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Coach With Bart Smith (Business, Relationship & Personal Coaching)
Media/Publicity Coaching with Bart Smith


Contact Bart's office for a prompt reply to see if he has a calendar opening to coach you on this coaching topic.



AFTER you've been informed you will be coaching with Bart, you will be asked to send Bart some preliminary information about your current status and goals for coaching with Bart.

Get Ready To Rock The Media With Your Media, Publicity & Interview Preparedness With My Media Coaching

Bart Smith, Your Publicity & Media Interview Coach


So, are you ready to take full advantage of all the free media and publicity out there today? Have you been interviewed before? A few times? A lot? Do you have a media room on your website? What's your website look like?

Do you have a great interview topic along with questions ready to share with a potential show host to book you for an interview quickly?

How do you feel about your interview skills? Could you use some practice and rehearsing before you go live (again)? How are you coming across? I'll tell you when I (practice) interview you about your niche/topic(s).

Do you have a product and/or service you'd like to promote while you're interviewing to make interviewing worth your while? 

What are your interview goals, if you have any? You should have some. I do! Let's discuss the answers to these questions and many more. 


Depend on where you're at with your publicity and media interview journey, when you hire me to be your media / publicity / interview coach, we'll go deep into:

  • Have you been interviewed before? Not for a job, of course, but by someone in the media or someone who has a show (i.e., radio, podcast, TV, YouTube, etc.). How'd that go? How long ago was that? How often do you get interviewed? I'd like to learn all about your interview history if you have one before we dig in to my media coaching.

  • What's your website look like, if you have one? I'd like to see it. I may have suggestions; a few, none or maybe A LOT!

  • Do you have a media or press room on your website? If so, I'd like to see it. If not, let's discuss building one on your website. By the way, have you been mentioned in the media before? Do share what kind/where if you have.

  • Do you have a book or what do you normally get interviewed about? If you don't have a book, would you consider writing one? I can help you with that for sure. If you do have a book, are you getting interviewed about it? How about writing a new book? The more books you have, the more interviews you can score. The more interviews you can score, the more you're seen in the media ... a good thing! I have 27 books. Can you imagine if I just gave 2 interviews per month per book? That'd be 50+ interviews I'd conduct per month in so many different markets. Talk about reaching potentially 10,000+ people per month! That's what I'm talking about! You only need 1% response rate to score 100 clients paying you $1,000 per client for your services. You do the math and start writing that (next) book. Of course, those figures are for example only, but I bet you can see the potential of getting interviewed dozens of times per month if you really put in the effort. Funny, but I ask clients, authors and friends who should be interviewed how many times have they been interviewed, and they all say 3 times or less in the past 1-5 YEARS! NOT GOOD, folks.

  • Do you have an "interview me" web page on your website? If not, no worries, I can help build one for you while we coach. Also, do you have a press kit? We can work on that too if you need one. ALSO, while we're at it, do you have any press releases about what it is you'd like to be interviewed about? There are free (and pay) press release services you can use to distribute your press release(s) to the media, but you have to be ready for the influx of interview requests if they come. Let's discuss.

  • With all that we've covered in this media coaching program, what are your interview goals? I would have asked that up front, but my guess is we wouldn't really be prepared to discuss this topic unless so many of the other coaching items I just mentioned were taken care of or in place for you to rock the media like I want you to!

  • What else can you think of when it comes to you getting interviewed and getting media savvy to make the most out of all the free publicity available to you today? No matter, we'll discuss it if it comes up and I've got other lessons to share with you when you hire me to be your personal media interview and publicity coach.


    TIME:  Typically, 1-2 hours per coaching session until the coaching plan you purchase is completed and needs to be renewed. Let's discuss.

    FORMAT: Typically coached via Zoom calls where we can share screens, etc.

    FEE: Fees are determined mostly based on where you are at with your interview status and what your media goals are and how much work is involved building, creating and helping you get ready to rock the media like no body's business! Let's discuss.