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Book Excerpts From Feminism BS by Bart Smith

Get a sneak peek into Feminism B.S. by Bart Smith by reading a few of the hand-picked book excerpts below. If you like what you read here, then you'll definitely love the book or perhaps the audio version. That said, enjoy these excerpts!


Message From The Author

It would appear to me, and I know I’m not alone on this one, but it seems Feminists, feminism and Western women have created a landscape of confusion, even hostility towards men and, worse, broad atmospheres of ...


Career B.S.

Most women HAVE JOBS and NOT a career; same goes for men. What’s the difference between a job and a career? The average length at a job is 2-4 years, of which women in particular might hold 8-10 jobs in their lifetime. Why? Because jobs suck, they don’t pay much, they might ...


Dating & Relationships

“Women have proactively removed any and all incentive to chase after them,” says men. What is so great about women that needs to be chased? Sex is plentiful and it doesn’t require a commitment, just asking and ...


Delusions / Denial

“I don't need a man B.S. = Yeah, right, whatever. When you do need one, he’ll remember you said that and turn you down for a sweeter, kinder, more feminine woman who respects the fact that women do need men.“


Equality B.S.

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. A man needs a female like a fish needs a lobotomy. There, we’re equal now. // I’m stuck in a generation where glorifying women and degrading men is what women consider ...


Female Nature

Ask these men and they'll tell you women cannot be trusted, that is, unless they’re logical and act like men. Otherwise, women can be extremely manipulative. They'll "suck the joy out of your life" and "rinse you for every ...


Feminism B.S.

Feminism teaches women to be less feminine and more masculine. Nice job. NOT! What makes you happy? Studies show men's happiness hasn't changed, but women's has gone down and keeps going down. Why so? Is it because feminism has lied to them about having it all?


Future Predictions

Once women realize their chances of winding up alone are on the rise, men are avoided them at all costs, women aren’t looked at or spoken to ... maybe then, women will turn on their feminist sisters and tell them to STFU.


Humor (Have A Laugh On Feminism)

My wife suggested we should try some role reversal in bed so I told her I have a headache. // When a woman says “what?” It’s not because she didn’t hear you. She’s just giving you a chance to change what you said.


Hypocrisy / Lunacy

I bet that when society finally collapses, feminists out there will be the first ones to scream for white men to come to their rescue. Don’t think so? With so many bad boys on the loose out there and all those immigrant men from ...


Make Up Your Mind / Double-Speak

Feminism teaches that women are always oppressed, victims and they’re empowered and independent in the same breath. Which is it? Make up your mind.


Male Treatment, Male Bashing, Anti-Male, Anti-Men Attitudes

Feminist commentary routinely puts the nastiest possible spin on male behavior and motives no matter how noble he tries to be.



Oh yeah? MenToo! ;-) Would you believe that women make advances on men, using their sexuality to get advancements, raises, help, support, security, bills paid, marriage and more? Why isn’t that called out? Men feeling pressured to give in to a woman’s advances and when he doesn’t she turns on him and says he made advances on her. Somebody’s not playing fair here.


Mothers / Motherhood

The only reason for the nastiness against motherhood and to get women away from that role and into the role of “worker” is to benefit government (taxes) and companies (profit) and against making babies (population control) and forming sound families (easier to profit from, tax and control single people than a family ...



Are you a feminist? “NO,” some ladies readily answer, while others grimace and choose to deny any involvement with those “bra-burning, man-hating” feminazis.


Pay Gap (Fact, Myth Or B.S.)

What really causes the gap? CHOICES women make when it comes to work: less hours, less danger, less risk, more socializing, less work, no solo/lonelier occupations, less stress than men’s choices to do those jobs women won’t or can’t do.


Sexual Liberation

Sexual liberation freed women to have sex with whoever they wanted. It also freed men from long-term obligations. That means, women’s sexual liberation resulted in men’s relationship liberation.


Toxic Feminists

Men are toxic? Really? Women are even more toxic because their intentions some times are pure evil, diabolically driven and 100% selfishly motivated just because (in most cases) they just didn’t get their way. That’s pretty toxic right there.


Welcome To The World Of Men

You’re now competing against men and other women. Wow, double the competition. How’s that for ya?


What Men Bring To The Table Of Your Lives & Civilizations?

MEN are mostly the ones that invent, build, run and maintain our entire infrastructure. It is MEN that provide society with electricity, gas, water, telecommunications and the Internet. It is MEN that maintain our roads, public transport network, and electrical grid etcetera.


Main Goal Of Feminism

The feminist agenda is not really about equal rights for women. It’s more about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to abort children, leave husbands, live single for decades, destroy capitalism, become strictly pet owners, promotes lesbians ... maybe not in that order, but you get my drift, ...

Book Excerpts From Feminism BS by Bart Smith


Message From The Author

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

It would appear to me, and I KNOW i’M not alone on this one, but it seems Feminists, feminism and Western women have created a landscape of confusion, even hostility towards men and, worse, broad atmospheres of fear that permeate throughout our culture, society and among the hearts and minds of both men and women that make both genders question ... Does love still exist? What about romance? Is romance dead? Kindness? All gone? courtesy? Down the drain? Gentleness? Chivalry? Out with the trash? What’s left?

How are men and women supposed to interact with each other if only to come together for the occasional carnal lust-filled episode of a fast hookup via their favorite app? I don’t know if where we’re at today is progressing or regressing into some dark and lonely period in our lives where women postpone marriage into their 30’s and 40’s only to realize the BIG LIE feminists told them about having it all, or your career comes first (for 10 years while you ride the c**k carousel), family second if ever ... Sadly, what’s happening on the whole is women are entering their 30’s and 40’s single, alone, with a few nice friends who are single, too, with no boyfriend/husband and no children. Not that having children or getting married is the end all for everyone, but most would agree being in a relationship has its perks and having your own family sure beats living with cats for 40 years.

From decades of observation, it seems feminists and third wave feminism have been tearing at the fabric of our society that makes any society “civil” towards one another. Do I open the door for her or risk getting a nasty look. Do I approach her to strike up a casual conversation or do I get the “creep, get away” nasty look. Do I help her or get accused of harassment. Do I or don’t I? Eh, why bother! I’ll just be on my way, it’s easier. Perfect example, a guy can open the door for another guy if they happen to be going into a store at the same time and usually the response is, “After you ...” (“Thank you.”) Gee, that wasn’t so hard. But try offering to do something kind for a woman today and you’re risking your life, career, bank account, social status, ... all for offering to take 5 seconds out of your day to do something nice for someone (particularly a woman) and then risk them screaming bloody murder or worse, getting offended adding, “I can get my own door, thank you.” Sheesh! You’re with me on this, right? I just shake my head at what’s going on today. 

The problem with TOXIC, third-wave feminism for most people, men in particular, is that it paints men as monsters, rapists, sexual predators and more, which is not true at all. For those men who are, they’re caught, hopefully, tried and put in jail for a period of time. ALL MEN being monsters is the first LIE. Feminists instill in women daily across the airwaves of TV, print, radio, media, in our schools, and on the Internet. Okay, two can play that game. It’s easy in today’s world (for men) to think that all women are bat sh** crazy, because they can’t make up their minds as to how they want (men) to treat them. So, “BYE,” says men. Now, guess who loses in that scenario the MOST? Women! Keep reading ... 

As a result of women’s conditioned nastiness and toxic hostility toward men, men are choosing to check out in droves, not wanting anything to do with women anymore. That goes for dating, relationships, marriage, even working with them is a no-no or helping (mentoring) women .. Uh, NO WAY! It’s now the “Pence Rule” everywhere men go. (Vice President Mike Pence says that he avoids any appearance of impropriety by never dining or having drinks alone with a woman other than his wife.) While never being alone with a person of the opposite sex is an effective way to avoid both harassment and accusations of that behavior, Pence’s approach has been widely criticized as unfairly limiting mentoring and networking opportunities for women. Well, boohoo! 

Gee, sorry ladies, you somewhat allowed all this to escalate. Now, your relations between you and men are made. As the saying goes, “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.” Men are simply “going their own way” (MGTOW) to protect themselves and create an atmosphere of peace and harmony devoid of women’s state of confusion and potential for interaction among unknown toxic female hostility. Isn’t it funny? And then women wonder where have all the good men gone? You’ve scared them away, ladies! But, do women make that connection? I wonder.


1ST WAVE FEMINISM (Late 19th and early 20th centuries; pushing for POLITICAL equality.) Yes, 100 or so years ago, that’s a LONG TIME AGO folks, thousands of women stood outside the White House and demanded they be allowed to vote. Soon, thereafter, women won the vote. It’s been that way ever since, and I don’t see it changing any time soon. Congrats.

2ND WAVE FEMINISM (1960s and 70s; pushing for FINANCIAL, LEGAL and PROFESSIONAL equality.) Fifty (50) years ago, half a century, female-led protests resulted in laws guaranteeing women’s rights in the workplace, access to higher education, health care, and much more. Way to go! 

All throughout my lifetime, I’ve seen women work, pursue their passions, have kids, not have kids, date, marry, party, buy/sell/rent property, own a bank account, work where they wanted, own businesses, spend money as they wished, et al. 

3RD WAVE FEMINISM (2000’s to present; pushing for SOCIAL SUPERIORITY.) Here’s where the water gets muddy. For the past couple of decades, radical feminists have taken to the airwaves claiming they want MORE equality. Uh, what’s left to grant? Where legal, professional and political equality are clearly defined and measurable, it’s the social equality issues that run a bit murky and are complicated to address, especially for MEN! 

What seems to get worse today is the vast amount of hostility aimed at men who have no intentions of doing wrong to any female. We’re talking about most men who are “nice guys” who would give up their seats on the bus or let a woman walk into the store ahead of them while holding the door. I find this form of hostility (towards men) to be absolutely unacceptable. 

Before women had certain political, legal and professional rights, men loved them, married them, and started families with them. During the last 100 years, as women gained more rights, men loved them, married them and had children with them. So far so good including the 60’s, 70’s and even the 80’s. Men and women were dating, marrying and starting families. Sure, you had your divorces and unhappy marriages, but they didn’t represent the majority or the minority of marriages? Not one is perfect. So, let’s look at the whole, shall we? Where did all this nasty, toxic female hostility toward men come from? Who’s feeding women this poison? How did it come to be that men are now afraid to be kind to a women? Yes, women can be quite vengeful, calculating and cold, especially when it comes to wanting to ruin a man’s career or livelihood because she didn’t get her way for whatever reason. We’ve all heard the stories. They’re out there. 

SOMETHING’S GONE HORRIBLY WRONG in the house of love, and if you think about the kind gesture of opening a door for a women or give her your seat for fear she’ll toss out a nasty remark, “I’m not weak, I can stand or open my own door.” Uh, okay. “Don’t have a cow. lady!” I have a female friend, who complains to me that she can only carry one or two cases bottles of water up to her apartment on the second floor. Whenever I’m in town, she rejoices and asks me, “Bart can you pick up two CASES of water and bring them to me? I’ll reimburse you.” I never have a problem doing that. What’s more, I noticed many women in my life needing help like that who really can’t help themselves. Not all, but I get it more from women than men reaching out to me for assistance. Should I refuse and say, “Man up, do it yourself!” Never in a million years. I’m old school. I do nice things for women because that’s how I was raised.


# # #





Career B.S.

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. Why do WOMEN use the term "career" so much? You never hear MEN talk about applying for a job or finding job or working like "having a career." Does the term "career" just sound more important or sexier than the basic word "JOB?" MAN: "After school or college I'd like to find a nice paying job, settle down and start a family." WOMAN: "After school, I'd like to pursue my career, postpone getting married, postpone having children and when ___________ I'll start a family." The fill-in-the-blank goes something like this (on average) ... "when my career fizzles out" or "I get bored of my JOB" ... There, she said it → JOB. What's more, when she gets BORED? Men get bored of their jobs all the time, but they stay put to be able to bring home the bacon so the family can survive. You mean a woman has a choice to pursue a JOB or start a family with a man who will pay most of the bills? Sure, it takes two incomes to raise a family these days. Sure, women love to fill their time with something fulfilling to their interests or passions. No problem there. Just, this whole talk about "pursuing a career" is just some pie-in-the-sky mental talk that only serves???? 

2. Most women HAVE JOBS and NOT a career; same goes for men. What’s the difference between a job and a career? The average length at a job is 2-4 years, of which women in particular might hold 8-10 jobs in their lifetime. Why? Because jobs suck, they don’t pay much, they might move on, get bored, improve their skill-set/education, move on to better job opportunities, companies close, people get laid off, etc. Careers are an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress and upward mobility in the company. NOT THE CASE with the vast majority of women and men. There just aren’t enough “career opportunities” to be had. Job openings? Yes. So? Women take on jobs mostly to pay the bills, like men do, more than they do for “fulfillment” since most jobs are big time-wasters in life. Most jobs also don’t offer what I used to look for in a job: (1) personal growth and (2) financial growth. So, they either go elsewhere, start their own business one day, marry a man who can support them both, make babies and become a mom either working, staying at home or running a business from home. Careers and jobs, for the most part, aren’t as romantic as the feminist ideal would lead women to believe. It’s more of a big fugly lie to get you out of the house, away from your man/family, working and for who’s benefit? The company (profits)? The government (taxes)? Control (they know where you are; at your desk)? Miserable (working for decades on end with only 1-2 weeks’ vacation every year)? That to me sucks. Tell me what YOU like about that scenario? Never mind, don’t answer that one.

3. Woman: “I'm focused on my career right now.” Man: “For how long? Woman: “Well, until I find myself and start making the kind of money I deserve.” Man: “How long will that take?” Woman: “Well, I’m hoping either a few months or maybe a year or two.” Man: “Uh, okay. Well, you do that and I’ll check on you later.” Women: “Where are you going? Man: “Well, obviously, you don’t want to date/marry me or have any interest in having kids in the next year or so, and since your career is your focus, I want to respect that, let you focus, and I’ll just date someone who is more available to do the things I want to do (i.e., have kids, get married, start a family.)” Woman: “Well, that’s pretty selfish of you, don’t you think?” Man: “Look who’s talking. I’ll see ya later.” Woman: “Uh, men. They’re all alike.”

3. 40% of (female) lawyers having spent so many years in that field, would enter a new profession if they had the choice to, because of the hours required the further you climb the lawyer ladder. (Search, “The Horrible Conflict Between Biology and Women Attorneys” to learn “why so many women leave their firms?”)

4. More women in the professions means more women with higher stress. Higher stress means higher rates of heart disease, which has been long linked to workplace pressure. It also means higher rates of suicide, alcoholism, and smoking, among other health related problems. The female homeless rate has also been on the rise, and even though men represent the larger majority of homeless, the female homeless rates are likely to increase even more. Why? Because they’re not living with someone who can take care of them. That is, if they have no life mate, when life hits them hard, it’s out on the street they go for many of them.

5. These are the offsetting trade-offs of taking on higher status, high income jobs, with the accompanying pressure to keep them and all the other stress that comes with it, which does not necessarily end up making one privileged or powerful (which is also another way of saying that men, at least most men, never really had the power and privilege that they were supposed to have over women once you take into account such factors).

6. “Work life balance is not a reality. You need to strive for work life integration, or work life blend. My family is most important but my job is also an important part of who I am and I want my kids to appreciate that.” – Mommy

# # #





Dating & Relationships

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. “Women have proactively removed any and all incentive to chase after them,” says men. What is so great about women that needs to be chased? Sex is plentiful and it doesn’t require a commitment just asking and paying. Getting married and/or having kids will ruin a man’s life if things don’t work out. The risk-to-reward ratio is completely tilted towards women. Young men who saw their feminist single moms proactively destroy their fathers lives and spend the child support on everything but the child paid close attention and took notes as he grew into a man. At the end of the day, sex is a woman’s most prized commodity and they devalued it by giving it away for free or at least so easily and in such abundance.

2. Men today pose this question to women, “So, you want what I have? (i.e., house, money, car, income, security ...) What do you bring to the table? (i.e., besides your college and credit card debts, baby from another daddy, ...). I reject feminism, do you?”

3. Women control sex access, but men control access to marriage, resources and relationships with the security women want. Many women say, “When will we get married?” Men say, “I’m learning about you. I need time.”

4. Let's talk about old age, with someone with/without kids. Prepare now, look for a man now, have your kids now, so you’re not regretting it later after wasted youth. Your body has a biological time clock. You don’t have much time. The career will always be there. Work and making money will always be there. The time for you to biologically have a healthy baby with a healthy male at the right age ... THAT IS A WINDOW IN TIME you don’t want to miss. Once it’s gone ... IT’S GONE FOREVER!

5. Generally when women say “men aren’t approaching” they mean “men I’m attracted to who meets the necessary height/fitness/education/income template” aren’t approaching.

6. Ladies, you're not powerful, you're beautiful. You're adored, you're sought after, chased after, won and worshipped. Power is assumed, not broadcasted. Power is destructive not gentle or kind. Power is mean. Powerful women can be downright mean.

7. Do you choose a man or a sick, feminist world view that leaves you single, lonely for years, and miserable as you grow older by the day with no one to hold you at night. Well, except your cat.

8. Since women didn't marry in their 20s, that pushed men not to marry in their 20s. Then women enter their 30s and it's hard to find a man their age to marry, because men in their 30s are marrying women in their 20s (who see the writing on their WALL). Male prospects dropped by 75% in her 30s. So, in her 30s, men don’t want her like she didn’t want them in her 20s. Hmm, can’t have your cake and eat it too. Reality bites, ladies.

9. Women need to stop waiting at the finish line for the finished product (a successful man) and be with men more as an investment (pick a nice guy now and grow a fortune with him over time). You look good now, ladies, but your finished product (your looks) won’t last forever. Every day that goes by you lose your finished product (looks). Some say most women lose their charm and beauty around the age of 25. Wow, that’s not good. So, men look at you as an investment too because your looks will fade fast. Snag a good man while you’re young so he remembers you that way as you age.

10. Men are biologically wired to be the hunter, gatherer, protector role. You can't fight biology. If women don't need that type of mate in their lives, because they have it all covered, then men will go elsewhere and not stick around. There is so much “entertainment” for him to tap into today. If you don’t need men, they won’t bother with you?

11. Men will not take on a nurturing role because it’s not in their biology. For example, do you really think a strong, brute of a man should be trusted to hold a baby properly 24/7/365 for the next 2-3 years of it’s growing life? I’m generalizing to make my point. NO. One wrong move and he’ll break the baby’s skull. He’s that strong and somewhat careless. We are men. We drop things all the time and don’t care. We pick it up and get back at it. Again, generalizing to make my point. Women are more caring, nurturing, and just what a baby needs. Feminists don’t think so. They want to reverse the biological roles of men and women. Good luck with that.

12. What I see and hear is that men are jerks or lazy in other countries. So, their women want to date a foreign man. As you know, we hear that American women aren’t nice to men and want the bad boys. So, American men have decided to try their luck overseas to find a girlfriend or a wife. What they are told by foreign women is that American men are sweet, nice and they ALL want to marry them. Be nice, (American) ladies, to your (American) men and keep them here for yourselves, or risk them skipping to other countries to find nicer, sweeter women in Asia, Europe or Latin America. I’m just reporting what I see and hear. Take it or leave it.

13. Have you heard? The sex robots are coming. The market for them is going to be huge. One group opposed to them are prostitutes. They’re losing out on making money from real men wanting sex. If the robots take over, those sex workers are out of a job. What will they do then? Strange, what the world is coming to, eh?

14. If a guy sends a friend request, he’s seen as desperate. A woman does that and the man refuses, he’s mean and a jerk.

15. If a guy says, “Hi,” he’s a creep. A women says, “Hi,” and we men now suspect, “What does she want from me? My money? Time? Help? I know there’s nothing in it for me, with today’s woman.”

16. If a guy is being polite, he’s often “nice zoned.” When ever is a woman polite today towards a man?

17. If a guy expresses his feelings, he is too dramatic. Yet, women are dramatic all the time, when they show their feelings and we’re supposed to put up with that behavior? (MGTOW)

18. If a guy doesn’t express real feelings for a girl, then he’s just playing her for his own needs. Maybe, like women, men need time to figure out if she’s a whack job or not before he gives in to share his feelings for her.

19. If a guy doesn’t approach a girl the second time around, after she was playing hard to get the first time around, then he’s just clueless. Ladies, we can’t read minds.

20. If a guy approaches a girl a second time, and she’s not into him, then he’s labeled a creep and she’s ENTITLED to say, “Get lost or I’m reporting this as harassment.” So, rude, ladies.

21. If a guy is gets a great education, he’s “nerd-zoned.” That’s the guy, ladies, who’s going to grow up inventing something that will make him a millionaire. Too bad, you weren’t there in the beginning and snatched him up. He’s now with someone else and you’re out on the street looking for your golden ticket, which ain’t going to come the older you get with those looks and belly.

22. If a guy can’t read her signals, he is stupid. Again, no one can read minds. Just say, “Hey, silly, I’m into you. Let’s talk ...” Gee, that was simple.

23. If a guy asks for her number, she might say she already has a boyfriend if she doesn’t find him attracting within seconds on the outside. Are looks all that matter? Sure, yes, but really? That really good looking guy you dig is secretly a woman abuser. He likes violent sex and will hit you for no reason at all. Ah, but, he’s HOT! Ladies, really?

24. If a guy uses a dating app just for sex and hooking up, he’s a pervert and a sex fiend. If a gal is using an app, looking for a casual hook-up, she’s sexually liberated and is given the green light, “You go, girl!” Uh, she needs a guy (if preferred over a woman) to have sex with. How can the guy be considered the perv and she liberated? I’m confused on that one.

25. For men, this “approaching women” game has become way too confusing and complicated and they’re just not feeling the positive vibe to participate in it. So, what happens is the bad guys go for it, knowing they have nothing to lose. What happens? Women are only approached by bad guys. What happens over time? Women only see bad guys approaching her and put their guard up even more! So, ladies? TIP: If you see a guy you like, YOU approach him. Then, invite him to talk to you. “Hey, got a minute?” Don’t ask him to buy you a drink either. Order your own, pay for your own. If the conversation goes well, he’ll be more apt to buy the second round of drinks.

26. It seems like for women, men think, it’s all about what the man HAS (i.e., income, assets, looks, etc.) and for men it’s just about SEX. Nobody is looking for love and to be loved today. That’s why nice women and nice men aren’t finding each other and/or getting married, starting families, etc. Too many rotten apples have spoiled the barrel for the rest of us.

27. More men today are on a quest, and many have also given up, on finding a woman who is interested in having a traditional relationship, not a modern one.

28. Man drought? Can't find a good man? Have women killed chivalry? You can blame feminism, ladies. Those “feminazis” don’t like men or them being nice or kind to you. Don’t blame men. Blame those bitter feminists.

29. Men today will NOT even consider a woman that claims to be strong, powerful and independent. No way. Those words translate into meaning rebellious against traditional relationships and good gestures of men and dominant in the relationship to the point where men feel like they’re dating ... a man. Okay, have it your way ... with your puppy. Men are not puppies. These women will spend more time alone and wonder why they don’t have a man in their life. Pretty soon, it’ll be too late, they’ll be older, less attractive and well, look like the men they’d like to date.

30. Women have enjoyed kicking men to the curb so much, that men have decided not to put themselves through that torture anymore, let alone, waste time and then women wonder where all the good men have gone.

31. RELIGION is what's missing in so many relationships. No respect for the Father in heaven or the man as leader of the house. So, no wonder women are left out in the cold.

32. If career women are looking for romance, sex and adventure, do what all career men have done in the past for those things … PAY FOR IT. Hello? Conversely, if you want support, cooking, chores done, help with kids, then you need to find a man who is submissive to you, a house-husband. Could it be any clearer?

33. What men are thinking: (#1) It’s dangerous to have women in your life. (#2) Marriage is a bad deal for men as there is nothing in it for men. (#3) Women have become less happy and more critical. (#4) Men are fine without women since women say they’re not needed.

34. Feminist ideas make navigating the dating world almost impossible for men. Thanks, feminism. NOT.

35. The side effects of feminism are so bad that women now have to approach men, and do all the work, all the chasing, and have sex quickly to keep men interested because men have so many options (in the sex department) to choose from (think 1,000’s of women availing themselves on hookup apps ready for a fast fling). This also goes with having a very hard time finding a man who wants to get married or in a long term relationship. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

36. Man: “I used to want to have a relationship with women that I liked, but even when I was nice and myself they clearly wanted men to treat like garbage. That is a sick mentality and I want nothing to do with.”

37. Man: “You ladies do it all the time. You want nothing else but date/marry for LOOKS, POWER, MONEY. I guess that’s so, because since you don’t want love, you can’t (or don’t know how) to love someone in return. I’m glad I passed on you.”

38. If heterosexuality is not working, you can blame the left (and feminism) for distorting what it means to be an empowered woman. Feminism has ruined generations of young women. Not so in some European, Asian and South American countries. For example, European women know how to have a good time, party, take care of themselves, and still be the kind of woman a guy can honor, respect and marry. She wants marriage, kids and the dream of a devoted husband. They’re very family oriented outside the United States. Go watch a bunch of Ukraine dating videos and learn how those women long for family and a husband. They’re family focused, religious to some degree and don’t play around. They want love and sex, but in that order.

39. The feminine character traits of foreign women, from Asian, Europe, Latin countries, are causing men to dump any idea of dating a white, western women for she has swallowed the lies of feminism and now she’s suffering for it. Today, men are updating their passports and heading overseas to find love and marriage.

40. Feminism’s underlying intentions are corrupt, evil, not in your best interests. IMAGINE if you had all the money in the world, wouldn't you just stay at home and start a family or a side business that gave you the freedom to continue to stay/work at home? I haven't had a career ever that is I haven’t worked in the corporate world for 20+ years and have no desire to enter the cutthroat world of office politics. You couldn’t pay me enough. Careers are bogus.

41. ”I've been browsing profiles on dating websites just to see what the real world looks like post college. Whoa, it scares the hell out of me how many single moms are out there. It’s crazy. What did half the girls in high school do get pregnant? This is what happens when you “liberate” women sexually. They don’t think. They just do ... it.”

42. ”I love women, but enough is enough. The women I've been dealing with make me not want to get married ever again!”

43. Feminism (and woman) have destroyed love, being loved, finding love, and expressing love for someone.

44. Marriage is unsafe for men.

45. ”I understand where you're coming from with the single mothers. Unfortunately, I've actually dealt with quite a few single moms at work. When I find out about the fact, I usually adopt a strategy of total avoidance.”

46. ”For women who hate men, you really hate yourself. Look inwards. It’s all psychological. Most men dream of finding a woman to love. Most women don’t know what love is. Perhaps, they were never loved (by an absent father) or only had bad boyfriends who never loved them. They just ... did them.”

47. Women are what men want to love. If women hate men, then you are hating the love men want to give you.

48. You want to be treated and respect like a man, yet you want a man to take care of you and pays your bills. So, you search for some rich guy to take care of you only to say things like, “How come no one wants to date me or take care of me?" Ladies, reality check, you need to treat men with respect first and honor him like you want him to honor and take care of you. It’s not a one-way street on this one. It takes two to tango.

49. FEMINISM’S BIGGEST LIE: Your value and self-worth will come if you act like a man or step on his heart and be cruel to him.

50. Women in the western world push so hard to be a “manly” woman, while foreign women tend to be more feminine, relaxed and know best how to attract love and be loved. Don't try to be a man, ladies. Most men ignore men. We’re individual creatures with our own castle to build and maintain. If you act like a man, we’ll ignore you like we do other men. Act like a lady, and we might invite you into our castle to stay awhile. If you’re a real lady, maybe for a lifetime.

51. Women have become too demanding. No one wants to date or marry a nag. “I want, I need, I want ...” They don't want to do the traditional things for men like cooking, ironing, ... small stuff. Yes, men can do those things, but it shows a woman cares about her man. He cares about her by forking over some or all of his paycheck to put a roof over their heads and so forth. He sacrifices his time every day for her. What sacrifices does she make for him? Women can get what they want, but men can't get what they want/need. Not a fair deal if you ask most men.

52. Western women can't cook to feed a fish. All they know how to do is kill their husbands with there crab apple attitudes. That’s why there are so many old ladies with no husbands. All they do is go to the mall and buy $3,000 handbags. That's why most professional white men are attracted to Thai, Korean, Vietnamese or other nationality (female) because they can cook food like the restaurants plus white women age faster and don’t age well. A 40 year old Asian women looks as hot as a white girl in her 20s? Ladies, look to the east for such tips for skin care, diet and weight management. They’ve got it nailed!

53. American women are screwed. They’ve priced themselves out of the relationship market.

# # #





Delusions / Denial

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. “I don't need a man B.S. = Yeah, right, whatever. When you do need one, he’ll remember you said that and turn you down for a sweeter, kinder, more feminine woman who respects the fact that women do need men.“

2. “I'm strong and independent = B.S. So, you're an island, eh? Then why are you crying for special rights? Enjoy your alone time and being by yourself. You’re strong and independent.“

3. “College = B.S. Living in that bubble will not prepare you for the real world. Once out of the bubble, you’re in store for a real education.”

4. The bizarre but inevitable conclusion of all this is that women are fueling their own demise and unhappiness in the relationship world by driving men to consider them as sex objects. Really? Ever watch lesbian porn? Lesbian porn filmed by and produced by adult video companies run and owned by ... women? Who’s the sex object now?

5. "The sexodus will affect women disproportionately because research data show that when women ‘act like men’ by having lots of casual sex, they become unhappy, are more likely to suffer from depression and destroy their chances of securing a meaningful long-term relationship. Promiscuity is like drinking and driving. DON’T DO IT.”

6. “What strikes a lot of women as strange is how rational and systematic and non-emotional so much of his decision-making is. Many men simply perform a cost-benefit analysis and decide that women aren’t worth the hassle. It’s women who lose out in this scenario big time. Men don’t need the sustained emotional intimacy that comes with a fulfilling sexual relationship, like women do, and can retreat into masturbation pursuits, prostitution, escorts or hookups much more comfortably for years on end. At some point, women do need men’s help. Problem is, they’ve all left the plantation and want nothing to do with women.”

7. “Don't blame M.G.T.O.W. or men in general. Instead, direct your focus at blaming feminism, the state and the abominations that our family courts inflict on men and the entire concept of alimony. You might also blame yourselves as YOU watched this stuff happen and in some instances encouraged it or laughed at men in the process. Standing by and letting this happen has come home to roost and you’re not liking it. Unless you are actively standing up to feminists, you are part of the problem. Men don’t want to police women. So, start policing yourselves?”

8. “Men aren’t interested in women? It’s men’s fault!” = B.S.

9. “Patriarchy” that lets women vote, work, attend college, get divorced, run for political office and own businesses on the same terms as men is oppressive and needs to be abolished. = B.S.”

10. “I’m pursuing my career, where I’m underpaid, susceptible to layoffs, crummy bosses, rush hour traffic, late nights, work on weekends ... = yeah right, that sounds amazing! = B.S.”

11. “I can raise a child without a man. Yes, you can, but you shouldn’t. It wouldn't be right, especially a boy.“

12. If you hate men, and want a child, please don’t have a boy. But then again, you’ll need a man to make this all happen. Better just own a pet and call it a day.

13. If women control household spending, then who’s working for who? Who’s the real boss and who’s the slave? Think about it.

14. “If women are so empowered, liberated and free, then how come they’re so miserable? Story after story in the papers and on TV talks about how men grow happier as they age yet women are miserable as they age. What’s up with that? Could it be? Women are working too much, too hard, too long and no one is there to greet them when they come home? What about that pet we talked about? ‘Ruff, feed me, mommy! Ruff! Ruff!’”

15. “Dumb sluts say it’s all the bad boys’ fault and not their poor judgment or choices in who they sleep with. Own up, ladies. Take some responsibility, seriously.”

16. “Feminists have declared men to be their enemies, but feel victimized by the fact that men no longer want anything to do with them. This proves just how stupid, self-absorbed and anti-social feminists have become.”

17. “It's time to stop what we've been doing that led to this point. Of course, fanatics will say that our problems only exist because we’re not going far enough, but when have fanatics offered a good direction for society? NEVER.”

18. “‘I have a college degree and loads of debt. I’ll find a man to bail me out if I sleep with enough of them. I’ll eventually find one who will help me.’ Uh, men aren’t doing that anymore. We’ve caught on to your silly games.”

19. “Women denounce MALE PRIVILEGE, yet benefit from male sacrifice (i.e., military, dangerous jobs, disgusting jobs, etc.).”

20. ”Yes, pay gap does exist, but it's not based on discrimination. The pay gap = $.30 on the dollar. Well, did you account for men give who $.40 of their pay to women? Flowers, gifts, cards, diamond rings, dinner, dates, house payments, car insurance, cell phone payments. I'm upping that the $.70 to $1.10. You’re not doing too bad.”

21. ”Women in first world countries talk like they have it so bad for whatever reason, but men are much more abused by the system who treat men as the ‘lesser’ and more disposable sex to tax and work to death. Talk to a woman in a third world country. Compare your apples to their oranges and see how well you really DO have it. You would NOT want to trade places at all.”

22. The hookup culture marks the era of empowered, career-minded college women.

23. “Check ‘your’ privilege, ladies. Ladies night at the bar? No door fee and free drinks. Discounts for ladies only; men don't get so many opportunities for discounts. More government/funding programs to support women than men. Stop me at any time.

24. Equal pay? I don't see women paying equally when it comes to being in a relationship.

25. Maybe feminists are not delusional, just INSANE.

26. You can't be weak, the victim and powerful and independent at the same time. That’s delusional.

27. EVERYTHING that a women does is RIGHT. No matter what. Yeah, right.

28. EVERYTHING that a man does is WRONG and is GUILTY for being born a male. Uh, huh, yeah, right.

29. Woman has no willpower and is 50 pounds overweight? Not her fault. She's beautiful. Social constructs need to change so she can keep eating like a horse and grow that belly inch by inch toward diabetes, cardiovascular or future heart attack risk zone. Go ahead, pick one.

30. Woman sluts around with 100 guys without condoms? Not her fault. She's empowered, a sexual creature, sexually liberated and strong. That is, until she’s contracted 10 different STD’s. One for every 10 men she sleeps with. Good luck with that.

31. Woman is irresponsible with sex and has five abortions in her 20s? It's her body and she can do whatever she wants. A fetus inside her is not a living entity. It’s just tissue with eyes. Problem is, too many abortions can cause infertility. When she finally meets the man of her dreams, she can’t have babies. Well, at least she had a good ride or two or three or four or five or more in her 20’s.

32. Woman is making less money than men? The patriarchy is holding her down. She could go back to college and get a real degree that actually pays something in the real world instead of women’s studies or whatever she picked. Or, here’s one, actually do the work you’re supposed to, don’t manipulate men into do it for you, prove yourself like the others in your office and move up the ladder on your own merit. Interesting concept, isn’t it?

33. Woman gets drunk in a guy's house and has sex with him? He took advantage of her. She was raped. Even though, she fell asleep in his arms and woke up next to him the next day and went home safely. It was the fact that she doesn’t want anything to do with him now, so now he’s deemed a creep for molesting her while she was drunk. Oh, someone force-fed her all that alcohol with her hands tied behind her back. C’mon. Take some responsibility, will ya. This is getting really old.

34. Woman studies stupid major in college and can't get a job? The 1% owes her a marketing management position with a corner office and twice the pay she’s been told she’ll get at the supposed entry level position. Don’t worry, honey, in 3 months you’ll get a raise and the corner office with the window looking over the alley.

35. Woman sleeps with her college professor in exchange for a better grade? She was a victim. The professor took advantage of her. Wait, she’s over 18. If she can vote and drive on the freeway and kill someone, she can choose whether or not to open her legs and sleep with someone for pleasure or advancement or both.

36. Woman likes dating guys much younger than her? You go girl! Rob that cradle! Man tries that and he’s a pervert.

37. Woman experiences an uncomfortable moment of any kind. She's being harassed. Men are creeps and she’s oppressed. Call the police and file a report.

38. Woman travels to Italy or Spain to bang hot European men. She's romantic. Man does that, he’s a wimp and doesn’t give Western women a chance to ... dump on him again.

# # #





Equality B.S.

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. A man needs a female like a fish needs a lobotomy. There, we’re equal now.

2. I’m stuck in a generation where glorifying women and degrading men is what women consider equality.

3. Real gender equality? It’ll never happen. Like chasing after ghosts. It’ll never happen.

4. Women have no power over men, unless they get other men to enforce it with laws or by force. Some kind of empowerment that is, eh?

5. Since women no longer need men, men now see women as just play toys. Oh, that’s how women see men too since they don’t need men, except for the occasional romp in the bedroom. I guess that’s called “equality,” right?”

6. Why is it called FEMINISM if it promotes equality? Why isn’t it called EQUALISM? Then, they harp it’s a women’s movement. It should be a human movement for equality, not just focusing on women. When everyone gets treated like people, everyone wins. So, take your pick, EQUALISM? PEOPLE-ISM? HUMANISM? Wait, don’t go there.

7. Women and men are different. They have different functions, but are equal in VALUE and WORTH in the eyes of each other. Oh, that’s not enough. Feminists want dominance over men. That’s not equal, that’s demonstrative.

8. Perhaps mocking and berating men is not the way to show that the feminist revolution is about equality.

9. If you’re independent and make your own money, pay your own way. Thanks, that’s only equally fair.

10. “I don’t want you (the woman) to feel like I want something out of you (sex) because I’m paying for our date. So, you pay your part and I’ll pay mine and we’ll still enjoy each other’s company, right?”

11. You want equal pay, but you don’t pay for things equally. On average, men pay for more dates, drinks, concerts, and entertainment than she will ever spend on him. Hence, why men make more. They need to. Women are EXPENSIVE.

12. Women won’t marry a man who makes equal or less than them. Sound fair. Uh, not. Money comes and goes. Jobs come and go. A man’s heart can love her forever. That has no value? I guess not.

13. Male models don’t make the same amount of money female models make, yet they put in the same hours. Why don’t they get paid equally, then?

14. Women’s liberation should not infringe on men’s civil rights, but they do.

15. Telling men that their proper role in the movement for gender equality is to listen to women and patiently endure the never-ending stream of anti-male slams is not the best way to win support for helping you get what you want.

16. A true equality movement would be concerned with the needs and interests of both sexes. It would support both women and men as workers and as parents.

17. Gender antagonism does nothing to advance the unfinished business of equality. If anything, the fixation on men behaving badly is a distraction from more fundamental issues, such as changes needed in the workplace to promote more of a work-life balance. What’s more, male-bashing sours both men and women on feminism. This is why so many women want nothing to do with the label “feminist.”

18. If feminism is about freeing women of their gender roles, where’s the organization out there freeing men of his gender roles (i.e., to work, provide, pay for, support, protect, sacrifice, die for, ... women.) Where? Anyone? “Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?” Cricket, cricket! Much of the feminist doctrine really is more about tightening the male straight jacket.

19. A guy graduates from college in a field that uses math? He’s privileged. We must create expensive programs to push girls into math while excluding boys. Unfortunately, girls don’t want to go into certain fields that are dominated by men. So, we have to close or cancel those programs because they are more than 50% males. That’s not fair to men. TITLE IX doesn’t care. It only sees 50/50 as its rule. So what if women don’t want to join the wrestling team or if the parents will pay to support the program so their boys can wrestle or dive. Nope, those programs have to go. That’s equality? I don’t think so. That’s unbalanced lopsidedness.

20. Feminists only want the good parts of equality, while they talk out of the other side of their mouth ignoring facts and statistics.

21. We are not equal, we never will be. We are complementary and we were designed that way. Get over it. Deal with it or be lonely.

22. While modern feminism seems to claim that men and women are equal and the same, the Bible states God created men and women to be different (Genesis 1:27; Matthew 19:4). It also states that God designed women as the “weaker vessel,” one that the men in their lives should honor. Because of this intentional design, men should willingly open doors for women, offer them their jacket when they are cold, and generally show them respect. The idea that women require no special treatment is diametrically opposite of what the Bible teaches. Does that make feminists anti-God? Something to think about.

23. They demand equal treatment, yet exploit affirmative action to make their gains because they cannot do it on their own merit.

24. If you’re the breadwinner, it’s your job to pay for all things. Sorry. You got a job. Pay your fair share.

25. You want to be equal? Pay 1/2 all the time. Dutch, baby. Show me you’re independent. Prove it.

26. When feminists say men women are equal, they’re lying to you, to make you believe it’s so. In reality, you are the weaker gender. You do need help, security, safety and warmth. Inadvertently, thanks to feminism, you are thrust out into the crazy cold dangers of the world to fend for yourself, open your own doors, lift your own flat tire, move your own washer/dryer/furniture, carry your own water case up the stairs to your apartment, fend off evil doers to your body, hire men to move you (never saw women haul furniture in/out of a truck, ever) ... BUT, if you understand the majority of men are here on earth to protect you and if you accept that then you can chase your dreams faster/farther because you .. have help! Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Don’t push away something (or someone) who’s good for you. Are you a moron?

27. Women want to be equal to men, but they only want the good stuff ... (i.e., no bad, danger, boring jobs, etc.)

28. Women cherry pick everything, like it’s a buffet.

29. “Congratulations. You’ve made the long march through the educational system; now males are underachieving at every level, because the system is designed to favor women. If a man somehow makes it to college, your feminist colleagues are there waiting, with a “I will not rape” contract ready for his signature. With all the slut walks, anti-male/anti-rape, anti-patriarchy and anti-misogeny marches, I wonder how anyone has time to go to class. All men know is that on campus, they are presumed guilty, and that they don’t even have the right of habeas corpus. On the job, it’s more of the same. Every man has been to mandatory anti-harassment classes, and knows that he could lose his job and his future at the whim of a woman. (Where’ are the men’s class about women raping his wallet or ruining his life? That’s only fair and equal we have classes like that, right?) It’s been reported that staring at a woman for more than eight seconds constitutes harassment. Is it assumed HR will be distributing stopwatches to all female employees? What a joke. IS IT ANY WONDER men are no longer interested in approaching women or even working with them? There’s a brilliant quote that perfectly describes what is happening these days: “Men didn’t start the war between the sexes, but they’ll win it, by the simple tactic of walking off the battlefield.” Women can’t accuse men of anything if no man is left hanging around for them to gripe about or to.

30. Men don’t want to “settle” any more than you do. No, they won’t wait around while you spend your prime years “experiencing life” with Tyrone or Chad. No, they won’t pop out of a Pez dispenser when you’re ready for more. No, they’re not intimidated by your intellect. They’re intimidated by the State apparatus standing behind you waiting to punish them for not having enough game to keep a marriage alive.

31. Mother Nature gave you a window of time (ages 18-28) for beauty and fertility so you can attract and keep a man who would still see you that way when you’re not young, beautiful and fertile anymore. You can spend those years any way you please; it’s your life. However, education, politics, travel and economics don’t overrule biology. You got exactly what you needed to accomplish a biological goal and no more. You have (for a time) abundant choices in men to accomplish a purpose. If you pass this window, you take the chance of not finding a man or having a baby.

32. We are ancient organisms living in an ever-expanding technological illusion. Mother Nature doesn’t care about your Instagram followers or your nights out clubbing. You will fulfill your biological imperative on HER schedule or your family line ends with you. If you believe otherwise you have been seriously misled ... by feminists.

33. Courtship and marriage are currently a hollowed out cargo cult. Enough men have lost or seen their fathers, brothers and uncles lose everything they had. They have ample reason to believe a 30+ university grad in debt is looking for a lifetime investment for what frat bro’s got for a shot of tequila. That may not be your story, but you know it’s very common and it is not a compliment to men.

34. So yes, if you want offers of companionship you’ll have to work at it now. Woman wanted to live in a man’s world, and a man’s life is one of constant competition … for money, status and love which never comes without the first two.

35. You’re very intelligent and insightful; you get it. You can make a good guy very happy if you want to. If that isn’t a priority, you will be a lousy mate anyway and you’re better off owning a pet and not hurting some man’s heart. Stay away.

# # #





Female Nature

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. Ask these men and they'll tell you women cannot be trusted, that is, unless they’re logical and act like men. Otherwise, women can be extremely manipulative. They'll "suck the joy out of your life" and "rinse you for every penny you have" in the process.

2. The way women project their toxic behavior in this way reminds me of how people behave when they have cheated on their spouse. They'll accuse you of cheating and then start acting cold and distant when in reality they're the guilty ones.

3. Women mislead men more than men do to get what they want. Can we blame them? It’s a survival tactic.

4. “This toxic femininity is really ridiculous, especially now that I'm in high school. In most of my classes, the girls are constantly talking all the time, loudly, feeling all entitled, and most of my teachers don't admit that it's them. It is really irritating and sometimes its us boys who get punished. Something NEEDS to happen with this toxic femininity.”

5. The problem is women are only depicted in ways that are in stark contrast to the reality of who they are. Women are not liking these female fighters because they’re more manly than men. Women can’t relate to them. Of course, this is future programming of the female mind to reject her true feminine nature in exchange for brutality, death and a killing mentality ... namely, killing men. For example, do you EVER see movie scenes where women are killing women? How about men killing women? Most likely not. BUT, men and women are always killing MEN. The disposable gender, I remind you.

6. Women are always using men for their own purpose and to get what they want: favors, kids/family/motherhood, financial support, etc.

7. Ask any divorced male friends you have if women will lie for cash and prizes. Talk to divorce lawyers and listen to their tails of women’s true nature. It’s scary.

8. Women are prone to claim harassment if you don't give them what they want.

9. Women are too much into themselves. They wear revealing clothes and put on a ton of makeup. However, they don't do that to impress men. No, they could care less in trying to woo men. They dress and wear their “whore paint” to show other women who controls the environment.

10. “I think we have had just about enough of this B.S. After I split up with my wife, I went over to another woman to chat and see if she wanted a drink. Not creepy just open and friendly, if things led to more than chat fine; if it didn't that was fine too. She turned and said to me ‘Why don’t you just f*** off.’ I got the message. Women have turned something that was fun into hard work, and there is very little gratification, for the amount of work one has to put into dating. Anyway, they wanted equal rights, they got them, start chasing men now.”

11. Typical female mentality. Can't understand proper reasoning, tries to dismiss studies, goes to shaming tactics as expected. She made a fool of herself, doesn't know it, and neither do any of her friends. Birds of a feather don’t even think together.

12. It is clear that women have nothing to complain about, except that they're not spoiled enough.

13. Women today act like uncaged cats.

14. I only have time for my kids, but I expect men to still be interested, even though I won't have time for them. Basically I'm just looking for a guy who will pay some of my bills and leave me alone.

15. Some women weren’t happy that other women were settling down with the men they wanted and convinced the world that slut shaming wasn’t a weapon that women wielded against women, but men.

16. So now all women aren’t happy with men because they won’t settle down and the few women who find someone to settle down with will get career shamed by those same women.

17. How wealthy is he AND how attainable is his wealth for her personal harvesting?

18. Single mothers are responsible for raising our prisons tenants. Sure, dead beat dads aren’t pulling their weight with being good fathers. But, moms, you’re on the front lines. What are you not doing to keep these boys in line?

19. Women ignore then deflect responsibility whenever they can.

20. Women today have been sold the idea of conflict and confrontation, rather than collaboration, as a means of getting what they want. Where women will increasingly find the culture that provides this conflict and confrontation ideology is with the raped refugees that have already invaded tolerant Western cultures.

21. Men build, women use and often times destroy. Just look at their bathrooms.

22. His points were more driven by facts and studies whereas hers were more of shaming tactics and the tug on one’s feelings. I think that she just wanted things to be like the status quo, which was men are bad, woman are victims.

23. Whenever she gets an answer she doesn't like, she changes the subject, rather than questions him on what he means. She's not an interviewer as much as just a woman; meaning, when they know they can't win an argument, they're not interested in knowing what's going on, so they change tactics to an unrelated subject and try to win from the side door, or they just walk out of the room or slam the phone down.

24. Nothing's more bitter than the scorn of an angry woman. Men will just leave or kill you (both take seconds). Scorn lasts forever.

25. Women who abuse children have jobs around children or they’re around them a lot at home. More women today work with children than ever before. Have you noticed all the women going to jail for having sex with minors? You don’t see men doing that as much anymore, although it still happens. Women don’t get the message. They’re having sex with minors that comes with stiff penalties and they don’t see it? Do they think they won’t get caught? Do they think they won’t get punished? Do they think they’re in high school again living out a sexual fantasy with a young stud monkey boy just out of grade school? The women who get caught deserve what they get, but why are they getting caught and convicted in such high numbers? Not to mention, the double standard with punishment, again. A man could get 10 years for having sex with one student, while a female teacher might get 5 years for having sex with 5 boys. That’s “equality?”

26. Cat-calls are compliments. If men don't like you or look at you, You would go crazy. When men stop noticing you, you’ll long for the days we did notice you. Imagine, ladies, the day might come when men don’t even see you anymore. Think of the money you’ll save not having to buy all those clothes, jewelry, and other stuff.

27. Women must stop trying to be like men. PERIOD. You fail miserably and you’re miserable when you do.

28. A women who hits a man has rage on her mind not love. No loving woman, would hit a man. She knows, if he wasn't afraid of going to jail, he would break her face in two then leave. Some men do hit women, and that’s totally wrong, big time.

29. Men are like rocks, cliffs and boulders along the shore of a beach. Women are like the waves on the shore bouncing off the rocks. Rocks keep the waves from coming onto the shore and drowning everyone. Think about that. We love looking at the waves. They’re so exciting to watch. Rocks are boring, but they serve a needed purpose. Without the rocks, beaches would be unsafe to visit. When waves exceed their limit (i.e., tsunami) they destroy everything in their path.

30. Women are now viewed to be dangerously violent. It's not that hitting a man won't hurt him, it's the objects she throws at him or her nails that might slice his eyes out or scratch his face leaving a scar. Women's nails are deadly weapons. Men have the right to duck, block, drop to the ground, and if a woman attempts to kick the man, he has the right to grab her foot (on its way to his face) and hold it until someone catches her violent act and she's arrested. “SELF-DEFENCE, your honor. I dropped to the ground, and tried to protect myself from her kicking me.” When a man's on the ground ducking for his life, and she kicks him, she's showing physical intent to harm.

31. You don't get stronger by whining or complaining. You get stronger by asking nicely and smiling. Bitches are completely oblivious to their own dysfunctional behavior.

32. Female entitlement fuels even more serious problems. Ugh, when does it end?

33. Female pedophiles = HUGE number of women abusing children. 75% women act alone in abusing a child. No man is around. And feminists say men are the sex aggressors? Wow, police stats and court convictions would say differently.

34. Women say, "you never listen to me," but it's funny how some women can't seem to listen to their man. She is so wrapped up in her world and her emotions that she has developed selective hearing and even changes his wording and/or adds things that he never said, but she’s thinking. He has facts and logic; she has emotions and feelings.

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Feminism B.S.

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. Feminism teaches women to be less feminine and more masculine. Nice job. NOT!

2. What makes you happy? Studies show men's happiness hasn't changed, but women's has gone down and keeps going down. Why so? Is it because feminism has lied to them about having it all?

3. Hasn't all this new opportunity for a career or work pursuits made you happy? Doesn't success make you happy? Maybe not when you're all alone and no one to share it with.

4. When feminists become outraged about something that happened to someone else and the person it happened to is just fine with it. Case in point, some hot girls on a boat having their butts slapped by some rich old guy funding their weekend party out at sea. The girls are smiling and having a good time. They don’t mind. They are in thong bikinis showing a lot of skin. Oh, I forgot, they’re liberated or .. no? Make up your mind. Oh, and you wanted the rich guy in your life, right? Make up your mind.

5. Female empowerment = professional shaming / victim-hood.

6. There is nothing feminine about feminists?

7. MEN ARE DISPOSABLE: "Who Needs Men?" Really? Are women also then disposable?

8. There is absolutely nothing that a girl can do that would get hate from feminists unless she was against abortion, for staying at home to raise her children and making her man a sandwich.

9. With feminism, it’s my understanding that all women resent the stay-at-home role. What if you both parents work from home? Is it vital the woman still go out and get an office-bound career/job?

10. Feminists, bringing anti-feminine values to you since 60’s.

11. It's feminists and the women/systems who support such B.S. are the reason the rising generation of men/boys feel inferior, hated, unwanted and discarded.

12. Ladies, feminists have let you down, not men.

13. Children suffer the most by our feminist anti-male society that is ruining western culture.

14. Feminism is great in THEORY just like Marxism/Communism.

15. Sadly, Feminism is biased in practice.

16. “We’re feminists” means, “we’re NOT feminine.” That doesn’t even make sense; sad but true.

17. Why would I want to climb over Mt. Everest for a woman who can’t even cook?

18. Misery loves company.

19. Feminists emasculate males by removing their authority over women. Instead of caring for women,

20. Now, women are forced to compete against them. How do you like them apples?

21. It's always the man's fault.

22. How to be a feminist → STEP #1: Get offended. → STEP #2: Get emotional. → STEP #3: Call the police to take away the big scary man aggravating you.

23. Feminists want EQUALITY without ACCOUNTABILITY. This translates into SPECIAL RIGHTS for women. Where does it end?

24. A majority of people no longer take western feminists seriously. They're a joke and need to be called out as so. Problem is, the media, academia, etc. are still giving them a voice. Someone needs to write a book about feminism calling them out for all their B.S.

25. A woman can't say she's entitled to respect until she respects herself and feels good about being a woman (instead of just copying the idiotic actions of the worst men we see out there.

26. Just as a man must earn respect, woman must earn respect, love, and admiration as well, instead of just crying and demanding it.

27. Are you in favor of allowing the best qualified or do you need affirmative action and other special rules to help you up onto the counter?

28. Feminism 101: Avoid the cold truth, never face the real world and don’t make any real contributions! Make demands and punish men with laws they don’t get any proper representation for.

29. Feminists are driven by a victim complex and insecurities about themselves. (i.e., fat women promote body acceptance or whatever it's called and some women just hate watching hot girls on TV because they feel bad that they can't compete, join in, etc.) Look up Formula 1 ‘Grid Girls’ and Feminism. “I’m now retired from it all, but to think girls have now lost a lot of important income because feminists think they know best when they haven’t a clue it is really frustrating.”

30. Are feminists concerned about the happiness and health of women? I doubt it. Hardly. Never. Not in a million years.

31. Patriarchal family as inherently sexually repressive and women are financially repressive to men and their wallets.

32. It was never men who kept women down, it was women. Think about all the faties who stop any activity that engages beautiful women. They’re claim? Women are being exploited. Uh, what do women do with men buying things for them all the time?

33. One of the rallying cries for ‘radical’ feminists has been wages for housework. I’ve got news for ya, she’s already getting wages in the form of her husband paying 100% for every bill, utility, mortgage payment, etc. Her share of the rent/bills is 50%. All she has to do is fold a towel, change a diaper, go shopping for groceries, mop the floors, vacuum, make the beds, do laundry, ... EASY TASKS that an 6th grader can perform. His job, on the other hand, involves high-level pressure to perform (or get fired; lose all that money), long commutes in heavy traffic, long hours, dealing with bosses, clients and unhappy customers, trying to find new business amidst growing global competition, meet pressured deadlines, ... I’m sorry, which role would you rather take on? Since he probably gives her extra spending money for personal needs, I’d say she’s got it pretty good. Stop complaining unless you want to switch roles now!

34. Wage gap B.S. Let's talk about a SPENDING GAP! Choices, number of hours worked and levels of dangers on the job pay someone more than someone who chooses to work less hours, less demanding job requirements, etc. Men though, spend more of their disposable income on the women in their life. Women do not spend as much money on men as women do. So, men need to make more. Get that in your tiny brain.

35. It's almost as if reverse-sexism and reverse-racism have now become the norm in the western world. Instead of genuinely making an effort to create actual "equality", these leftist leaning neo-marxists would rather fight to afford themselves special privileges while trying to turn anyone who disagrees with them into a second class citizens worthy of jail time.

36. Feminists in no way act in any form of traditional feminine roles. They want to be men and men reject them when they do.

37. Male Privilege? How about female privilege! Let me count the ways.

38. Male toxicity? Let's talk about female toxicity! Oh, that’s coming up in this book. Brace yourself.

39. YOU thought the kitchen and kids were slavery? I think college debt is slavery. How many women graduate with useless degrees, can’t find a good paying job, have to move back in with mom/dad and can’t pay off their student loan debt that’s costing them $300-ish a month. Upon completion of a bachelor’s degree, women’s average student debt is about $2,700 greater than men’s, and black women take on more student debt on average than do members of any other group. (AAUW.org)

40. Feminists desire to completely replace the nuclear family (break up the division of labor among men/women.) Why? So they can divert women’s attention to women and more feminist oppression over men. It’s one sure fire way to punish men: strip them of love from a woman.

41. Women now are wage slaves and tax prostitutes outside of their proverbial enslavement camp (i.e., the kitchen).

42. The insanity of the left (and feminists) knows no bounds.

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Future Predictions

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. Perhaps we should be asking another relevant question: Is it the end of women? Think about it ... with higher status jobs bringing women more stress, with an increased separation from their kids and their biological motherly role, without receiving any or as much alimony or even having to hand over their own income/alimony and possibly the house in divorce to the husband they married and with more men getting joint and sole custody of children because some women are found to be psychotic drugged up walking depressions on humanity, with greater fear and anxiety over losing that job and becoming the next bag lady, with herbivores and zetamales and MGTOW men rejecting women at every turn and many men turning to women overseas or escorts and the coming of sex robots creating the potential to have even more lifelike sex partners in the near future, with artificial wombs being developed for those men who may wish to raise a child alone ... again, I ask you, is it the end of women in the next 10-20 years? If you’ve been an adult for 10 years, let’s ay you’re 30 years old, ladies, can you imagine how the next 10 years will turn out? How about 20-30? That’s what I’m talking about here. Wake up and smell the coffee ... burning!

2. We are seeing our civilization corrode by the day, and it won't be long before our society collapses because of all of these leftist agendas, attacks on traditionalism and patriotism.

3. The future: a combination of escorts, prostitutes and sex dolls has allowed men to end any/all relationships with women. Why bother? When you can just whip out your sexbot or make one call for some company, then send her back out the door or back in the closet when you want the house to yourself for awhile?

4. Do you know where the world is headed if we lose our traditions? “I don't want to live in that world. I’m glad I don’t have kids now. I’m glad I’m not married. I don’t ever want to be in another relationship with a woman.” Ladies, do you see where this world is headed?

5. Reality bites! Better wake up and smell the latte? Life is about to kick you to the curb!

6. Think about this, if and when more men can make money online or with their computers and just outsource to meet their staff needs, then guess what? They will NOT be hiring women directly. They won’t have to. If women don’t model that form of income, they’ll have to be forced into temp work, become virtual assistants and work for lower wages because their competing with women (and men) who do the same jobs overseas for $20 a DAY. The global economy, free trade, no barriers tis lowering wages for all Americans as well as creating opportunities for smart savvy entrepreneurs (women included) to make money without hiring employees.

7. Look up MGTOW. MGTOW will grow until society breaks or finally realizes the hate toward men needs to stop?

8. Once women realize their chances of winding up alone are on the rise, men are avoided them at all costs, women aren’t looked at or spoken to ... maybe then, women will turn on their feminist sisters and tell them to STFU.

9. Let me paint the future for you and see if you like it and then I'll talk about what's good about your future: Men get unlimited access to low cost and rental sex bots, virtual reality sex, robot-brothels, legalized prostitution (because feminists wanted to allow women to enter the sex worker industry and to make money off their bodies... their body/their choice), other country's women. Just go to: LumiDolls.com to see your future ... competition! Another reason to be afraid of this trend is men’s disposable income is generally much more than yours. You spend it on products to make you look good. You can’t stop that. A man doesn’t need to look good at all to spend $10,000 on the most advanced sexbot of his choice, color, nationality, you name it. His student loan debt is paid off and he’s debt-free. He could even buy a few of these robots and take his pick every now and then having sex with a different bot. “WHAM BAM, THANK YOU ... BOT!”

10. Women’s future: Cats, little dogs, picking up poop DAILY for 30+ years ... until death do you part.

11. Ladies, you can't push men away and expect them to come back when you need them. They can take it (your abuse) for only so long. Men are made to endure, but they’re also smart and with so many choices today? No way are they going to stick around. Your only job, really, is just to show some kindness their way. Is that difficult?

12. You see, since women have trivialized family, having kids and becoming a mother to such a degree, men have done the same thing. The future is lost when both genders aren’t on the same page, thinking alike. Instead, men and women are pitted against one another. This needs to end or the future of mankind will be extinct in 500 years.

13. Eventually men and women won’t talk to each other if this sh** continues.

14. Honestly, sex robots and artificial wombs have already appeared, the era of women is over. There’s no stopping the coming technology.

15. Sexbots don’t offer what women today offer: far too much drama, bad sex (or threats of rape years after she decides to change her mind on ‘consent’), too much needs and wants, stressful, too much talking ... please stop me.

16. Women will be scared if they see all men bond together and not talk or do anything with women.

17. You young ladies, ages 16-26 are SO SCREWED! The girls younger than them? Even MORE screwed with the coming times. Keep it up academia. Keep putting boys down and making them feel badly with your female-centered curriculums and drugging of our boys. You may think you’re harming boys now and not girls. Years later, your protected female class of young girls will be paying a heavier price. Be glad women don’t come back to kill you for making their lives miserable. They just turn their anxieties out on the men in their presence. Sad, sad.

18. All the women seem to want these select, special men who have it made. Tall, handsome, educated, financially stable, ambitious, successful, all those silly buzzwords that shouldn’t matter in an equal society where women no longer depend on men for support. Because of the liberated women, these men don’t have to settle down. They can sleep around all they want (thanks to dating/hookup apps) and wait until they’re older to marry ... (drum roll) a younger woman who sees the writing on her wall. When all you ladies get older, no man wants to hang out with you, because? Maybe you’ve gained weight. Maybe you have a kid or two and no time for him. Maybe you have an STD or two. Maybe you’re on psyche medication. You’re older. Weathered. You’ve got more baggage ... under the eyes. The dating pool is shrinking by the day and the “in demand” guys are all going for women younger than you or just women that aren’t YOU. Welcome to the world of ... competition.

19. Men are choosing not to work so hard any more because the juice (women) ain’t worth the squeeze. Since men don’t get credit or rewarded for anything anymore, just pissed on and down played, they’re throwing in the towel, selling all their possessions and going on long extended trips to Asia and Europe. Men are saying, “I don’t need the big salary job going into the future. My debts are paid, my investments are growing along with my savings ... I’ve got it made. Wait, I need a maid, yeah, make note to get one.” Sorry ladies, but men can get laid pretty often and relatively easy. You’re liberated, remember? When we stop working that hard it means less money for the government to tax us, which means less money for single moms and the unemployed (like you) who can’t find a job in the future for whatever reason. This happens when governments get strapped for cash and can’t fund all their handout programs.

20. The goal and purpose of political correctness is not to persuade or convince nor to inform, but to humiliate, crush opposing points of view and coerce by force or legislation or both. Oh, sounds like what comes out of the left and a feminist’s mouth. Men don’t want more of that in their future.

21. A world full of bad boys isn't going to keep society going? Men built much of the world and these single mothers are bringing more trashy little thugs into the world. You combine that with a crappy living situation and things can only get worse?

22. When men are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious of feminist lies, and women continue to buy into them, both genders lose. That’s the future if not stopped.

23. To assent from common sense and relied upon traditional roles into an abyss of lies is to cooperate with evil, and in many ways become one with evil. Your ability to resist erodes over time and is even destroys to the point where there is no turning back.

24. A society of emasculated men are losing control of their roles. Real men, armed with traditional convictions are demanding, “don’t tread on me.” Stop emasculating men, ladies; 52% are complaining that they feel emasculated. Society has crumbled because we tend to think that if we are being disrespected or yelled at it’s assault or oppression. Women make things seem far more worse than they really are, sometimes.

25. Don’t worry, the societal reset button is not far off. Men can turn all this around in three years by just saying, “NO MORE!” Then, they’ll really turn things up and POOF your whole world as you know it will be gone.

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Humor (Have A Laugh On Feminism)

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. I treat beautiful women like I treat a beautiful sunset. I stay 93 million miles away, and watch them until they fade out of sight?

2. Women can be dangerous drivers: “You wanna make women safer drivers? Take away the car, or at least take away her cellphone and spray-paint all the mirrors flat black!”

3. Most prostitutes are honest women and most women are dishonest prostitutes.

4. Men age like Sean Connery. Women age like Sean Connery.

5. Why are women like hurricanes? They start out hot and wet but when it’s over you lose your house and your boat.

6. Feminism will be declared a mental illness by 2030.

7. Bottom line? Stop whining, crying and bitching. Shut up and go back to your chores.

8. I’m not like most girls,” says ... Most Girls!

9. Men make great cooks, because women (today) don’t know how or don’t want to learn. It’s beneath them, like the scale that shows she’s 50 pounds overweight from eating out so much.

10. Women: “Let’s take hours to get ready so we can make sure guys notice us ignoring them for hours.”

11. “Guys, buy pet food stock. It’s sure to rise like crazy in the next 10 years. You might be able to retire off it with all the women being single later in life.”

12. Woman to woman, “You don’t owe any man a second date!” Men to men: “You don’t owe any woman a FIRST date!”

13. She blames men for her shitty decisions. “If only I didn’t like bad boys. If they didn’t exist I would date nice guys. I just have no control over it!”

14. She’s 30 going on 40 with all that weight, attitude and baggage, I don’t know. What are her chances of finding a man that looks like her or wants someone that looks like her? Slim to none?

15. At least with escorts and hookers, they go away after you pay them. With a nagging wife or disrespectful girlfriend, they don’t go away no matter how much money you spend on them.

16. You’re so confused, you don’t know what you want, that’s why we made you stay home and cook, clean and did routine things so you could stay out of trouble.

17. The biggest thing a female can offer a man is a 75% chance she will ruin his life (via divorce). The smallest? That their love will last a lifetime. Just going off percentages of today’s divorce rates, which a majority are initiated by women for any reason (i.e., no-fault divorce), I think I’ll invest in a sex doll. I get the sex anytime I want and without any additional expense to my wallet or my heart.

18. If you’re so independent and favor abortion and don’t want to have children, when the ship sinks, it’s every man for himself. No, literally, women can follow us. We run faster and swim farther. Women who had children and raised them were valued by society. How do we value you now if those two things aren’t on your radar of life and societal contributions?

19. What’s six inches long, two inches wide, green, and drives women wild? Money.

20. Everyone says the world would be better off if it was run by women. Sure, maybe there wouldn’t be violence and territorial conquests fueled by male testosterone. But instead, we’d have jealous, grudging countries that aren’t talking to each other.

21. Scientists have discovered a food that diminishes a woman’s sex drive by 90%. It’s called a wedding cake.

22. My wife suggested we should try some role reversal in bed so I told her I have a headache.

23. When a woman says “what?” It’s not because she didn’t hear you. She’s just giving you a chance to change what you said.

24. How many men does it take to open a beer? None. It should be opened by the time she brings it.

25. I have never understood why women love cats. Cats are independent, they don’t listen, they don’t come in when you call, they like to stay out all night, and when they’re home they like to be left alone and sleep. In other words, every quality that women hate in a man, they love in a cat.

26. My girlfriend was complaining last night that I never listen to her, or something like that.

27. Is Google a woman? Because it won’t let you finish your sentence without coming up with other suggestions.

28. Men have two emotions, hungry and horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.

29. To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all.

30. When wearing a bikini, women reveal 90 % of their body ... men are so polite they only look at the covered parts.

31. How do you fix a woman’s watch? You don’t. There is a clock on the oven.

32. Never marry a woman who was captain of the debate team.

33. If a man talks dirty to a woman, that’s sexual harassment. If a woman talks dirty to a man, that’ll be $3.99 a minute.

34. A (hard core) feminist, someone who doesn’t get it … enough.

35. Got an e-mail today from a “bored housewife 33, looking for some action!” I’ve sent her my ironing, that’ll keep her busy.

36. Never tell a woman that her place is in the kitchen. That’s where the knives are kept.

37. A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

38. There is no key to a woman’s heart. There’s only a password that changes regularly.

39. Women think about sex every seven seconds. Just not with you.

40. How to lose an argument with a woman: 1) Argue.

41. A woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s: She changes it more often.

42. Women marry because they believe that he will change one day. Men marry because they believe she’ll never change. Both are wrong.

43. If I had a dollar for every girl that found me unattractive, they would eventually find me attractive.

44. My ex wrote to me: Can you delete my number? I responded: Who is this?

45. Never underestimate a woman’s ability to make anything your fault.

46. All my dance moves look like I’m trying to tell the guy on first base to steal second.

47. I married Miss Right. I just didn’t know her first name was Always.

48. Man sees his (male) friend with a great gal and says, "I need to get me a gal like he has." Female sees her (female) friend with a good man and says, "I need to get him away from her for myself!" True or not? You know the answer is TRUE!

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Hypocrisy / Lunacy

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. I bet that when society finally collapses, feminists out there will be the first ones to scream for white men to come to their rescue. Don’t think so? With so many bad boys on the loose out there and all those immigrant men from other countries that don’t respect women or raping them ... well, even the police will not rescue you for fear of showing racism towards these groups. Don’t believe that? Just look up “UK: Police ‘Did Nothing’ as Alleged Kurdish Rape Gang Abused Girl, Court Hears” or “Police Knew About Rotherham ‘Asian’ Rape Gangs But Ignored Them over Fears of ‘Racial Tensions’”. Complete lunacy why this happens.

2. WOMEN = I JUST NEED A SPERM BANK. Please don’t have a boy then. Oh, wait, you need a man to donate sperm. Look out, the kid might want to meet the father one day or vice versa, the father might want to meet his kid one day. You’re better off just adopting a pet.

3. Even women are standing up to the hypocrisy of feminism, but not enough to shut them up for good.

4. Kill all men?" That sounds like a death threat? Funny how you're telling us how dangerous men are, but if threats are directed to men all you hear is cricket, cricket. Let’s get real, who’s really the violent gender?

5. Women abused by other women are also an overlooked group; these victims discover that most services are designed for women victimized by men. Professionals in mental health, social work, public health, and criminal justice often downplay female (sexual) perpetration. But in fact, victims of female-perpetrated sexual violence suffer emotional and psychological harm, just like victims of male-perpetrated abuse. When professionals fail to take victimization by women seriously, this only compounds victims’ suffering by minimizing the harm they experience.

6. As for “mansplaining,” these days it seems to mean little more than a man making an argument a woman dislikes. So, you give it a name to shut down the conversation. That’s real diplomatic.

7. Women support other women. Great, let’s put it to the test. Go start a business. Prediction: You'll start looking to hire mostly men if you do. Women don’t like to work with other women (think cat fights and jealousy in the office), they don’t always support each other in the office (think rudeness and bullying from women to women) and women don’t really like working for a female boss. Don’t believe me? Look all this up online and you’ll find article after article talking about these very subjects. One article said, “Woman-to-woman abuse is the primary way we continue to let men rule the world.” Yeah, because you’re all too busy cat fighting and talking behind each other’s back and not getting any work done. We don’t hear about this phenomenon too often because women fear being judged by other women as “bitchy” women-haters if they dare speak the truth: that some women just aren’t that nice to each other.

8. There is a lot of support for female (health-related) issues, but not so much in the male department: Breast cancer gets attention while prostate concerns are rarely spoken of. Women’s issues seem to get more attention overall, but cricket cricket on men's needs.

9. Men are constantly beaten up over bizarre invented concepts such as “rape culture” (yet, we have less men at schools, more women, and there’s a rape epidemic? Show me the stats ...) and “patriarchal privilege?” Let’s see, men work their ass off to give you everything, but you want more. They do most of the dying and sucky, dangerous, death-prone jobs, and you that privilege? Who's the slave and who’s the master, really? Be honest.

10. I'll pay for the first date if you'll cook for me on the second one. Women: “I don’t cook for men or at all.” Man: “Okay, what then do you bring to the table?” You see, women want to know if a man has money so he can then buy things for her. How about ME(N) TOO. Men would like to know if you can cook, because he doesn’t want the kids to eat fast food every night or eat frozen meals out of a box. Can she cook nutritious meals or is she on her way to fat city? “No thanks, I’ll skip the second date,” he says.

11. The refugee crisis happening in Europe was brought on by leftist groups wanting to let third world foreigners into their countries without proper vetting. Those countries now are “man shaming” guys for not being “chivalrous” and protecting the very women that have been “man bashing” for the last several decades. A lot of men are taking a pass on getting involved because, I’m sure, their efforts will be criticized and mocked as “racist” for labeling these foreign invaders as a new victim class as well. The world has gone insane, folks.

12. They insist that anti-feminism is anti-woman, but it's not. It's anti-criminal. It's anti-slavery. It's anti-B.S. They can't get by on people knowing this or waking up. If people knew the truth, they would stop giving women so much undue power. They have to continue profiting from the misogyny of the past, or else they would fail, because there is no misogyny of the present. Men want to love women, but if they’re not getting the respect they deserve, then men will just leave (women’s lives) for good.

13. Where would this modern world be without men? Every modern intervention we have today was created by a man, partly due to societal constructs. However what has a women invented to progress the modern age as we know it in the last 20 years, as the roles are now supposed to be equal? Sure, they make great managers, but when disaster or accidents strike, it's usually men doing all the dirty cleanup outside. Next time you see a huge traffic accident, crime scene, or natural catastrophe, count how many men are out there (doing the dirty job) and how many women are out there (inside, back at the warm/comfortable office) doing their job. Thanks, ladies, for bringing us water and managing things back at the office. Really, we need you there most.

14. Face it, men are waking up to the hypocrisy of the left and feminists and going MGTOW.

15. If you're a feminist and hate men, what happens if you give birth to a boy? Whoops.

16. Any woman who has a driver's license, can vote, buy a home, get a loan, go to school, get a job, etc., you're liberated. That's not the case for millions of women in other countries. How do you feel about that? They can’t even walk to school without getting acid thrown in their faces. I think your feminist duties are largely here in America or take that hostile energy and go up against the Taliban. The boat leaves for that battle soon. Make sure you’re on it, okay?

17. Shouldn't feminism be brought to other countries where women are REALLY oppressed? Start packing your bags, femininazis. Your help is needed elsewhere.

18. They demand equal pay, yet refuse equal work, equal hours at work, and equal years at work, and equal risk at work. Hmmm.

19. Electricity, water, police, firefighters, garbage disposal – these are all professions run overwhelmingly by men, and men aren’t needed?

20. The community of men that have died by the millions to protect you, not just in wars, but on electric poles, oil rigs, lumber camps, etc.

21. Women complain about advertisements using sex appeal to sell products. Women make up most of the job positions in media. Why aren’t they putting their foot down rejecting these types of ads? Do some women work (or own) such ad agencies? Is it a bottom line dollar earning profit reason why they let these ads slide? Granted, you don’t see overtly sexual ads today, but hot bodies and pretty smiles and long legs sure do sell a lot of beer.

22. Women STILL want men to make more money than them. So? Men are motivated to do it. Don’t blame men then if they make more than women or that women will NEVER catch up to the amount of money men make. You motivated them to. Men hold top earning positions in technology, entertainment, and other fields. Less than 10% of women hold positions on the top earning music rock stars in the world.

23. More men are in bands, playing instruments at the same level of proficiency as women. Yet, still, women are underrepresented in the music industry. Why is that? Are men threatened by women’s success? Little progress has been made in the sexist culture of music and entertainment. No excuses. We need solutions vs. statistics. What men don’t like is a woman in charge and that’s a double -edged sword.

24. If women can do anything and a free to do so and even encouraged by men and women, can you blame men (or the system) if the vast majority of women DON’T WANT to do something or CHOOSE NOT to do something? If women don’t want to become CEO’s, don’t force brand men to blame for this reality. If women don’t want to direct, produce, edit film in the back room, stand there holding cameras or working with heavy equipment, don’t complain that women are underrepresented in these fields. Let people fall into place where they want to and naturally do and will. Get over these stats and get on with LIFE.

25. Feminists and some women condemn players and men who just want sex (like women do today on dating apps), yet praise acting like sluts, attend slut-walks, and sleep around with every Tom and hairy d**k. That’s a play on “Tom, Dick an Harry. Get it? Celebrities and activists who claim to be today’s modern “thought leaders” (a joke) for feminism have traded in the history of women’s advancements for a new brand of rude, in-your-face feminism that preaches raunchy sexuality and even vulgarity. Everywhere you look, whether on TV, the Internet, or on a magazine cover, there are examples of women preaching “empowerment” in the name of feminism and those who simply cheapen the real value of women’s worth. In the media and in pop culture, those who are seen as your so called “modern feminist” continue to charge at the ever-dissolving line between what is promiscuous and what is perhaps permissible, pushing a new slutty wave of feminism that boasts crass over class.

26. They blame men for the rape culture, yet flaunt their bodies around like strippers. Don’t believe me? Just look at today’s female pop artists compared to those of yesterday In the 60’s, 70’s and even the 80’s, women were dressed! Today, literally, if you see a female performer, you can’t tell if she’s on stage at your local sports arena or some tucked away strip bar in the backwoods leaving nothing to the imagination.

# # #





Make Up Your Mind / Double-Speak

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. Feminism teaches that women are always oppressed, always victims and that they’re empowered and independent in the same breath. Which is it? Make up your mind.

2. Feminists screamed about how things like chivalry are “sexist,” and now that chivalry is fading away, they’re suddenly realizing they want it back after all! Just picture it - a man and a woman show up to go into a building at the same time, but the man waits for the woman to get her own door. “After you,” he kindly says, but he doesn’t reach for the door. She reaches for the door, because he’s just standing there being polite. Ponder that thought for a moment. Make up your mind, ladies. Should men be nice and go the extra step or step aside and let you do everything on your own going forward as they stand there and smile? Be careful what you ask for.

3. Funny, women/feminists want to be like men, with men, around men, work with men, socialize with men in the office/after work, have sex with men, but they hate men in the same breath. Make up your mind. Do you love men or hate them? You’re confusing.

4. If women are sexually liberated, then why do feminists regard all heterosexual intercourse as rape? I’m confused.

5. The reports out today tell us that young women are up-and-coming go-getters, superior and out-earning men. Great! Men don’t care. So what happened to the claim, present in every feminist treatise on economy, of women making only $0.77 per male dollar due to (alleged) discrimination? Which one is it? Are young women superior that they can out earn men (which means they are able to attain higher salaries and compete in a market economy without crutches), or are women discriminated pariahs who are maliciously not getting paid enough for their work and therefore need quotas, supplemental education, and affirmative action?

6. How can two feminist assessments of men's power status be true at the same time? One says that men are an all-powerful patriarchal, discriminatory demons. The second says that men are economically useless and soon-to-be obsolete. Wouldn't a soon-to-be economically obsolete group have no power? Conversely, can a group of people powerful enough to hold others back be anywhere near economic oblivion? Something doesn't add up.

7. Claiming victimhood is not empowering. Make up your mind. Are you a victim or are you empowered?

8. Feminatizi's want women, even ones of age with nice bodies, to just cover up and wear burkas and berkinis. Oh, wait, I thought women were sexually liberated and free to dress slutty, wearing yoga pants that show their camel toe and cellulite? No? Please, choose.

9. Is there anyone at the feminist HQ who bothers to proof-check the party line for overall coherence? Or, are feminists willing to adapt any anti-male rhetoric, even if contradicts their own, parallel line of argumentation? It seems that feminism uses its own brand of "emotional logic". (i.e. nothing has to add up logically as long as it feels "emotionally right") Men are throwing their hands up in the air. Please, just decide.

10. Western women are confused and torn between their true feminine/motherly nature and what feminism tells them success should look like. Alright, ladies, you can choose to go with feminism’s view and goals for you or what you were given by God as your role in society as a beautiful woman.

11. So many women don’t even know what you want so? They blame men. This actually comes from having too many choices in your life. Men are simple. Blue or red. I'll take blue. Women? Five shades of blue, 10 shades of red ... UGH!

12. You contradict yourself and you don't even know it. You're against female objectification, but you dress like a slut. You don't like how men who watch porn, but you act in porn or you're not against women who act in it. You support rights for sex workers, but don't want men to pay women to serve their sexual needs. Which is it, ladies? Make up your mind.

13. You're against violence in porn. Okay, does that include violence in lesbian porn? Many lesbian porn films are filmed by female owned adult film companies. Hmm, sense the dichotomy here? By the way, have you seen how women treat each other in lesbian porn films? V-I-O-L-E-N-T just as you would accuse men of, but then again, it’s men’s fault. Women don’t watch porn. Research “women actually watch more porn than men” online and check out the results. It’s astounding. Women are 16 percent more likely to watch porn on their phones; 27 percent more likely to look for pregnancy porn; some women really like rough sex. The most popular category for women? Lesbians. Straight, gay, or bi — women love women. Interestingly, within lesbians searches, women were more likely to search for squirting and strap-ons than men were.

14. The hallmark of a crank idea is that sooner or later it starts to defend two contradictory notions at the same time. It looks like feminism has reached that stage.

15. Make up your minds ladies, do you want men in your lives or not? If you do, just be kind, sweet and nice and say thank you when a man does something nice for you. It does to the other way around too, but if women start, men will follow. Just like when women started having sex without commitment, men followed and had sex with women ... without commitment. What do you want? Please make up your minds.

# # #





Male Treatment, Male Bashing, Anti-Male, Anti-Men Attitudes

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. Man hating will get us nowhere, ladies.

2. In movies and in TV sitcoms the bad and or goofy person is usually portrayed as male. The western world entertainment industry puts out a lot of negative images of men all around the world. Imagine if that was reversed and the female was showcased as the fool, idiot, knows nothing, always fumbling, never gets it right, ... yeah, that’d go over well. NOT. Double standard?

3. I used to be naive and put women on a pedestal. No longer. They’re not worth it. They’ve lost all grace in my eyes. Cat fights, back-stabbing, revenge tactics, lying, fabricating truths to get back at someone or just to get what they want? Sorry. Won’t change my mind on this one.

4. Guy hits on a girl on the street? Street harassment. Disturbing the peace, says the police. Guy now ignores girl on the street. Now, girl wonders what's wrong with her. Guy can't win, can he?

5. Guy makes a joke about fat girls? Hate speech. Arrest him.

6. Look at how men are portrayed in pop culture as bumbling fools and the women as highly successful who saves the day every time? It’s no wonder ... “go woke, go broke.” Keep this in mind, men pay most of the movie-going tickets; more than women do. How do I know this? Action and science-fiction films draw the most crowds. Those films interest men. Men want to go see them. They bring their wife/girlfriend and pay for two tickets. When romantic comedies or dramas get shown, women want to see those, but men don’t want to go. She drags him there and still guess who pays? Men. So, if you make a movie that pisses off men, guess who’s not going to go and pay for those tickets? MEN. Rarely will women ever go to the movie alone or with friends on occasion, sure. Not in droves. Couples go to movies in droves or bring their families. Kids movies were not included in my assessment here.

7. I'm too scared to even smile at western woman for fear of rape charges. Way to go, ladies. Creating a hostile environment for men to go around looking to find a good woman to ask out, date and ultimately marry.

8. Men are terrified to date because of false rape allegations occurring so much today. Talk about a rape culture, there’s a false rape epidemic going on. I see female lies run amok hurting our men. It’s made men fearful of ever wanting to be a father, which is their ultimate goal in life.

9. If you go anywhere in public with little kids, you’re seen as a predator or pedophile. Remember the airline that came right out and said men can’t sit next to unaccompanied kids? Wow, assume all men are guilty. What about wicked women who sit next to unaccompanied kids? No, all women are saints. Yeah, right.

10. Men: “Treat me like a king and I’ll treat you like a queen. Treat me like a game, and I’ll show you how that game is played.”

11. Some men choose to chase women. Some men choose to chase their goals. Wondering which way men are going these days? They’re realizing their goals will never wake up one day and tell them that they don’t love you anymore. So, they chase their goals and go MGTOW.

12. Let's work it backwards ... did you have a father, brother or uncle in your life that was good-willed towards you? Then, please stop claiming all men, except those in your life, are rapists. There are millions of women who good men in their lives. That accounts for millions of good men, despite what the media and feminists would lead us to believe.

13. Homelessness is mostly a male problem. Where's the privilege.

14. Guy travels to Ukraine to find a wife. He’s labeled a sex tourist until he actually marries one.

15. Feminist commentary routinely puts the nastiest possible spin on male behavior and motives no matter how noble he tries to be.

16. Things have gotten to a point where casual low-level male-bashing is a constant white noise in the hip progressive online media. Take a recent piece titled, “Men Are Creepy, New Study Confirms” ... promoted with a post that said: “Are you a man? You’re probably a creep.” If he perceives her as having no current sexual market value, he’s a creep. If all she has to offer is her SMV (SEXUAL MARKET VALUE) and he’s not impressed nor interested = creep. If he has no wealth = creep. Guess what ladies? Gold diggers are creepy. Manipulators are creepy. Liars are creepy. Fake smiles are creepy. Women who line up at PRISONS to date, f**k, send love letters to (and even marry) the worst criminals in society, violent offenders, murdering psychopaths = creepy. Men aren’t lining up to show the same affection to women in prison. If they are, those men are creepy. We don’t need more welfare babies. Women who misrepresent themselves from hair color, to age, and weight = creepy. Facial surgeries to make them totally unrecognizable = creepy. Laughing at someone else’s pain = creepy. Women who make videos on YouTube about having sex with dogs and sucking the dongs of cows and horses = creepy. What a joke.

17. Guy is nice to girl in hopes of getting sex one day? He's lying and dishonest. He's the polar opposite of nice. Woman openly says she wants to have sex with a man (while appears demanding) is liberated and wants to have fun with him ... in bed.

18. Guy approaches girls in the bar in hopes of getting sex? He's a random creep loser. Woman does the same, she’s just trying to meet her (sexual) needs.

19. Feminists do not listen to men. To feminism, the problems faced by men are not as important, because men are viewed as privileged.

20. 1 in 7 homeless people are women. Where's the male privilege working for men?

21. The price men have to pay in today's society much too high. Where’s the male privilege?

22. EVERYTHING that a masculine man does is WRONG and he is GUILTY for being born a man. Where’s the male privilege?

23. Tearing down men and boys is not the way to build up women and girls. Let's build up both men and boys and women and girls and help them see their intrinsic value. In today’s world (2020), there really is no need for this kind of unintelligent, short-sighted, bigoted trash feminists, the media, academia and government peddles today.

24. Feminism told men they were patriarchal rapists. Okay, if men leave women and women are on their own to survive on their own, will you then blame men ... again? Make up your mind, please.

25. Agree 100%. Women have gone so far off the deep end, I won't approach them anymore, in fact most are just plain psychotic to deal with, to the point, I go out of my way to avoid women. A simple, “Hello,” gets you screamed at for “objectifying them.” A high-priced hooker/escort isn’t really expensive. Sure, $200 an hour. Know why? Compared to divorces, they’re cheap.

26. Approaching women when they don’t want it is now a hate crime in parts of the UK. You can’t look at a woman for long without being deemed a potential ... criminal.

27. MGTOW ... ladies, look it up! (MGTOW.com)

28. It’s “misogyny” to be attracted to a woman. Try to figure that one out.

29. I know many people who have been sent death threats by feminists. Where’s the male privilege?

30. Talking to them makes them feel “victimized” or “in danger” because the guy is a “creep.” Where’s the male privilege?

31. A woman can simply claim the man made her feel unsafe and he can be assaulted by surrounding men or police officers on her word. She can claim he assaulted her or sexually harassed her by showing interest. Where’s the male privilege?

32. Feminists are encouraging women to accept their body being dangerously overweight. When men are surrounded by women that they are not attracted to anyway, why would they bother with you? You can’t force men to be attracted to anyone, regardless of how deeply you accept yourself. They know you likely won’t be faithful in the relationship, and in divorce, which is almost inevitable, you’ll take half his stuff and likely his kids. You made this bed, not men, now accept responsibility like the strong empowered woman you think you are, and lie in it.

33. “All men are potential rapists” analogy? Feminists openly advocate for policies and laws that increase punitive punishments for men and encourages and advocates institutions to continually discriminate against men. Where’s the male privilege?

34. Harassment, creep, stalker, rapey, perv ... these are some of the most routinely used words that guys hear.

35. Sensitive and caring men are seemingly abused by feminists, essentially because they are sensitive and caring. Once men wake up to the abuse, they move on, (divorce or whatever, to stop contact) while the feminists sulk and adopt a cat. Reality bites.

36. Sexual harassment classes in corporate America. How about how women falsely accusing men or female financial rape classes? A class on how to watch out for women!

37. Male Managers scared to death of having a female in his office.

38. Be careful when a car is broken down on the road and the driver is female. Do you offer to stop and help? Will you be judged as creepy if you do? DO NOT offer her a ride in your car! DO NOT help a woman abandoned on the side of the road, even with kids. Call 911 and let someone with a badge come help her. Women have scared men off from them wanting to do the nicest things for them. Sorry, this has to change, folks.

# # #






Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. Oh yeah? MenToo! ;-) Would you believe that women make advances on men, using their sexuality to get advancements, raises, help, support, security, bills paid, marriage and more? Why isn’t that called out? Men feeling pressured to give in to a woman’s advances and when he doesn’t she turns on him and says he made advances on her. Somebody’s not playing fair here.

2. The unintended consequence of the #MeToo movement are that men are now more fearful of working one-on-one with women and it’s going to get worse. Much worse, it’s preventing women from getting promoted because they’re not getting the training from the men they need to move up the ladder.

3. There are bad people (women included) out there who will use any movement to hurt good people if it helps them gain access to whatever they set their desires on getting.

4. Men don’t want to work with women. Women will soon be segregated and placed in their own rooms, away from men. Companies will soon track productivity and find out if the women are doing their jobs, or did they get help from some of the men who “liked one of them” and offered to help her out as a “favor.” It’s all B.S.

5. 60% of male managers said they’re uncomfortable mentoring, working one-on-one, and socializing with women at work, according to a survey.

6. Why would anyone risk it, when a mere accusation is career ending?

7. The problem with #MeToo is that some women have used it as a way to complain about everything from actual abuse to minor rudeness.

8. Shoot first and ask questions never. That’s HR’s approach.

9. Does this make men hysteria prone? No, men are just realists. When you execute a witch hunt with BELIEVE ALL WOMAN regardless of whether the allegation can be proven, then men will respond by keeping their distance to the point of being reluctant to hire women.

10. It's not that men are angry or resentful towards women, it's that men are now afraid of women, and rightfully so. All a woman needs to do is go to HR (or the media) and say that she felt uncomfortable about something about a man’s behavior as she perceived it, and just like that, he is guilty until proven innocent. No such proof is needed. Sure, the man will have his day in court, and until he’s proven innocent, he’s dragged through the media as a creepy criminal.

11. It is getting to the point where taping all conversations, with a man or woman, will become the norm. Great, that’s all we need is more surveillance everywhere.

12. Ladies, casual sex won't help your career as much as respecting yourself will and keeping your legs closed.

13. Most negative experiences in the workplace have been from women. Most HR griefs and complaint are over small slights and small perceived insults that women report, especially young women.

14. Aspects of this whole #MeToo movement have gone way over the cliff.

15. Maybe the social justice warrior women can start their own company and hire only women. Let’s see how that goes. Also, watch how there will NEVER be a law that requires all female boards to include one male on it. What a stupid law. Most men are glad not to be on an all-female board. Not to say that some aren’t nice to be on, it’s just men don’t reach out to government to force women to include them like it is the other way around. Feminists want girls to join the Boy Scouts, but I don’t see any boys crying to join the Girl Scouts.

16. Men want to keep their jobs, livelihoods, marriages, relationships, children, money, and social standing. #MeToo says an allegation is all that is needed ... to destroy him.

17. Male: “I don't like to hug people. A senior level woman hugged me once and I turned to stone. It was a customary greeting among friends. I guess I should have filed a complaint. Maybe I will. How far back does that #MeToo thing let you go back?”

18. “Young women have been 100% the source of stupid complaints or complaints about ‘harassment’ when really they are just being asked to do their jobs. I've had women commit to a project and then try to hand the project back to me (i.e., their boss) saying, "Oh, I'm too busy," and then complain to my boss when I tell her I'll help out, but she has to do what she said she would do. Young men don't do this same sort of thing. They don't show up for work in tights and halter tops. We have a dress code now only because female staff started showing up in clubbing clothes and then complained when male workers were looking at their butts. Thankfully every male worker at the office now is married so there's unlikely to be any fumbled attempts to hook up or something. But, you’re damn straight I'm going to be wary around young women. I like having a job.“

19. One of the most significant impediments to a woman's career success is NOT MEN, but more often ... other women. Gee, go figure.

20. Men just want to "get off" or "release" their sexual frustrations, which should be done within the confines of a committed relationship, not with strangers, whether from work or out and about.

21. I don't think there should be any men working anywhere anymore. We should have an entirely female workforce. That'll be great for productivity, which is already in the basement due to all the time-wasting B.S. that goes on in the workplace today. It's not about results anymore. It's all about process and who is getting offended.

22. On very rare occasions, some women will lie about interactions with male bosses and co-workers. The vast majority of women would never even consider making a false accusation, but all it takes is a single complaint and your career is over, your name is forever ruined and there's no way to recover. Question, if a woman is the boss and a younger woman can’t really file a sexual harassment claim against the boss, what does the young woman do? Answer, do the work, get fired or quit. Gee, is that how it’s supposed to work?

23. I’d rather just not hire 90% of women. PERIOD. 

24. If you open your legs, with a smile, isn’t that consent?

25. This stuff is going to cause women who really are victims to not be believed. That’s the sad truth about all of this, really.

26. I’m so glad I'm out of there and not working in corporate anymore. Now, as a consultant, I work from afar via the Internet. I don’t see my clients in-person, but rather online via Zoom. This way, there’s no physical interaction. I just have to watch my language, which is easy. Keep to business, do my job, and get paid. I'm so glad I don't have to work in rooms where there are women. Too risky in so many ways.

27. While we're on the subject of women being prevented from acquiring Hollywood acting rolls and other positions if they don't engage in sexual favors from heterosexual men who are linked to such opportunities, what about children (i.e., minors under 18 years old) who get approached by adults in a sexual manner or homosexuals who make unwanted advances onto heterosexual men? That is, shouldn't those adults who make any such unwanted sexual advances be called out and punished with some jail time and their careers ruined? It's all about unwanted sexual conduct, right? Let's not exclude child molesters, perverts, and homosexual molesters as well. Or, is there some kind of single-focus on only heterosexual men and the unwanted sexual advances they make on heterosexual women going on here? 

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Mothers / Motherhood

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. WHO DOESN’T LOVE MOM? Without mom (and a dad), the human race wouldn’t exist. We have Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day) for a reason. Our love for moms never stops. I even have a statement I live by that I came up with years ago that says, “Mom, you took care of me for the first 20 years of my life; I’ll take care of the last 20 of yours.” She smiled and said, “That’s my son.”

2. Throughout history, mothers have been revered for their inspiring capacity to bring forth life to the world and nurture the most vulnerable among us. Cultures have honored mothers for their ability to care for the billions of female and male babies into young adulthood.

3. A child’s real ‘First’ happens when it happens ... in front of Mommy.” – Mommy

4. I’ve never saw a tombstone that read ‘Here lies so and so. She was a great asset to her company.’” – Mommy

5. Since becoming a mom, I’ve taken my heel height down from 3 inches to 1 inch.” – Mommy

6. Why then do feminists wish to squash motherhood under their metal mantra commi-boot of “NO BABIES FOR YOU, GET TO WORK! MOTHERHOOD EVIL! STAY-AT-HOME MOM EVIL!” Motherhood is a sacred calling to the vast majority of women that shouldn’t be spoken to in such harsh words or pressure. Rather than having their deepest desires (to be a mother one day) get squashed, they should be supported by their sister feminists, right? Why can’t feminists respect what role mothers play in life and in the world? Feminists came from a mom, right? Feminists alive today weren’t aborted, were they? Why feminists rebel and sneer at the idea of motherhood is an insult to moms everywhere and you should take it that way. They’re bossing you around, ladies; telling you what you should do with your life. Again, feminism isn’t about choice, it’s about control. If you step out of line with their way of thinking, then you’re branded evil, a traitor to the cause of women’s advancement ... into what? Crummy jobs? Overworked hours, underpaid pay checks, competition to produce among hundreds or thousands of others in similar positions around the country/globe? Wow, who’s the mental one in this scenario? Feminists? Duh!

7. The only reason for the nastiness against motherhood and to get women away from that role and into the role of “worker” is to benefit government (taxes) and companies (profit) and against making babies (population control) and forming sound families (easier to profit from, tax and control single people than a family unit). Think about that for a minute. Do you really think life fulfillment can come from sitting at a desk, typing away, working for companies that don’t value you because to them, you’re really just another cog in the machine to push papers (or whatever) to ensure they profit enough to pay you a fraction of what you’re worth? That is, until they don’t need you anymore.

8. Why do women quit their (dream job) to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM)? “I did it. My mom did it. Her mom did it. My friends are doing it, and I know countless other women have done it too.” Did you know that reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that upwards of 40% of mothers with children under age 6 are currently stay-at-home-moms? Pretty reassuring to learn about women who continue to go against the feminist grain of B.S., eh? Reasons for telling your boss (and feminists) to shove it so you can stay home with the kids? No commute/gas/parking expenses; wear/tear on your car; no need to buy all that work attire, no need to balance motherhood and work; you leave the work stress behind; you have control over how your kids are raised, etc.; your baby(ies) are only a baby(ies) once and you can be there for them every day and watch them grow! Think about that. Would you rather see your kids grow or that plant on your desk at work? If you can’t afford to stay at home with your kids, I can relate. My mom was a single working mom for ALL of her life! She also hustled to further her education, while raising us, so she could score better paying jobs. Way to go, MOM! She eventually remarried a really great man who filled the role of that father figure for the rest of our school days. Hats off to you, (step) dad; you did a great job!

9. Another thought, WHO do you want touching, raising, holding, disciplining, influencing and parenting your kid(s) from ages 0-6? Research “day care neglect” (i.e., child neglect is a form of abuse which is unfortunately prevalent in day care centers). I wouldn’t want my kids in that environment, even though I can remember being sent to one of those day camps when my mom was single. It was fun playing with all the kids, but I experienced what it was like being there five days a week; i.e., lonely, “where’s mom,” “I don’t want to take a nap,” I was just a number (among dozens of other kids), et al. Unless you can afford private day care or the like, again, I wouldn’t want to put my newborn or young children through that if I could avoid it. Many parents hire good ol’ grandma to watch the kid(s) while they work. That’s all right for awhile, but it’s up to grandma, really. Besides, the number of stay-at-home parents is rising because of the rising cost of childcare. Does it make sense investing in your “career” (i.e., job) when most of your money goes to childcare? Literally, it can be a couple hundred dollars more than what your rent might be. One last note, do you want to be the first to see your child walk, talk or do certain fun things for the first time, or do you want to hand that joy over to total strangers? You decide.

10. Regarding the aspect of losing income and retirement funds, isn’t that what the Internet is for today? C’mon, it’s 2024. Heck, join an MLM whose product line resonates with you (i.e., health care, skin care, financial, legal, etc.). You’re at home ... WORK FROM HOME! I’ve done it for 20+ years. I’ll never have a career or a job or work for anyone. I KNOW MY VALUE and they couldn’t pay me enough to put up with their office B.S. I make my money online and using my phone anywhere in the world. I wake up, and I see orders in my eMail. NICE to wake up to cash in your eMail box. You could even learn to make money with the markets (i.e., trading futures/options, penny stocks, etc.). Put yourself on a 5-10 month learning curve, trade on paper, then take the plunge with $100-$500 minimum investment and grow your account slowly over time. Never risk more than 10% of your portfolio, etc. Stay safe and invest conservatively for the long haul and not the short gain. It can be done and it’s being done by millions of stay-at-home moms and dads. Start learning how to make money in the markets on Udemy.com. It’s an affordable start in the learning process. Going the investment route is a great way to build your own retirement portfolio as well. So, screw the office, screw feminist work ideology and embrace the home for everything home has to offer you and your family. “Home sweet home!”

11. Women who said goodbye to their jobs to raise their kids for a few years after birth say this, “the transition was difficult, but I feel grateful and it was the best decision for me and my family ...”, “I love being able to spend quality time with my kids ...”, “being there when they are sick has made it worth it ...”, “I don’t have to rely on a sitter or my parents to step in ...”, “I love being able to make those daily decisions about raising my son ...”, “as a freelancer, I’m able to dictate my schedule around taking care of my little one ...” You can imagine more responses like this.

12. Now, not to cast any grey clouds over this talk about mommy-hood, but ladies, let’s talk about your eggs for a minute. No, not scrambled, although after a certain age, uh well, I digress. Listen up ... to bare children, you’re born with all the eggs you’ll ever have in your life, about 1 million. By the time you hit puberty, you may have about 300,000 left. At 37, you’re down to around 25,000 -- or 2.5% of your starting count. That matters because the fewer eggs in your ovaries, the lower your odds for conception. Unlike skin cells or blood cells, which regenerate, your bodies aren’t able to make more egg cells.

13. A recent study suggests women lose 90 percent of their eggs by the time they are 30 years old. By the time a woman hits 30, nearly all of her ovarian eggs are gone for good, according a new study that says women who put off childbearing for too long could have difficulty ever conceiving. By age 40, the monthly chance has dropped to 5% and only 50% of couples conceive within 12 months. While most people might think age only affects female fertility, there is growing evidence that sperm quality decreases as men age, starting at around 45.

14. Based on the data, the biological ideal age to have a baby is in your early 20s, and no later than 35. Of course, having a baby after age 40 can be done, as Halle Berry showed us when she gave birth at age 47. Having children later in life though does increase the likelihood your child will have ADHD, down syndrome, or other disabilities.

15. Pregnant women over 35 are at a higher risk for pre-eclampsia (dangerously high blood pressure), miscarriage, stillbirth, having multiples, and having a baby with missing, damaged or extra chromosomes, according to the ACOG. If you’re pregnant and over the age of 35, you may have heard the term “geriatric pregnancy.” In the medical world, a geriatric pregnancy is one that occurs anytime a woman is over the age of 35. Here’s what to expect if you become part of the geriatric pregnancy club:” premature birth, low birth weight in the baby, stillbirth, chromosomal defects in the baby, labor complications, cesarean section, high blood pressure in the mother, which can lead to a serious condition called preeclampsia, and an early birth for the baby, gestational diabetes, which also increases the risk of diabetes later in life, among other factors.

16. A 40-year-old woman has a one in 85 chance of giving birth to a baby with the condition. But, think of this, do you want to be 55 years old and your son/daughter is in high school? You’ll look like grandma not ma’. When they go to college, you’ll be 60 years old if you have your children at 40 years old. What’s more, as you age, your parents will age and everyone knows when people age they required closer care than when they were younger. So, now you’re driving both your kids and your parents to multiple doctors’ visits. I saw this with my own friend who was a widowed mom with two teenagers at the age of 55. Her mom lived with them and she required A LOT of health care visits to the dentist, doctor, you name it. She (the mom) was always stressed, tired, stretched with her time ... Wow, my heart goes out to her.

17. SO, LADIES, HAVE YOUR KIDS while you’re YOUNG so you don’t have to be saddled with too much (stress) when you’re older yourself and instead you can bask in the sun of triumph when you say, “I love that my kids are all grown up, on their own, at school, ... and all I have to do is visit with my parents from time to time to check in on them.”

# # #






Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. Are you a feminist? “NO,” some ladies readily answer, while others grimace and choose to deny any involvement with those “bra-burning, man-hating” feminazis.

2. One common response from feminists is to say that Women Against Feminism don’t understand what feminism is and to invoke its dictionary definition, which is “the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.” The new anti-feminists have a response to that. They judge modern feminism by its actions, not by its definition. Smart ladies.

3. "I have my own mind. Please stop fem-splaining it to me,” says one young lady about feminism.

4. Not all women believe in the feminist ideology. Thank heavens!

5. Many challenge the notion that American women in the 21st century are “oppressed,” defiantly asserting that “the patriarchy doesn’t exist” and “there is no rape culture.” Wow, can’t pull any wool over their eyes, can ya?

6. There are plenty of normal (quiet) people (in the shadows of life) acting normally and who say, “I don’t need feminism because I believe in equality, not entitlements and supremacy.” Or, “I am not a victim. I can take responsibility for my actions.”

7. I do not need modern feminism because it has become confused with misandry which is as bad as misogyny, and whatever I want to do or be in life, I will become through my own hard work.”

8. Sadly, it's the media that makes us all think the few who stand for radical feminism represent the majority. Not the case at all.


11. Wow, who knew? Do a search online for “women against feminism” and then click on the “images” tab in the search results window. Take a gander at all the wonderful ladies of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds proclaiming their stance and true independence from the radical bonds of feminism.

12. It’s a lovely sight to see in deed. If you read their hand written messages on paper on their selfie pic, you might read:

13. “I am a black woman and feminism has confused men and women about their roles in relationships. Also, their family roles.“

14. “I cherish the family unit and feminists are trying hard to destroy it by vilifying men.“

15. “I don’t see women as weak and pathetic victims of non-existent patriarchy.“

16. “Equality includes men.“

17. “I need feminism because even though women have had equal rights for decades, in the USA, I see sexy women in comics and video games as competition because I'm insecure about my appearance and sense of sexuality. My agenda is not equality it is about ruining and censoring a harmless HOBBY!“

18. “I am NOT a manipulative idiot playing victim.“

19. “Regretting (having) sex doesn't make it rape.“

20. “My sex life is not a political agenda.“

21. “I don’t need feminism to give me an undeserved pay increase for working less hours or less dangerous jobs than a man. I want equality, not special privilege. Making food for my boyfriend when he comes tired from work doesn’t make me less than who I am.“

22. “I believe in equality and not entitlements and supremacy.“

23. “A boy said something mean and sexist to me, and rather than tell him to f**k off, I prefer to play the victim and have people protest and write laws and social policy that punishes anyone who might offend me.“

24. “I enjoy being a supportive wife. I love that my man is head of my household and I value being a stay at home mom over slaving for a corporation while neglecting my family.“

25. “I’ve seen the destruction the feminist movement has caused.“

26. “I can't open jars and lift heavy things without my husband. I'm grateful for our differences.“

27. “My self worth is not directly tied to the size of my victim complex.“

28. “As a woman in the western world I am not oppressed and neither are you. (Go to Africa or Asia or the middle east; that's oppression of women).“

29. “Because radical feminists destroyed the word’s true meaning.“

30. “The initiatives proposed by modern day feminism are either unnecessary, ineffective and/or destructive.“

31. “Forced discrimination against men is NOT a reasonable trade-off for perceived and unproven discrimination against women.“

32. “If I'm not happy with my salary, I'll negotiate or go work for another company.“

33. “You cannot fix the issues between the sexes by focusing solely on one of them.“

34. “I don't like that I can't stand up for my own brothers, father, uncle, and my fiancée; it’s an abomination to women for believing men have rights too.“

35. “I don't respect anyone who downs what my mother, grandmother, aunt, and great grandmother has done to help support their families by HOMEMAKING and being MOTHERS.“

36. “The feminist community has shown fabricated statistics on rape of women and has neglected statistics of men raped as well.“

37. “I don't want to associate myself with insane women who spend their time disrespecting others to defend what they think is right by throwing the world ‘RAPE’ in the air.“

38. “BOTH sides have problems. If you're truly for equality, be for the rights of both. Don’t choose sides. Gender roles are an open issue for both men and women.“

39. “It rejects the value of my role as a wife and mother. The future depends on my strength in those areas.“

40. “I don't need feminism like a fish needs a bicycle.“

41. “The son I raise today will be a husband and a father tomorrow. I don’t want to belittle them or bash them now.“

42. “The 50's are over and I don't want special privileges over men. We're already equal.“

43. “The feminist movement is full of sh**. There, I said it.“

44. “The pay gap is women's choice not sexism or discrimination. Do your homework.”

45. “Most victims of street violence are men. Where's their support group?”

46. “There is no rape culture, except with immigrants!”

47. “I am a human being, not a vagina cause.“

48. “Society doesn't objectify me. Feminists are the only ones who tell me that. Men adore me.“

49. “It demonizes traditional family constructs, and being whistled at on the street isn't oppression.“

50. “I believe in equality not superiority.“

51. “The men in my life care and respect me. Men are not pigs.“

52. “I respect my boyfriend. He's good to me.“

53. “The war on rape culture is moot, good men don't rape, and modern feminists care more about slut shaming, than rape and murder of countless Muslim women every day.“

54. “I recognize and value the contributions men make to my life.

55. “I don't brag about my success at the expense of men, but rather work hard to earn it on my own.“

56. “I am responsible for my actions and choices even if I regret them.“

57. “As a raped woman I know all men are not monsters.“

58. “Feminists seem only to care about white women and not black or women of color and their needs.“ See Facebook.com/blackwomenagainstfeminism.

59. “It's freaking 2024.“

60. “Because my boyfriend treats me right.“

61. “I love masculine men not wimpy men.“

62. “I like to be treated like a lady by a gentleman.“

63. “I want boys to like me.“

64. “I want to be married one day.“

65. “I want to have kids one day.“

66. “Men shouldn't be guilty of being born a man and have to apologize for everything bad that has ever happened.“

67. “Men shouldn't be born apologizing.“

68. “Real feminism is about equal opportunity and respect for women not abortions, free birth control, and the ability to walk around like a shameless slut while damning the male population.“

69. “What part of ‘no’ don't feminists understand? I am not a feminist.“

70. “Feminists think I'm weak and need handouts to succeed. bullsh**.“

71. “How can I be oppressed when I have more privileges than ever and I'm doing my own thing. Oh, and men don't care that I am either.“

72. “Why fight for rights I already have living in America. I'm ambitious and hard working.“

73. “I want to promise my man to love him, honor him and obey him.“

74. “Walking around naked saying "still not asking for it" makes women look like idiots. Stop blaming all your problems on men.“

# # #





Pay Gap (Fact, Myth Or B.S.)

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. It’s not a PAY or WAGE gap, that’s the problem. It’s an INCOME or EARNINGS gap (or what men vs. women TAKE HOME in EARNINGS not what they’re paid on the job). BIG DIFFERENCE. Did you know there’s a difference between WAGES and EARNINGS? Wages are what you’re paid and it’s illegal to pay a woman less than a man in any position just because she’s a woman. THAT’S discrimination and against the law.

2. What men and women EARN is more related to the CHOICES an individual makes. Whether it’s related to the degree you chose to get (or not), time on/off the job, experience, education, talent, contributions, etc. All individual matters, and has nothing to do with WAGES/SALARY paid to an employee on the books by any company paying $X for Y-position/job/role.

3. 90% of women marry INTO wealth, while only 10% of men marry into wealth. That fair? Equal? Can we ever get those figures to reach 50/50 status? Never. Women don’t share their wealth like men do. MAN: “I don’t care if you don’t have any money. Love me and I’ll share mine.” WOMAN: “I have my own money, which I worked hard for and don’t want to share it. We’ll split expenses 50/50, but my money above that is still mine and not yours.” That’s a “hoarding/security” mentality. See how men are more open and sharing than women with their money?

4. Women in their 20-30’s, who are childless, tend to earn more than men by 8%. Even tipping at restaurants and bars is unequal. Women enjoy far greater tips than men, but what’s funny is men tip more and women don’t tip as much. A man will easily give a female waitress an $80 tip because he likes her. THAT RARELY happens when the roles are reversed. Women will rarely tip a man a huge tip like that. She hoards her money.

5. Would you believe that more than 40% of the gender wage gap is still unexplained, meaning there is no obvious measurable reason for a difference in pay? Go figure! It’s 2020 and even the government can’t nail this one down with all their stats, facts and figures from labor and tax roles. It must be due more to what individuals choose, do and decide and not what companies are doing to their employees, i.e., paying women less than men just because they’re women.

6. Men choose to work in the highest paid jobs. Don’t believe it? Look up “men work in highest paying jobs” via Google.

7. Majority of men choose to graduate college with the highest-paid college majors. Majority of women choose to graduate college with the lowest-paying college majors.

8. While women still make only $0.79 for every dollar men make, men spend $.21 (+/–) of every dollar they make on women. So, that means, women bring in $1 for every $.79 a man takes home to pay his bills. Seems women don't have to work for that missing $.21 do they?

9. One way to look at it is that women eventually do get access to men’s money through one form or another → dating, marriage, child support, alimony, death, etc.

10. Granted, single moms making low wages is not good. Why are they not making as much? There are a variety of reasons, such as, low education, little/no experience, not enough time to work (have to take care of the kids), part-time vs. full-time work, etc. I wish single moms didn’t have such financial struggles. My mom was a single mom for years. I saw what it was like to live on a single mom’s salary when I was a kid.

11. If women do get paid 25% less than men, they should be able to leave work 2 hours earlier. Ask your boss, ladies. ;-)

12. Women do most of the spending in the household. Men rarely have a say, sometimes. Women get to spend men’s money.

13. Men have to make more because women are expensive. It’s true! Since women don’t pay for a lot of the expenses of men (for pleasure or essential), women don’t have to be concerned about earning as much as men have to be concerned about earning more to keep a woman in his life. No money, no honey!

14. If feminists want to liberate women from their role as mother or caregiver and keep her in the workforce, should men be allowed be liberate from their role as provider and just focus his earning potential and spending habits on fast cars and fast women? We’re all sexual creatures, right?

15. On average, women spend more on themselves or on their children than on their man. Men spend more on their lady and children than on themselves. $3,000 handbag; $30 hunter magazine.

16. What about gender pay equality in sex worker industries? Do adult male porn stars earn what female porn stars earn? No. How about male prostitutes vs. female prostitutes? Why don’t women become pimps? What about black porn actresses earning less than their white female counterpart porn actresses? How do we fix THAT pay gap between women’s pay where race is concerned in the porn industry?

17. Before we talk about a wage gap, let’s talk about the SPENDING GAP. Men spend more of their money, since they make more, on the women in their lives. Who buys the $8,000 wedding rock? Who pays your bills when you can’t work because you’re pregnant? Who pays the bill when you go out together. Watch tables as couples pay their bill before leaving the restaurant. WATCH WHO PICKS UP THE TAB. MEN 99.9% of the time. Women watch, check their makeup, and thank the man for paying. Seriously, pay close attention the next time you’re out. Which gender is whipping out their wallet to pay?

18. Performance and results also favor men when making money. For example, who makes more money, men or women Uber drivers? Men do. Why? They tend to drive longer hours, drive faster, take more risky pickups than women do. Those factors and others help men earn more as Uber drivers. Can women drive faster? Sure. Can they drive late at night when all the drunks are out and pick up drunk men and take them home? Sure. Maybe, NOT. Can women drive longer hours than men? They can sure try. Studies conclude the “gig” economy can perpetuate the gender pay gap even in the absence of discrimination.

19. Some say the wage gap will not close until 2100. WHO has time to wait around for that? By then, what, are men stay-at-home-dads or women are having babies without men and working full-time? That sounds like paradise … NOT! By then, we all better be living on investments and getting our money to make money for us.

20. In some industries, women do make more, but men don’t complain. We cheer you on.

21. Women also receive gifts from men that have a monetary value. I tell you what, why don’t we talk to the IRS about taxing women on the gifts men give them. If I a man gives a woman a car, a piece of jewelry, a vacation, anything of value above $100, she should be taxed on it. Why? Well, women would normally have to pay for those things themselves with their own cash, if they had it. Since they were gifted to you, the IRS sees this as income in the form of property you now possess, which it wants tax revenue from. So, ladies, think about all the items and events men pay for you, if you added those things into your current .77 cents on the dollar, I think you’d be clocked in at about $1.50 - $3.00, while the man drops his income down to around $.50 left over to pay his bills.

22. Where wages are concerned, they say women don’t negotiate very well or ask for what they want or need for fear they might get rejected and not get the job. Understandable. The best way to negotiate anything is to have the right information. Where salaries are concerned, the five things you would need to know are: (1) what are other companies paying for x-position, (2) what is the company you want to work at paying, (3) is there opportunity for financial advancement in that position or to move up into a new position after time spent with the company, (4) what else can you bring to the table to make the company more money and (5) who are you? Are you one of 100 people applying for that position or are you unique and the company would be lucky to have you?

23. I’ll give you an example of negotiation. I was asked once to make 100 5-minute training videos for a company about their software. They wanted to pay me $5,000. Not bad, right? Especially if it was going to take me 30 days to make all the videos. I told them I was going to save them $200,000 per year, every year for the next ten+ years in customer service savings. I told them I wanted 10% of their first year’s savings, or $20,000. They saw the value I was bringing to the table and decided to pay me what I asked for $20,000. Do you see what I did? I told them what they’ll be saving, which they never looked at it that way, and I asked for a modest 10% of only the first of many years to come. Very reasonable and I got the job.

24. Women don’t seem assertive enough to ask for raises. Okay, a lot of people are timid talking about money, you’re not alone. So, here’s what you do: If you don’t ask, you won’t know or get. If you do ask, all you can hear is YES or NO. If no, then at least you asked, but then ask, “what can I do to make more money here?” Listen to their response. Then, look at other companies who are hiring. Find out what they’re paying and the benefits you’ll get. Then, go back to your current employer and tell them you’re thinking about quitting and going with X company that pays more with whatever benefits. You then, ask for the opportunity to make more money over the next 90 days. Give the company time to think it over. Again, what is your value to the company? Great? They’ll pay you to keep you. Not great? Then you better be looking for work elsewhere or pick up new skills. Working for a company is like finding a great boyfriend or husband. Some treat you better than others. Don’t be afraid to go with the company, boyfriend and/or husband who treats you the best. You deserve it. You can’t have fear of being punished if you present your case with numbers. How can you bring more value to the table? PERIOD.

25. Discrimination? Okay, did you know? More people prefer to work for a male boss, including women! WOMEN don’t even want to hire women for jobs because they know the trouble women bring to the office. When women say they prefer working with men, are they betraying the sisterhood? Many just say, “I don’t know, I just prefer working with men.” Wow, so much for women sticking together. Goooo female empowerment!

26. Yes, it’s true, women earn less because they take time off for motherhood. Usually, their husband picks up for the loss of time/income.

27. By and large women receive equal pay for equal work in the USA. A more persistent problem is the sectorial or industry discrimination, with women being paid more or less for a job of equal value in careers dominated by men and/or women.

28. In some fields, women earn more than men, for example, women in chemistry earn about $5,000 more than their male colleagues. Female models, strippers, and escorts earn more than men. You don’t hear men complaining although, I bet any one of the men would give his left nut to earn $500 an hour escorting a woman to __________ (wherever she wanted to go).

29. Gender pay gap, and equal pay are not the same.

30. If it’s illegal to discriminate on wage pay, then how are women (still) making less money? It must be due to several factors related to choice and availability to work certain hours.

31. Another factor to consider, is what women spend their money on. Really? Do you need 30 pairs of shoes? Don’t answer that. Think about the money spent on clothes, skin care, hair care, shoes, makeup, etc. After paying for all that, monthly, what’s left to pay your bills? Oh, it’s good to have a man that makes more, isn’t it?

32. Women want men who make more than them. I’ve heard this 100x if I’ve heard it once. So true. So, if all men make more than women, why are you complaining that you don’t make what men make? You want them to make more money. Please, MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

33. Differences in earnings between men and women capture differences across many possible dimensions, including education, experience and occupational choices.

34. Workers with roughly similar jobs, tenure and education, we also see a narrowing. The adjusted gender pay gap has shrunk some in the past decade or so.

35. Job flexibility is more important to women so they can take time off to care for kids at home or aging parents (not that men don’t do this). So, women will make less at the job than men who stay at the job for a longer period of time.

36. If a woman is a stay-at-home mom and doesn’t have a side business to bring in extra money and relies on her husband to pay the bills, she is (still) earning income. She’s helping the team (her husband/kids) do certain things to support the needs of the family. Now, the man brings home $5,000/month (before taxes). The woman’s share of the rent is still 50%, utilities 50%, food expenses, etc. Well, $2,500 is hers, essentially, to contribute to those bills. If she doesn’t take care of the kids and lays around the house all day doing meth and banging the mailman, then the husband has the right to FIRE the wife, kick her out and keep all that money and hire a maid/nanny for less than $2,500/month. So, ladies, if you’re at home, think about the fact that you’re earning $20/hour folding towels and doing the dishes, because that’s your fair share of your husband’s income. You are earning money.

37. To allow mom to work until 5:00 P.M. and not worry about the kids being home after school, I’m all for making the school hours resemble work hours. Keep kids at school until 5:00 P.M. They can get their homework done from 3:30 P.M. (when school ends) to 5:00 P.M. in a study hall environment so they don’t have all that bullsh** homework when they go home. Or, kids can opt to participate in an extracurricular activity, such as sports or theatre, then bring their homework home. Teachers don’t have to watch the kids after 3:30 P.M. Schools can employ people who are available to work and monitor kids, retirees, volunteers, you name it. How difficult can this be?

38. The “motherhood penalty” ... only a feminist would conjure up such a demeaning PHRASE. What’s more, if we didn’t need money, why wouldn’t we just stay home and live our lives freely starting and raising families? Sure, women lose money when they stop working to take care of their babies, but babies bring about a lifetime of joy. Work, on the other hand, is still there, doesn’t love you back and it could end any day with layoffs, crummy work assignments, corporate toxicity, overworked hours, you name it.

39. The gender wage gap would be more accurately referred to as the gender earnings gap, because the gap is due mostly to choices women make and not so much on discrimination or paying women less. That is against the law.

40. Don’t blanket the idea that just because women have access to higher education now that they should be earning more. What degrees are they getting? Useless degrees that have no value in a free market of selling goods and services? Remember, colleges want to make it easier for anyone to get a degree. So, they come up with these hair-brained, stupid ass degree topics that (mostly) women fall for, earn and then when they graduate, they DON’T earn money with it because companies don’t need people to know about trivial stuff. So, be careful what degree you go for. It might cost you more money than you’ll ever make (with it) in the real world.

41. What really causes the gap? Again, CHOICES women make when it comes to work: less hours, less danger, less risk, more socializing, less work, no solo/lonelier occupations, less stress than men’s choices to do those jobs women won’t or can’t do.

42. Some jobs are disgusting and pay more because no one will do them. So, for the few minutes a man is fixing that stopped up toilet, he’s making $70 an hour. You still have to pay him for the hour even though it took him 15 minutes to do the job. Yes, women too do unpleasant work, but then you have to factor in what those industries are paying, how many are wanting to work that position, etc. It isn’t discrimination based on gender, but industry category.

43. One industry that sucks for both men and women is TEACHING! Neither is paid what they’re worth or for their time or for babysitting all those brats that can now talk back to teachers and the teachers can’t suspend them. Ugh, poor teachers. No pun.

44. Besides, if you could get the same amount of work done with women and pay them less, you’d profit more as a company. But, that can’t be done, because it’s against the law to pay someone less just because they’re a woman.

45. Also, it boils down to performance over the long haul and experience gained on the job. More hours in, more experience, more pay. Who’s willing to stick around the longest to earn such higher pay? Put in the time, you should get the dime!

46. Women want jobs with flex hours so they can take time off when they take. Those jobs don’t pay much. Again, the gender wage gap is not caused by discrimination, and therefore cannot be fixed through government action to reduce discrimination. It can only be fixed by forcing women to make different choices, which is absurd.

47. Women also marry up and work less in the work force and do more unpaid labor at home or volunteer work.

48. Men make about $5,000 more than women initially. Guess where that extra money goes? INTO WOMEN’S POCKETS in the form of gifts, dinners, dates, concerts, drinks, etc.

49. Men make more because there’s competition among men who can make more money. Whoever does wins her heart and gets to have sex with her! It’s true, don’t deny it. So, men, indirectly, are pushing their income levels higher and higher.

50. Men’s sports teams bring in more advertising dollars. Hence, men in sports are paid more than women in sports, even though they train the same amount of time and their games usually last the same on the clock.

51. How about men and women being paid differently in Hollywood? Do men have longer careers than women in acting? For the most part, yes. Is sexism in Hollywood a problem? Of course, but nothing seems to change. Among the truisms Hollywood embraces is the idea that male stars are better box-office draws than women stars. Is this true? Would men rather go see movies with other men in them and not women? Do women like seeing movies with men and/or women playing lead roles? What’s the story line? What’s the plot? What sells? Action? Drama? Romantic comedies? Sci-fi? Horror? In the end, Hollywood only caters to what sells and what people are buying (i.e., movie tickets, advertisments, etc.). Who’s paying these people’s salaries? Whoever’s buying the tickets. My hunch is that men buy most of the movie tickets, because they bring their girlfriend/wife with them to see a bunch of monsters fly around in space. When the lady wants to see a chick-flick, she drags her boyfriend/husband along (who still pays) and well ... there you have it. Men are buying the majority of tickets, so Hollywood wants to cater to those buyers. Can you blame them? It’s the free market at work, not gender discrimination or bias in the entertainment industry. Follow the money. Not to say that women can’t out earn male actors, it happens. How many women are earning more money than men on daytime talk shows? How many WOMEN are in those roles as hosts and commentators compared to men? What the heck would men have to talk about anyway for so long? Just look in the audiences of some of those TV shows and you see? 90% WOMEN! NOT men. Strange, isn’t it. Is that gender discrimination to some degree?

52. Have you ever read the book, WHY MEN MAKE MORE by Dr. Warren Farrell? Great book. Eye-opening, to say the least. Read it and the truth will set you free. Read this if you are concerned about the supposed wage gap!

53. Now, one thing that is true, and not a pretty picture is the discrepancy in men and women’s pay as it compounds over a working person’s lifetime. The gender pay gap can be a problem from a public policy perspective because it reduces economic output and means that women are more likely to be dependent upon welfare payments and more likely to face poverty especially in their old age. 22% of women aged 65 and over are at risk of poverty compared to 16% of men. That is, if they’re single and alone at that age. Many women inherit money from their husband’s passing (and vice versa). So, ladies, marry and stay married. Take out a life insurance policy while you’re young on both spouses, in the event one of you passes away early; you’ve got money coming in.

54. If the gender pay gap has persisted for generations, is there any hope of change? Yes and no. There’s opportunity abound all around.

55. Instead of complaining about being paid more, how about complaining about being taxed LESS. Look up FairTax.org and learn how you should be entitled to 100% of your paycheck. Not 65% or whatever they steal from it every payroll tax period. When you learn how outdated our tax revenue system is you might just want the Fair Tax to be implemented so you’d have more spending money.

56. An example of women making more than men because of their gender: A friend of mine is dating this cute gal who works at a department store. She gets a percentage of what she sells. Only women work there. So, a customer comes in and orders $10,000 worth of their products. The gal makes 10% of all sales. Well, in that hour, she made $1,000 in commissions. Not bad. Tell me what male has the potential to work in retail like that? Not many.

57. Women can sell female related products to women (i.e., beauty, fashion, skin-care, etc.) to other women all day long and make a nice income. Women BUY stuff all the time. MEN don’t buy much stuff. So, men aren’t going to be buying from men that often as much as women would be buying from other women. I know this, as a man, I don’t buy much. But, over the years, I’d watch my girlfriend buy tons and tons of stuff for personal reasons. Where’d she buy them from? Companies that were run by women.

58. Some women FEEL they are not paid enough? Honey, WE ALL FEEL WE’RE NOT PAID ENOUGH. Welcome to the club.

59. Degrees in women’s studies and other subjects aren’t as marketable in the free market as some other degrees. So, what price would you rather pay, study hard at a hard degree to earn more money later, or study light with foo-foo degrees that pay next to nothing when you leave school?

60. Other factors that go into what you’re paid are location (where you live; what state; living expenses), industry, the amount of money you bring in to the company, value you have to the company, the number of applicants for a position (you might get paid little because so many can fill your seat; has nothing to do with how smart you are), etc.

61. Women do better in MLM companies because they can sit around and talk about how great the product works and, “My husband just got a bonus at work. I’ll use that money to join your program and purchase all the extra levels of training so I can earn more.” I’m generalizing to make my point, but I’ve heard stories like this over the past 20+ years, so don’t get on my butt about it.

62. Women of color face even wider gaps in opportunity. Hey white angry feminists, are you in their corner too?

63. More CEOs are men and not women. How do you get more women in CEO positions? Ask them, “Do you want the hours, commitment, toll on your family life to stay at the office for years on end and grow the company through thick and thin, maybe when you don’t have money (so your spouse leaves you) … do you want that role? If so, climb aboard. Otherwise, you can wait at the end of the race for when the man has his millions and then you can jump in his fast car and ride off in the sunset. Most women don’t want to go the long haul working like that. Men don’t mind. It’s worth it when they can score one of those trophy wives. Oh, I forgot about trophy wives! Women who don’t work, look hot, and benefit from a man’s money while he benefits from her on his arm everywhere he goes.

64. Want to make more money? Sell something online (or offline). Go into business for yourself. Start learning how to trade and start making money with your money. Working sucks, no doubt. Going into the future, making money is going to become harder and harder as both men and women compete with robotics and automation. So, stop complaining and start looking into ways to make more money. I just shared a few with you that I’m doing.

65. Best to focus on what the individual wants and stop comparing apples to oranges, even if they’re in the same industry. People have different needs, wants, education, experience, desires to work longer/shorter hours … in the end, who cares! Men will do what they do (for women, mostly), and women will do for women (mostly, and not men, when it comes to money). So be it!

66. While women are often undervalued for the work they do, are more likely to hold lower-level, lower-paying jobs and they tend to stagnate in their careers, men do pick up the slack, as they always do. Men pay for 80% of everything related to a woman. Men perform tasks for women that go unpaid saving her time, money and aggravation, but does the woman do “equal” in return? Rarely. So much for equality, eh? Yeah, right.

67. Will the gender pay gap ever be closed? I hope not. Why? Because then women will find out what it truly means to be independent, on your own, no need for a man to help you or pay for things showing kindness and being sweet, “Here honey, I got it.” We weren’t made equally, we will never be equal and in most cases where the pay is unequal, men and women come together to help each other there too.

# # #





Sexual Liberation

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

“If you want to destroy any nation without war, make adultery or nudity common in the younger generation.” – Saladin

1. Women are urged to be sexually free by feminists and soon find out liberation comes with infection and STD’s. From the CDC (Center For Disease Control): Complications of sexually transmitted infections disproportionately affect women of all ages, with important implications for women of reproductive age. Undiagnosed and untreated STDs can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ectopic pregnancy, as well as adverse fetal and neonatal outcomes. STD-related morbidity disproportionately occurs in women for a number of reasons. Women are biologically more susceptible than men to the acquisition of some STDs and more likely to suffer from complications. It is also important to note that STDs are often asymptomatic in women, delaying diagnosis and treatment until there is a symptomatic complication. A female’s sexual and reproductive health can also be interrelated to her particular social, cultural, and economic environment, creating conditions for risky sexual behaviors. Several factors, including the use of alcohol or recreational drugs inhibiting the ability to negotiate safer sexual practices, diminished gender power, high-levels of concurrency, poverty, homelessness or unstable housing, and partner violence may contribute to the challenges women face in protecting their sexual well-being. In some circumstances, maintaining the relationship with a partner may take a higher priority than STD risk reduction, affecting her reproductive health, as well as the health of her unborn baby. A woman can also be placed at risk for STDs through her partner’s sexual encounter with an infected partner. Consequently, even a female who has only one partner may be obliged to practice safer sex, such as using condoms.

2. 62% of women have rape fantasies. A quarter of straight porn searches by women are for videos featuring violence against their own sex. While men search for significantly more porn than women, search rates for these more extreme types of sexual content are at least twice as common among women than men. Go figure? Women seeking out violence? Who da thunk that could be true? Women in droves are searching for ultra-violent porn with tags like “extreme brutal gang bang,” “forced” and “rape.” Interesting, eh?

3. Sexual liberation freed women to have sex with whoever they wanted. It also freed men from long-term obligations. That means, women’s sexual liberation resulted in men’s relationship liberation. Women can have sex and a relationship, if a man will have a relationship with her. On the other hand, men are free to have sex and choose a relationship if they want. Most men do not choose the relationship and opt only for the sex. Way to go ladies. So much for sexual liberation.

4. Sexual adventure without commitment = HAS TO END.

5. The sexual revolution (and sexual liberation for women) and it’s consequences have been a disaster: (1) Traditional gender roles are reversed, women NOT behaving like biological women, they have not having babies as much any more; (2) male gender roles in society are now imposed on women, which encourage females to abandon childbirth until its too late; (3) when a culture is based around rampant promiscuity and hypergamy, it destroys the foundation for a stable monogamous long lasting childbearing relationship (i.e., family); (4) when a culture normalizes and rewards women for acting like prostitutes that destroy the foundation for stable monogamous long lasting childbearing relationships (family) this can only lead to ... (5) a culture that shames women for adopting traditional maternal gender role that destroys the (family) and whether you think its by accident or design over the past 50 years this has brought about the demographic decline of the West(ern civilization).

6. MEN: “If women are so sexually liberated, why marry them. Get laid every now and then and maintain your freedom.”

7. In the past, women would exchange sex for security. Men in turn would honor that and give women security in exchange for sex. Marriage was the union or relationship arrangement that men would get sex. Women got security. Today, women are left out in the cold, men get all the sex they need, and well, “how do you like them apples, ladies?”

8. Because relationships and marriage are postponed, men and women are pushing the marriage age up into the 30s and 40’s. Having children is also being pushed up into that age range. What that means is, when your kid(s) enter high school, on average the men/women are hitting 55 years old. When they go to college, the men/women are nearing 60 years old. Wow! Just let that sink in.

9. Feminism encourages women to be independent, “sexually liberated” creatures and then strips them of the societal norms that were meant to protect them. Is it any wonder that depraved men have become more emboldened in their proclivities?

10. The economics of sex are that it’s so cheap today that loose, sexually liberated women are driving down the price and value of sex between men and women.

11. Women wanted to be with men, be like men, hang around men, and yet still complain like women. At this stage, no one cares anymore about the complaints of women. The list is just too long. Men have gone fishing instead of listening. Quiet, is what men want.

12. Feminists are confused souls with their form of mental illness. On one hand, they cry rape and yet on the other they cry sexual freedom. They don’t know what they want. They don’t know what they are. As long as they have control (or they’re heard) they’re happy, but anyone with mental illness in control shouldn’t be in control. Hence, why they need to be discarded and not taken seriously once and for all.

13. Because women DO feel so sexually liberated, they don’t control their own feelings 100% of the time. Research shows that surprisingly high numbers of men may have been sexually harassed by women, verbally and physically. Even I was verbally assaulted by a woman who said she was going to f**k me when I dropped her off at her home. I replied, “Uh, do I get a vote in this?” If you feel rape is a strong word to use, okay. Then again, how about unwanted sexual advancements women make on men? The danger of that is if the man refuses her advancements, all she has to do is turn the boat around and say HE was the one making the advances. It becomes a he said / she said debate. How many men, including myself, have been approached with sexual advances, language and touching to where if the roles were reversed the woman could claim she was sexually harassed? Well, when men get harassed sexually, women think they can get away with it because “all men love sex” is their defense. This is not just or fair. Ladies, keep your mind out of the gutter, as you would tell men. Ask nicely, be kind, allow the man to understand if you’re drunk or not, and allow him to be a good man in these situations and wait ‘til you’re sober to engage in such fun activities. Of course, all men have to say is, “I don’t have sex with a woman unless I’m in a relationship with them.” That squelches everything right there. Sadly, this isn’t the case in most sexual encounters. So, we’ll move on.

14. Along with sexual liberation comes promiscuity and illegitimate pregnancies. It was talked about how black teenagers were interviewed about their illegitimate children. Boys were proud of fathering, not just a child, but children all over the neighborhood with different mothers. Many of the boys didn’t even care to be with mothers once pregnant or even the children they fathered. These teen moms were just as bad as they gave in to the desires of these men and to their desires to be a mother so young. These teenagers were so desperate to have children that they would do anything to have them. Forget consequences. The State will help pay for diapers. What’s more, these women usually have several boyfriends allowing them to play the role of temporary father. GREAT! NOT! This generates confusion in the minds of every child. Folks, this is NOT how it’s supposed to work.

15. Porn is not liberating or empowering for women. Women feeling comfortable getting filmed naked on camera does more harm than good. Of course, who doesn’t like to gaze at a beautiful naked woman. Nothing to be ashamed of there. BUT, what all those naked bodies are doing is DEVALUING everything a woman brings to the bedroom or the relationship in real life to the point where men can watch any naked woman on the computer/phone for 10-15 minutes, takes care of his business, then close the window and go about his day or start it. YOU (women) are left alone for the rest of the day because he doesn’t need (you) to get (sex) from you. Now, magnify this by 365 days out of the year multiplied by 5-10 years and compute just how much time alone, unattended, unnoticed, and lonely you might wind up. Ladies, because men are not getting their release from you in person, but from another woman on screen, its no wonder you’re single for years on end. Think about that for awhile.

16. “I worked on computers at my last job. Every girl’s computer I worked on had loads of porn on it. Every single one of them; lesbian porn, hardcore, interracial, rape scenes, etc. It was eye-opening!”

# # #





Toxic Feminists

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. A privileged woman spreading more misandry in our gynocentric society and getting CHEERED for it.

2. Men are toxic? Really? Women are even more toxic because their intentions some times are pure evil, diabolically driven and 100% selfishly motivated just because (in most cases) they just didn’t get their way. That’s pretty toxic right there.

3. There’s not much of a difference between a feminist and a radical feminist. They both blame men for everything.

4. Feminists are afraid to be who they were born to be, a woman. They’re angry that they weren’t born men. Hence all the words and actions to emasculate men. If they can’t be one ... might as well destroy them.

5. Honestly, feminists are lucky they’re women. If they really wanted to be treated like a man, they might just get their a** beat up or killed for bullying men around with all their demeaning rhetoric. Men respond to bullying (by men) by getting in fights and pulling the trigger. Not to say violence is the answer, but who is shutting up these toxic women with all their male bashing, male blaming crap? Being that feminists are (mostly) women, bitter/angry as they might be, men still let their bullsh** slide. Men don’t want to physically harm women. Whereas, in the streets, this crap would not last long.

6. Men LOVE women! Men aren’t women haters. In fact, it’s most feminists who actually hate their own gender. They’re jealous, envious, talk nasty, try to get jobs with pretty girls banned, they punish girls with fathers not to have special events because maybe they didn’t have a dad, ... feminism hurts woman, not just men. Their casualties don’t just lie with men.

7. Feminists (women) get defensive quickly. They’re thin skinned.

8. Feminists can be combative, aggressive, angry, condescending females. I think those women are called bitches, for a reason.

9. Feminists are talented at shaming those who oppose their point of view. There ya go, using emotion, not logic in one’s argument.

10. Feminists always try and steer the conversation away from data and back to feelings, name shaming and blaming someone else for their misery.

11. At the heart of a feminist, there is no love flowing through it. Hence, she’s angry, bitter, alone, and treating others like crap and without love behind her words. Instead, she’s mean, wicked, using hateful words, devoid of any kindness. IF she does have a man in her life to love her, more often than not, they usually wind up in divorce. Can you wonder why? I even was attacked by a feminist once. I found out her husband left her. I can tell why. She was a beotch.

12. You won’t find relatively poor women as feminists. They know and need the value of a good man in their life and appreciate his contributions to help her in life with the family they’re raising. It’s the well-off, highly educated, high income earning female that can’t get a date or a man to look at her that looks down on those around her thinking she’s better than anyone. I’ve got news for ya, that attitude of yours is 99.9% of your problem. Lose it and life gets easier, trust me.

13. Feminists say, “Don’t tell me about this (information), because I don’t want to hear it. Even if it’s true.” Now, there’s a feminist living in denial.

14. Pay close attention to feminists in the media, on college campuses and everywhere else, for that matter. Feminism is mostly about WHITE women getting their way or feeling oppressed. Feminists could really care less about the plight of colored women.

15. Most women are not the CEO of some social media or other company earning $250,000 per year. Women such as these are usually out there shooting their mouths off for political, affirmative action, political correction bullsh** reasons. Someone should just walk up them quietly behind them and say to them, “Would you just shut up? You’re talking out of your a**, which makes you come off like an a**. I’d end it there and get back to your office. There’s real work to be done.”

16. Anger is not a place to dwell in. It can be a phase in healing, but don’t to live in forever. Even the lord says not to go to bed angry. Sure, do something about what’s wrong, but don’t live your life bitter about it.

17. Feminism dialogue has been dumbed-down so much that trying to have an intelligent, stat-filled conversation with one of these braintards is like having a discussion with a crying brat who didn’t get that toy they saw in the window when out shopping with mom. I am starting to believe there isn’t a single intelligent feminist on the entire planet.

18. Most women today struggle alongside their male counterparts, and are family-focused or at least trying to find a good man to have a family. They’re not single-minded, self-ish man hating feminists pursuing their own joy until they hit the wall and can’t have kids because no man wants them at that age.

# # #





Welcome To The World Of Men

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. You’re now competing against men and other women. Wow, double the competition. How’s that for ya?

2. In the last 10 years, the female suicide rate has slowly started to increase faster than men’s suicide rates. Why so? Don’t answer that if you don’t want to hear the answer.

3. Women’s decreasing health isn’t just in the increased suicide rates, women’s heart disease rates are increasing, lung disease rates, ulcer rates, stress, anxiety, fear of not surviving the financial rat race called LIFE because women are single for most of their 20’s on into their 30’s racking up huge amounts of debt every year. Look this up on your own, “women have more debt than men” and the ratio is about 30-50% more debt. OMG! Steer clear of women with debt!

4. Women are now more depressed, medicated than women of previous generations. Why so? I thought sexual liberation, freedom to be single, working, et. al was going to make you ... fulfilled? No? What went wrong?

5. It seems that while everyone was too busy chasing and monitoring income and workplace gains for women, they neglected to track how her heart was doing in the love department. There, you’ll see much decline.

# # #





What Men Bring To The Table Of Your Lives & Civilizations?

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. MEN are mostly the ones that invent, build, run and maintain our entire infrastructure. It is MEN that provide society with electricity, gas, water, telecommunications and the Internet. It is MEN that maintain our roads, public transport network, and electrical grid etcetera. It is MEN that construct new buildings and cities. How many women do you EVER see on a construction site? Go ahead, count them on one hand.

2. MEN still make up the majority of engineers, computer programmers, financial specialists, information technology experts, mathematicians, economists, physicists, actuaries, hard scientists and modelers, ... just to name a few.

3. MEN continue to make up the majority of engineering, computer science, mathematics, economics, finance, actuarial science and hard science students at university. They also make up the majority of high achieving students in the related fields at school.

4. MEN are still responsible for the majority of patents and continue to be the majority of Nobel laureates and winners of other scientific achievements. Women, where are you?

5. Females are naturally selfish (for procreation and survival) and whenever the protection of women goes to a government from their male partners, they start wishing for more and more. It’s NOT a first world problem, it’s a naturally occurring sign that says “Civilization needs a new set of rules to keep both genders complementary, not competitive, for maximum efficiency of human species.” In human species, like much more other species, females are valued much higher than males because they can give birth. Nature developed men as the protector and provider, hence men are born more intelligent and stronger, but has a shorter life expectancy and they must protect women even if means at the cost of losing their lives.

6. MEN continue to be responsible for the majority of technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs. Women, step up and contribute. Where are you? Put the makeup down and get off Instagram for just one minute (if that’s humanly possible) and come join men in these pursuits. WOMEN: “No way, I like ... how I look in the mirror more.” (Joking to make a point.)

7. MEN make up the majority of people with IQs above 140 or those with an intelligence high enough to classify one as a genius and this gets even more skewed for IQs above 160. For every Marie Curie there will always be several Einstein’s. While there is no sex difference in the averages of general intelligence, there are gender differences in the tails of the distributions.

8. MEN make up the bulk of our police force, fire brigades, ambulance services, emergency workers, coast guard and military. Women are making advances in these areas, one by one and with the help of quotas.

9. MEN are the majority of our electricians, plumbers, mechanics, telecommunications technicians and builders.

10. MEN do the vast majority of hazardous and time consuming work. It is mostly men working the 50-60 hour weeks and working in environmental extremes, not women. Again, look outside and see how many men are mowing lawns, and clearing brush and doing all that type of work. You won’t ever see one woman participating alongside a man. NEVER. They’re inside, where it’s comfortable socializing with their female coworkers. CHOICES, ladies. Own up to them.

11. Look around any room you’re sitting in and ask yourself, if anything was created by a woman. Not the TV, the wiring in the walls, the refrigerator, the air conditioner, the chair or desk she’s sitting at, not the materials they’re made of or the industries that put them there. How about the truck drivers that haul all that around the country? Women’s shoes are trucked to stores by men. How many patents do women hold? Less than 10%. Why? Women may outnumber men in college degrees, yet most of those degrees are worthless. Men are still crushing women in degrees that involve engineering, math, architecture, physics and other “hard” sciences. The door is wide open for women to walk through into these programs, yet they don’t. Why?

12. As for the military, a majority of women bring nothing to the table (that men can’t do better) other than their social issues and problems the military has had to deal with for the past twenty years. They’re not smarter, braver or more patriotic and most definitely not stronger than men. They will never be capable of taking a Guadalcanal or establishing a beachhead on Normandy. Women have centuries to go before they’ll even begin to achieve what men do every day of their lives. Most women working in management positions are creations from affirmative action quotas and it shows. Studies of business which have women in power positions show they’re overwhelmingly fail. Don’t believe me? Look it up, “women-led businesses are more likely to fail.” Real broadcast journalism today has morphed into cutesy, quasi-talk/gossip shows that men tune out whenever they see a panel of all women and an audience of ... all women. Where’s the male point of view or representation? Not needed/wanted. Women just want to gossip, talk clothes, sex, the issues that affect women and ... well, rinse and repeat. You’ll never, never meet a male police officer who would choose a female partner over a man if they’re out on the beat. Female sports never make it onto TV because? You can answer that one. Female pop stars are always? SOLO ARTISTS. Why? Doesn’t anyone want to form a band with them or only if they’re paid/replaceable musicians because no on likes (or can) deal with a woman’s own ego? There are more bands with all men in them and few female bands that are all female. It’s not that women can’t play instruments equal to men. Not at all. On the contrary, most women don’t get alone well enough to make it that long in a band. They score their man, eventually, and tell all the single women to stay away. Lastly, why don’t women compete against men in the Olympics? Quite simply, they can’t. Oh, but let’s allow men who claim they’re a woman compete in female-only sports and annihilate their records and steal their scholarship opportunities ALL IN THE NAME OF FEMINISM. WAY TO, GIRLS! I bet you didn’t see that one coming?

13. Feminist wet dreams = Women will rule the world one day. Yeah, right. It’ll never happen. You know why? Women, not men, will be the ones who get in their own way. Women want to work for men (not women), women want to see men LEAD, women don't get along well with other women, women are always wanting what other women have, women can't be happy for other women's successes without wondering how they can get more of what they see in other women, women want to benefit from men’s hard work (because they can choose not to work but to receive) ... stop me anytime, please. THIS IS GETTING TIRING. ;-)

# # #





Main Goal Of Feminism

Feminism B.S. Book Excerpt
Copyright © 2024 by Bart Smith
Reprinted by Permission

1. The feminist agenda is not really about equal rights for women. It’s more about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to abort children, leave husbands, live single for decades, destroy capitalism, become strictly pet owners promotes lesbians... maybe not in that order, but you get my drift,

2. Feminism now, as used by the media, colleges and government, and some religions, is really a political mind control attempt. Daily reminder that there really is a full-fledged anti-white genocidal agenda at play. No accident. All by design. Usual Suspects.

3. Feminism today is “equal” to male shaming and male bashing.

4. Feminism’s goal is restrain the sexual urges of men to the point of criminalization, while unleashing the unrestrained sexual behaviors of women to fuel and promote promiscuous behavior among both men and women. Men get falsely accused of sex accusations (#MeToo) while the looseness of women is celebrated. Women don't see what’s going on in front of their naked noses.

5. Feminism was (probably) a valid cause back in the 1800’s, 1900’s as women should enjoy the same opportunity for education and jobs, etc. Sadly, today feminism is a thoroughly bogus cause and in many ways an anti-male hate movement.

6. Feminism was funded and marketed by the globalists who own the corporation of the United States of America so they could tax 100% of the population, destroy the nuclear family, so they could have more government control over the people and a redistribution of wealth through corrupt feminist courts, from men to women, so they can send it back into the system, because women control over 85% of worldwide consumer spending. Follow the money. They used brainwashing through the media, combined with the sophisticated, promiscuous and hypergamous true nature of women, to achieve the gynocentric system we live under. Women who bought into feminism are just useful pawns to a horrible end-game designed to bring everyone to their knees, including our country.

7. Feminism is an anti-straight-male (white race) depopulation agenda.

8. Most people think feminism is about equality between the sexes. In today's culture, it means female privilege, without consequences for her actions or decisions.

9. Feminism is discrimination against men and is every bit as bad as discrimination against women back in the day but worse. Back then, men still cared for women. Today, hardly any woman cares for men. They just care how good they look on Instagram and how many followers they have. Now men are the ones in need of justice and focus.

10. Feminism has become a divisive and sometimes hateful force, a movement that dramatically exaggerates female woes while ignoring men’s problems, stifles dissenting views, and dwells obsessively on men’s misbehavior.

11. Feminism belittles and demonizes men, treats them as presumptive rapists while encouraging women to see themselves as victims while having sex with every man in sight. They’re sexual creatures, remember.

12. Feminism is about power and privilege and hatred of men and western civilization. Penis envy. Truly, feminists are evil.

13. Feminism was created to destabilize societies, tax women and prepare for a new world order. I wish women would understand that, let alone care.

14. Feminists don't want equality. They want entitlement, concessions, privileges, allowances, advantages, prerogatives and immunity from all the rules that normally apply to men. Wow, that’s asking a lot, isn’t it? What do you say men? Uh, bye.

15. Here's why feminism is communism: it destroys the family (communism is all about that) and it rebels against God's order of things (man/woman only). Look at the mental and emotional state of women = selfish, mean (girls), wicked, chaotic, depressed, brainwashed, (fill in the blank) ____, ____, ____.

16. No matter what their circumstances are, feminists always blame men for it. Feminism has NEVER had anything to do with equality; the ultimate goal has always been the destruction of the so-called “patriarchy” (which was designed to keep families intact) and the subjugation and dominance over men via government legislation and other educational and corporate policies because they couldn’t get men to go along. They needed the strong arm of the law to force their way. THAT sounds just and kind! NOT!

17. Feminism’s primary goals (as already stated) was the destruction of the family and women took the bait hook, line and sinker.

18. Feminism wasn't created by women, but by big government to get more people in the workforce so they could collect more money via taxes! Now, women are a new kind of slave to work for those taxes. Which would you prefer, ladies? Slave at home folding towels and raising babies or commuting two hours to work five days a week and looking at week paycheck on paydays?

19. Progress has social costs and individual costs. One of them is the decline of trust, the decline of civics, the decline of fertility rates, the decline of polite society and the rise of the world’s largest ongoing war between the sexes with no end in sight.

20. Understand, because of feminism, the world is being manipulated and our country is going to h*** in a hand basket.

21. I have a problem with media “fake news” and misinformation, media hype, media lies, rigged systems against men, man bashing, male denigration, and the belittling of contributions to society by men.

22. Feminism is Fascism by all contexts. It doesn't matter if the swastika flags or gestapo aren’t present, yet. What these mentally ill, man-hating feminazis are pushing for is simply a fascist world where men no longer have rights and women control everything. How’s that song go? “That’ll be the day ...”

23. So many women, who claim to be feminists, don't know it, but they're really just pawns and used to emasculate men.

24. This is a prime example of why feminism is dangerous to any nation. It produces vile women like whose sole mission in life is to attack men, bring men down, discount their contributions, jail them any chance they get, ruin their reputations with the slightest of infraction, and exalt more of their nasty kind into positions of power to again further their dominance of men. They’re lucky their are courts and laws on the books or else you know what would happen to these women?

25. The media knows feminism is TOXIC. They know men do bring a lot to the table to keep society running. They just hope you’re living under a rock and buying all their “media b.s.” so they can profit off all their advertising revenues. Sh** sells, even though it smells. Turn the TV off, ladies.

# # #