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Coach With Bart Smith (Business, Relationship & Personal Coaching)
Relationship Coaching with Bart Smith


Contact Bart's office for a prompt reply to see if he has a calendar opening to coach you on this coaching topic.



AFTER you've been informed you will be coaching with Bart, you might be asked to send Bart some preliminary information about your current status and goals for coaching with Bart.

Relationship Coaching with Bart Smith

Bart Smith, Relationship Coach


So, where are you with your book writing? Do you need help with an idea for a book? Getting started? Help with book covers? Publishing your book on Amazon.com? Converting it to an eBook?

Whichever stage you're at, I can help. Having written 27 books myself and having helped countless others with their books, I know once we start working together your book writing progress will accelerate to a pace you've never experienced before! Which is GOOD!


No matter what stage you're at with your book, we'll go over what's needed to help you get published a.s.a.p.

  • Need a book idea to start? I can help. 

  • Need help writing and structuring your book? I can help.

  • Need help creating the table of contents? This is one of my strengths. On one phone call I can help create what can become your table of contents, hence giving you the writing homework and structure you need to get your book done.

  • Need help formatting the interior pages for the printer (i.e., KDP.com/Amazon.com) to print a paperback book from your written work? I've got you covered there. I'll show you what I do and we'll go from there.

  • Need help with creating a book cover? Again, one of my many fortes. During our coaching session, I can (start a) book cover design right before your eyes. You'll be amazed at what I can come up with in minutes.

  • What else can you think of where your book is concerned? Creating marketing materials for your book? Creating an author web page? Marketing your book? Getting author interviews? Creating a workshop based on your book? Creating an online Creating a virtual book tour to promote your book? This is going to be a jam-packed / info-packed book writing coaching session for sure!


    TIME:  60 minutes per session. Can be longer if you want or shorter too. Let's discuss.

    FORMAT: Can be presented online via Zoom/webinar or live, in-person. Let's discuss.

    FEE: Fees are determined mostly based on where you are with your book writing project and how much is involved with getting it published. Let's discuss.