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Hair Care, Hair Loss & Hair Growth by Bart Smith

Hair Care, Hair Loss & Hair Growth

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Hey everyone, BART SMITH here with an amazing article on hair care, hair loss and hair growth! At some time in everyone’s life, HAIR LOSS AFFECTS MILLIONS OF MEN AND WOMEN worldwide, no matter the age. Everyone is born with about 100,000 hairs up top and sadly (but naturally), we shed approximately 50 to 100 of those hairs daily. Yikes! Okay, remain calm. There's hope!

Just like working out, taking care of your mind and body and eating right, a healthy head of hair requires proper care inside and out. As you will learn, there are a host of reasons why we lose are hair and how we can encourage hair growth and healthy hair. 

Here’s a little information that I believe causes hair loss and how you could either get some of it back or simply maintain your current strong healthy head of hair right now! I’ve been adhering to what you’re about to read below for going on 30+ years.

So, a ton of my methods and hair care discovery has been tried, true and tested beyond any shadow of a doubt. BUT, you be the judge and apply what works for you and monitor your own results. Note, I’m 52 years old in the picture you see (taken Summer 2021) and just before I got my hair cut! Yikes! Look at that mop!



  • I am NOT going to get all scientific on you and talk about what all the other hair growth companies and so-called experts and gurus talk about when it comes to reasons why you experience hair loss and how you go about experiencing hair growth.

  • I find all their explanations to be overly scientific, unrelatable, over our heads, full of B.S. and a waste of our time. So, you're not going to find any of their talking-points or mumbo jumbo in MY hair care/growth report. Thank heavens, right?

  • Those companies and gurus can get all labbed out and scientific on someone else, but not you and I. Hence, I'm not going to talk to you about DHT and other (whatever else) they hurl at us in their long-winded ads about why people experience hair loss and why you need to buy their expensive solution.

  • These so called hair growth experts don't impress me one bit. WHY? Because they ALL leave SOOOOO MUCH other important stuff OUT when it comes to WHY we lose our hair and HOW to grow it back in more natural ways that don't cost us an arm and a leg.

  • That said, you're only going to come across → common sense, down to earth language, every day hair care, hair loss, hair growth wisdom from someone who's lived it, experienced it and for more for than 30+ years!!!

  • That being said, let's get at it, shall we? The TRUTH about hair loss, hair care and hair growth NO ONE has EVER told you before until .... NOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! 

  • WHAT Causes Hair Loss?

  • Poor Nutrition → If you didn’t know this already, once we grow up, and leave mommy’s house; we no longer have access to the nutritious meals Mom used to feed us. Instead, we’re on our own, which means fast food, hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, beer ’n’ tacos. I’m exaggerating to make a point. But, seriously, where are the nutrients in these foods? There aren’t any. Hair needs nutrients to grow.

  • Poor Scalp Circulation → As we get older, our once great circulation system can lose some of its efficiency. Among them is proper circulation to the scalp. When blood isn’t circulating to the scalp, nutrients can’t get (a ride) up there.

  • Clogged (Scalp) Skin Cells → Hair has a hard time growing when the surface of the scalp is clogged with oils and sebum.

  • Poor Hair Care → Must wash, condition, and brush your hair often.

  • Abuse Of The Hair → Don’t pull, yank or over chemicalize your hair. You'll damage it. Hair is fine, not tough and rugged to be abused.

  • Stress, Stress, Stress → Stress destroys cells and a lot more. Stress can rob your scalp of needed blood flow, which causes the hair follicles to not get the nutrients they need.

  • Little Sleep → Three hours a night won’t cut it!

  • Over Shampooing Your Hair → Many shampoos contain chemicals and cleaning agents that are not good for the hair.

  • Hereditary Causes → Are your relatives losing their hair? Look to your mother’s father? BUT, don't fret. Both of my grandfathers (mother's/father's side) lost their hair and I haven't. So, there's hope here.

  • Hormonal Problems → Maybe there are imbalances.

  • Some Medicines → Absolutely ...

  • Certain Infections → Very possibly ...

  • Birth Control Pills (Women) → It’s been known to happen.

  • Pregnancy (Women and Men!) → Stress and other issues …

  • Vitamin And Mineral Deficiencies → Nutrition again ...

  • In many cases, prevention can help thwart present and future hair loss, and in some cases, slow it down or stop it all together!

    HOW Can You Prevent Hair Loss?

  • Avoid shampoos with these ingredients: sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES), and ammonium lauryl sulfate. They are all different types of sulfates that can potentially cause allergic reactions on the scalp even hormone issues after prolonged use. It’s like using laundry detergent on your hair. UH NO! Seriously, these shampoos are typically found/bought at grocery stores, department stores, and pharmacies. Avoid them at all costs. Check the shampoo(s) in your shower right now. IF you see these ingredients in your shampoos, toss them out and replace them pronto! 

  • Add B-complex vitamins to your diet. Take your vitamins in liquid or gel form. Recommendations are shared below in this report.

  • Avoid costly surgeries and risky operations. Google reviews and complaints are worthy testimonials when you are considering hair care/growth options. Hair transplants, grafting, scalp reduction, or tissue expansion procedures are expensive and don’t work for everyone. So, do your homework, and check out the issues before you spend $1.00.

  • Consistently clean your comb and brush of dead hairs weekly/monthly.

  • Consume fresh foods, fruits and vegetable greens. After we left home at 18 and started to live on our own as adults, our diets changed. We went from, possibly, good home cooking from Mom to fast food, junk food, bad eating habits, etc. Over time, those poor eating habits robbed our bodies of the needed nutrition our scalps need to thrive and grow.

  • Cleanse your intestinal tract (with a colon cleansing formula) so you can absorb more nutrients and vitamins from the foods you do consume.

  • Cut your hair often to trim those split ends! Split ends are generally bad and sign that there's a problem with your hair which should be assessed. Split ends also can prevent hair growth and may even cause your hair to snap.

  • Don’t always blow dry your hair. Gently towel it dry or go outside (if it's not too hot or cold) and let the wind dry your hair nicely. Roll the car window down and let the wind dry your hair. All up to you, but avoid blow drying your hair with heat.

  • Don’t use someone else’s hair brush; it’s unhealthy. Use your own. Who knows what kind of hairy “creepy crawlies” lurk in their hairbrush. What's more, after reading this report, I bet they don't take care of their brush like you do yours.

  • Follow up with a good conditioner after you shampoo your hair every time. Simply shampooing your scalp isn't enough. That will leave your hair ultra dry after you get out of the shower. In addition to shampooing your hair, always apply a good conditioner and don't be in a rush to rinse it out. Let it lather up and stay on your hair for a good 2-5 minutes. Do something else while your conditioner sets in and does its moisturizing job. Shave, soap up, clean the shower while you're in there, etc. Then, rinse your hair with cold (not hot) water to lock in those conditioning nutrients. 

  • Keep away from pool chlorine and other harmful chemicals that might break down the hair follicle. Otherwise, just monitor your experience in such environments. I swim in our community pool and don't really see a problem IF I rinse my hair with fresh water just as soon as I exit the pool. Typically, there's a shower near the pool to rinse all the chlorine off you before you head home.

  • Don't over color or treat your hair with too many chemicals way too often. There is the chance you can damage your hair by subject it to too many treatments, colorings, chemicals, you name it. Be kind to your hair.

  • Brush your hair often to generate stimulation to the scalp, yes, but don't brush too hard or pull on your hair in the process. Again, the hair is fragile and can be pulled out by the root if yanked or pressured by your brushing. Use large toothed combs on wet hair and don't always brush the hair back; instead, change it up and comb it to the side from time to time. We don't want your hair to start feeling like it must always be brushed back exposing more and more of your forehead. Allow the hair to dry in different directions when possible.

  • Gently massage the scalp and hair three times a day (morning/noon/night). Stimulate your scalp, and brush your hair before you go to bed! Another technique is to take your hands and pull your hair back from your forehead and sides and then back to front. By doing this, you gently pull the hair to stimulate blood flow. See how your head is flush pink/red when you do this? That’s blood flow bringing nutrients to the scalp.

  • Remember, your hair didn’t fall out overnight. Keep in mind that it won’t grow back overnight, either. 

  • MY PERSONAL Hair Care Routine!

    In this section, I’m going to share with you my personal routine, steps, procedures, products and more that I use and implement on a regular basis to help prevent hair loss, stimulate hair growth and keep my hair as healthy as it can be. 

    I believe my methods are natural, doable, duplicatable, affordable and above all healthy for you now and for years to come. I’ve been following my own set of hair care steps and procedures for more than 20 years. So, for me, I know this works.

    Am I open to trying new vitamins, products, shampoos and conditioners? Absolutely. But, what’s interesting though, when I do, I usually wind up coming back to what’s tried and true for me. Which is ... the following (and what you’re about to read, picture yourself doing these same things ...).


    1. When I wake up, first thing, I shampoo and condition my hair. I want my hair to have a fresh start of vitamins and nutrients from the shampooing and conditioner all day long. Even though I work remotely, I don’t wait until the end of the day to shower and shampoo my hair. I use two (2) shampoos and one (1) conditioner that I buy from Trader Joe’s.

    Renpure Biotin & Collagen Thickening Hair Shampoo for All Hair Types, 32 fl oz

    STEP 1:
    Biotin & Collagen

    Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo

    STEP 2: 
    Trader Joe’s
    Tea Tree Tingle

    Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo

    STEP 3: 
    Trader Joe’s
    Tea Tree Tingle

    My Shampooing Procedures Are As Follows: 

  • STEP #1 → Start with this RenPure Biotin & Collagen available on Walmart. Leave on your hair for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. Soap up your body while you wait (with regular soap of course). Nicely effective and doesn’t break the bank.

  • STEP #2 → Then use Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo. Leave on hair for 2-3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

  • STEP #3 → Lastly, I’ll condition my hair with Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner. I also shave my face during this time to let the conditioner really moisturize the hair. So, the conditioner stays on my hair for 5-10 minutes. Now, rinse with cold water; not hot.

  • It takes only three small steps to complete the process. I then turn the shower off, towel dry, and I’m on my way to an awesome day.

    Next, I’ll brush my hair with my massaging hair brush. I never blow dry my hair. For those who must, perhaps partially blow dry your hair then let it dry naturally. Blow drying your hair can dry out and damage your hair over time. In a hurry to dry your hair? Step outside in the wind (if it's not too cold or hot) or got a fan? Let that cool air from the fan dry your hair. Just avoid direct HEAT onto the hair at all costs.

    Later in the day, after a workout, I’ll repeat the same shampooing/conditioning procedures when I shower, again. From time to time, I’ll mix it up and use other healthy shampoo brands to test them, but I always condition my hair at the end.


    2. Have you heard of "hair shakes?" Every morning, I’ll ask myself, “When was the last time I had a hair shake?” I usually have a hair shake a few mornings per week or after a workout because I like a chilled, refreshing shake after working out. Sometimes, I’ll have a shake for 2-3 days in a row, and then I’ll take a break.

    These shakes can sometimes be very filling, which is why I don’t have them every day or I’ll skip a few days and only have shakes 1-3x per week. Note that I always have these shakes in the morning so they keep me satisfied all day. The shake powder I use is NaturesPlus Ultra Hair Thick Shake. I purchased it on Amazon.com for $22-$25 a canister. Not bad!

    MY HAIR SHAKE RECIPE: (Ladies, feel free to cut everything in half! Your body size doesn’t need to consume as much as a man’s body so you might use a hand blender. Personally, I use a Ninja-size blender.)


    ★ 1 scoop NaturesPlus Ultra Hair Thick-Shake powder

    ★ 1 banana. (OPTIONAL: You can freeze bananas and then slice them into the blender to make for an even colder shake.)

    ★ 1 cup frozen mixed berries (or ice, but I prefer berries for that berry flavor and they chill the shake nicely). 

    ★ 1/4 cup of almonds (optional; almonds are very good for the hair)

    ★ I USE WATER although you could use Almond milk or some other milk. Water just has ZERO calories. Try it. See if you don’t miss using a milk of your choice. You’ll save about 150-300 calories.


    3. On days when I don’t have a hair shake, I might chew four (4) 10,000 mg Natrol Biotin Beauty Tablets. I chew them slowly to fully absorb them (in your mouth / don't swallow them whole) into my system. Doing this for 2-3 consecutive days per week, on and off, is all the body needs. This also helps me conserve my biotin tablets I bought, hair gummies and hair shake powder. 


    4. l also take these Hair Vitamins, Hair Gummies with Biotin 5000mcg and Vitamin E & C, Biotin Gummies which support hair growth, are Non-GMO, for stronger, beautiful hair, skin and nails. I'll take this hair vitamin gummy supplement a couple of times a week when I’m not having a shake or taking the Natrol Biotin pills. Watch out: They are addictive (and yummy). They're not candy. They're supplments.


    5. DIET: I make sure to eat my "World Famous" Spinach Salad at least 2-3 times per week and my Sautéed Sweet Potatoes at least 1-3 times per week. SEE PHOTOS BELOW. My salad includes spinach, parsley, and other healthy greens. The sautéed sweet potato dish includes steamed broccoli, cauliflower, crushed pecans and your choice of protein (i.e., salmon, chicken thighs, chicken breast, etc.). Consuming high nutrient meals such as these do wonders for healthy hair care and sustained hair growth. Whenever I stray from these two meals for long stretches of time, I see my hair 

    suffer little by little. 

    In the morning, I may just have an apple, perhaps some slices of another fruit, or I’ll juice fresh fruits or vegetables as well every other day or so. I rarely ever eat cereal, oatmeal, muffins, bread, toast or bagels for breakfast.

    As you can see, I’m getting a lot of healthy nutrients from the fruits I consume for my scalp, hair and body. No red meat for me, which takes up to 3 days to digest in the body. I've seen some people who told me they never eat fruit or they eat a lot of meat and no greens. They're hair? Thin and getting thinner. So, go figure, eh?

    If I have pasta (tortellini with jumbo scallops), it's only 1-2x per month. Or, my world famous cheese burgers with bacon, mushrooms and BBQ sauce; I'll have once every 2-3 months, etc. 

    For other healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, be sure to check out my online cookbook Who's Hungry?


    6. For decades, I've used a massaging hair brush to brush my hair and massage my scalp. Regular brushes cannot stimulate the scalp like a massaging hair brush can.

    Daily, I’ll use the back side of the hair brush to massage my scalp for a few minutes until I feel the blood flowing and then I might do it again later.

    When you do this, WATCH your hair EXPLODE off your scalp into thicker hair!!! I might be exaggerating to make my point, but try and and you'll see! For me, my hair thickens and looks like a mop! A good thing, of course. The point is, those hair follicles were getting tons of blood and other nutrients flushed into them via the massaging hair brush.

    If you buy more than one of these massaging hair brushes, which you should, keep one in the car, in the bathroom, by your bed, by the couch or TV, at the office, you name it. The point is, you could be massaging your scalp every day and everywhere you go. You see, when the scalp isn't stimulated, the only time it gets blood flow is when you lie down for bed and even then? You might be STRESSED and can't sleep. So? Massage your scalp throughout the day no matter where you are. 

    Now, I have bought a $30 massaging hair brush off Amazon and $3-4 ones off AliExpress.com. You've heard of AliExpress, right? They're out of China and shipping runs approximately 2-3 weeks, in most cases; unlike shipping here in the USA domestically.

    Anyhow, check out these prices, and consider buying the Amazon version first. Get it soon and start massaging your scalp sooner than later!

    THEN, order 6-10 of the smaller/cheaper models. Typically, these brushes have about a 8-12 month life cycle until they're a little warn out from (heavy) use. So, it'd be nice to have a few extra massaging brushes on hand. Here are my notes on what AliExpress offers:

    This is a good alternative massaging hairbrush and it's inexpensive. Cost $3.XX per brush. You could easily order 6-10 of them. Pricing subject to change from time to time, of course.

    This is a good alternative massaging hairbrush and it's inexpensive. Cost $3.XX per brush. You could easily order 6-10 of them. Pricing subject to change from time to time, of course.

    … and another for $0.51 per brush! WOW! Pricing subject to change from time to time, of course.

    Consider the possibilities and take HAIR GROWTH MASSAGING ACTION now and BUY 5-10 of these brushes after you get your first initial massaging hair brush from Amazon. That’s what I’d do. Get one brush in a few days and start using it. Then, while you have that one brush, order 6-10 other ones for real cheap to serve as your backup brush(es).


    7. I watch what I eat so I don’t eat things that clog my intestines to ensure my body will absorb the most nutrients it can (from what I eat) for proper hair care and hair growth.

    If all you ate was junk food, over time, your intestinal walls might clog up. As a result, you would begin to absorb fewer and fewer nutrients from the foods you eat. That's not good for your hair.

    So, usually 1-2x a week, I'll cleanse my intestines (on an empty stomach) with a cleansing product like this (or similar) sold on Amazon, which I'll take in the morning when I wake up:

    Health Plus Super Colon Cleanse, 12 oz Powder, 68 Servings - Natural Detox, Digestive Constipation Relief, Gentle Gut Cleanse with Psyllium Husk & Senna Leaf

    If you've not cleansed your intestines in a while, you might not notice anything in the beginning where hair growth (or slowing down hair loss) is concerned.

    Yet, over time, if you're consistent with cleansing your intestines, you'll begin to absorb more nutrients from the foods you eat and the liquid supplements you drink. In that time period ongoing, you'll start to see your hair not fall out so much, or remain strong and healthy or you might start to see more hair growth. Why? Because your hair is now finally able to consume the very nutrients it was intended to absorbe, but couldn't because your intestines were clogged. Well, clogged they be no more, right? You bet!


    8. I also keep my hair trimmed, even if it’s a light trim or shaping just to cut any loose ends, dead ends, or shaggy bits in my hair. 


    9. Now, there was a hair care product I used in the 90’s that would cleanse my scalp of oils and sebum and clean the hair follicle shaft, as well as stimulate the scalp to generate natural blood flow to bring nutrients to the scalp. Stay in touch with me while I continue to find the ideal replacement for that product. or manufacture it myself! I’m still testing different products.


    10. While I’m open to trying new products, vitamins, even shampoos, etc., that purport to stimulate hair growth, I’m also very mindful that they??? MIGHT NOT WORK AT ALL!!! Did you know? Eighty percent of the time, I find ADVERTISED PRODUCTS DON'T WORK as much as they say they do. These hair care/growth products are just the latest scam on the block to help you think you can grow your hair. Well, they're all bull, in my experience. After researching the product online extensively, then seeing how much it costs and how little it works, I simply revert back to my 3-decade tested, self-designed hair care/growth regime which I've laid out for myself and I’m fine with that.

    Now, whenever you hear about ANY hair care/growth product being heavily advertised anywhere, Google that product or service name with the words “complaints” or “reviews” or “returns.” or “sucks” after it.

    Here’s an example, “simfort” (shampoo). Then, read the search results for about 15-20 minutes. What did you find? Testimonial reviews like this one: “I am still on my first bottle (of Simfort shampoo) and have not seen any change in growth or thickness. In so many cases, companies like these DON'T CARE. It's a numbers game to them. If they sell 100,000 units and only get 10,000 returned/refunded, they still made a nice profit. BUT, 10,000 people weren't openly happy and another 10,000+ who didn't return or review the product go unheard from. NOT GOOD by any account.

    What's more, you might get stuck on some recurring billing B.S. that charges your credit card on a recurring monthly basis "... for $124.60 a month. I’ve been notified by a company that it would take 25 business days to return funds or the company just refused to cancel the subscription. Now if they had a reputable product, would they really need to conduct business in this way!?!"

    Or, how about this video review on YouTube or this comment that was left: "Everything I've ever bought from YouTube ads has been extremely disappointing, ineffective and left me feeling like I got scammed. Never buying anything ... without long and thorough research. Over $1k in purchases that were mostly ineffective in accomplishing what they claimed."

    BOTTOM LINE? Do your own deep research when it comes to ANY AD YOU SEE! Especially, hair transplants complaints and hair transplant reviews. Granted, not everyone will experience what others have experienced, but still, I'd rather research any service that wants to charge you thousands of dollars for ____??? What are they promising? What will you get for your money? How long will the process take? How much PAIN will you be in during/after the transplant? And, what if you have problems with the transplant and the doctors aren't around to help you or they don't want to? They got their $X,XXX and now they're ggggone!!! Again, I'd rather save my money and execute my hair care, hair growth program for at least a year before you go under the laser, the knife, spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on some gimmick product/service, you name it.

    Also, read the lowest Amazon reviews for any hair growth product you might like to buy. As a side note, whenever I shop for ANY product on Amazon, if the 5-star ratings (for a product) are UNDER 70% and their 1-STAR rating are OVER 7%, chances are there's something wrong with the product ... AND I DON'T BUY. Too many people have spoken their honest opinion(s) and experience(s) to save you the time, money and trouble with ordering such product(s) and returning them for a refund.

    So, always do your own research and read the reviews others have taken the time to leave behind in order to make up your own mind whether to buy x-hair care/growth product or not.

    Lastly, if you see an ad on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, look up that same product on Amazon. Chances are, the company sells it on Amazon for more exposure and more sales. Here's where you can see what others before you have to say about such product before you waste your time, money, and hope in using said product to help grow your hair.


    Thanks for reading! After 30+ years of research and testing, I know I've found the go-to solution for hair care and hair growth for ME! My plan (and products used/recommended) are affordable, easy on the body, good for you in many cases and easily doable by anyone who applies my methods to help stimulate hair growth and slow down hair loss.

    Catch me 20 years from now and I'll still be utilizing the same hair care/growth formula I've been using for the past 30+ years. THAT right there should say something about how reliant my regimine is.


    Hey, I hope you found this article helpful and I hope you too experience the kind of hair growth you've always wanted. Knowing everyone's different, still, I think your odds at growing healthy hair now have a fighting chance that won't break the bank and should be good to your body.

    Let me know what you think. Contact me through my website. I look forward to reading your comments about my hair care / hair growth report.