish, healthy and helps you lose weight and stay trim all at the same time! Even if you don't like salads, you'll love this salad!!!

PART 2.2

Bart's "Amazingly Rich, Hearty & Delicious" ...

✮ Soup

When I think about losing weight or staying trim, I think about having 2-3 of my salads each week, and 1-3 of my soups (for lunch/dinner) in the same week, but on different days. Love my soups to keep me slim and trim. 

PART 2.3

Bart's "Quick & Amazingly Delish" ...

✮ Sandwich

Like my soup and salad, if you have this sandwich 1-3 times per week as a meal and eat light the rest of the day/night , you just might lose weight, stay fit and slim because of it. This sandwich is so light, healthy, hearty and ultra delicious, do enjoy every bite and then some! See if this isn't the best sandwich you've ever had. If so, let me know, will ya? 

PART 2.4

"Bart's Favorite"

✮ Crab Quiche

What's quiche? It's kind of like an Omelette / pie combo baked in a golden crust shell with ingredients of your choice in it, such as sliced bell peppers, bacon bits, imitation crab, etc. Whether you've had quiche or not, you're going to love this quick quiche recipe , which you can have for brunch, lunch or dinner!

PART 2.5

Spicy Baked Scallop & Unagi "Hungry" ...

✮ Sushi Rolls

I love sushi rolls, don’t you? If you do, then you’re in store for two of my favorites, which I’m actually recreating from a fav’ sushi roll restaurant I’ve been going to for almost 20 years. Well, here's how I make my own sushi rolls at home.


“What’s for dinner? Well, take your pick from these ‘delish’ world famous ‘dishes’ of mine!”

PART 3.1

Bart's "World Famous" ...

✮ Homemade Pizza

Knowing how to make the world's greatest pizza is a skill and a talent you will love to acquire and the sooner the better! I know for me, life just wouldn't be the same if I didn't whip up one of my pizzas on a weekly basis. Now that you know my secret recipe for the world's greatest pizza, see if you don't start making it — as often as you can!

PART 3.2

Bart's "Out-Of-This-World" ...

✮ Pad Thai Noodles (With Chicken)

This is such a “delish dish!” I first made it at a friend’s house for her birthday. It was so good for my first attempt. We thought we had just left a Thai restaurant the meal was that good.

PART 3.3

Bart's "World Famous" ...

✮ Fried Rice (With Shrimp & Salmon)

Here’s a dish I know you’ll love if you love fried rice.What’s interesting about this dish is that I have two friends, one’s Chinese and the other Vietnamese. Both say my fried rice is the best they’ve ever had, with their mom’s being the best. Now, that’s a compliment!

PART 3.4

Bart's "Ultra Healthy" ...

✮ Grilled Salmon (With Steamed Veggies & Black Beans)

In the spirit of eating healthy, you can never go wrong with a meal like this . We all know the benefits of salmon. Well, how about steamed vegetables to accompany that healthy program along with a side of black beans or other beans of your liking.

PART 3.5

Bart's "Divinely Made" ...

✮ Sautéed Sweet Potatoes (With Broccoli, Cauliflower, Crushed Pecans, Black Beans & Salmon)

Here’s a meal that will not only leave you absolutely satisfied , you’ll also begin to want it every day of the week. What’s more, it’s flavorful, filling, and good for you.   Eating my sautéed sweet potatoes often will also help you stay trim and slim  for sure! 

PART 3.6

Bart's "Heavenly Tasting" ...

✮ Tortellini & Scallops (In Red Sauce)

I love tortellini! How about you?  Now, I don’t make my own tortellini and why should I? I’m usually in a hurry – TO EAT – not so much to get somewhere! Nonetheless, I wanted to include this heavenly dish because I enjoy making it every couple of weeks when I’m craving Italian food.

PART 3.7

Bart's "Richly Soulful" ...

✮ Grilled Chicken Soft Tacos/Burritos (With Sliced Bell Peppers, Mexican Rice, Black Beans & BBQ Sauce)

I ’m not kidding when I say this has got to be one of the  MOST LOVED MEALS  inside  WHO’S HUNGRY?  Yes, I know, my pizza and other meals rock, but you haven’t had anything until you’ve had my BBQ CHICKEN THIGH SOFT TACOS!!!

PART 3.8

Bart's "Shockingly Delicious" ...

✮ Sautéed Sweet Potato Soft Tacos/Burritos (With Sliced Bell Peppers, Mexican Rice & Black Beans)

Here's an alternate and surprisingly ULTIMATE INGREDIENT inside my tacos/burritos:   SAUTÉED SWEET POTATOES!  I’m not kidding. Wait ‘til you try this. All vegetarian, every time I make this dish for others they only have this to say to express how they taste,  "WOW, THESE ARE AMAZING!!!"

PART 3.9

My "Richly Decadent" ...

✮ Bacon Cheese Burger (On A Toasted Bun With Sautéed Mushrooms & LOTS Of BBQ Sauce)

... on a toasted bun! Really, you've never had anything this good before! Whoa! C'mon, let me show you what this masterpiece is all about!

PART 3.10

Bart's "Amazingly Delish" ...

✮ Yakisoba Japanese Stir-Fry Noodles (With Shrimp & Salmon)

Yakisoba is a Japanese noodle stir-fry dish, which I love because I enjoy stir-fry,  especially when you add some kind of seafood medley like shrimp, salmon, or even sautéed imitation crab. Try this delish dish and let me know what you think. I bet you’re going to love it, too!

PART 3.11

Enjoy Bart's "Otherworldly" ...

✮ Japanese Udon Soup (With Salmon)

I don’t make it often, but when I do, I really enjoy this dish.  Udon is a type of thick wheat flour noodle of Japanese cuisine. So, if you like noodle soup, then you, too, will love this recipe.

PART 3.12

Try Bart's "Heavenly" ...

✮ Unagi Bowl (Baked Fresh Water Eel Over Rice With Unagi Sauce)

Have you ever had unagi (fresh water eel)? Trust me! It tastes just like chicken, but 100,000% better; melts in your mouth better than anything you’ve ever eaten. Maybe you’ve seen this item on a sushi menu. It’s not like other sushi items that are cold and raw. Unagi is actually baked (in a toaster oven) for about 10 minutes then serve it with unagi sauce on top. So YUMMY!


"When it comes time to party or entertain, well, here are some ideas for you!"

PART 4.3

Bart's "World Famous"

✮ Very Berry Frozen "Bart-A-Ritas" (With or Without Salt On The Rim)

Here’s one more super delish beverage for ya!  This is what I call my “WORLD FAMOUS” VERY BERRY FROZEN BART-A-RITA! Just take  frozen berries  and blend them with (my favorite)  Jose Cuervo® “Classic Margarita” mix . No ice needed. Margarita salt on the rim is optional, but tastes pretty good. Besides, just look at that photo above. Don’t they look goooood?

PART 4.5

Bart's "World Famous"

✮ Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bart's cookies have been called ORGASMIC!  You just can't eat one! In fact, if you've never had Bart's cookies, then you've never had the world's best chocolate chip cookie, ever!  Almost every one who's had Bart's cookies say, "You ruined me! I can't eat any other chocolate chip cookie, but Bart's." Wanna try one?


With all this good food and drink, it's also important to watch your weight and stay fit too!

PART 5.1

Bart's "Personal & Very Helpful" ...

✮ Weight Loss & Fitness Book

I'M PROBABLY A LOT LIKE YOU!  I love my sweets and I love to eat! The problem is, too many sweets and too many plates and/or not the right kind of foods or beverages and not enough exercise can lead any of us to NOT LOOKING OUR BEST! Well, not to worry, I created this health/fitness guide for you and for me! 

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