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Juicing Tips, Juicing Recipes & How To Juice by Bart Smith



“When I think of Bart, I think of his world famous salad, his Omelette, the party smoothies he made at practically every party we’ve ever attended together, and his cookies which he brings when we go out to network at events. Bart steals the show with them every time!” – Noa S., Beverly Hills, CA

“Dude, your cookies rock. I ate them all in one sitting. All 15 of them. Can I get more, please?” – Ken M., San Diego, CA

Whatever Bart makes, I love. Whenever I come over, he’s always got something delicious cooking.” – Lee R., Newport Beach, CA

“Whether it’s Bart’s salad or his cookies, my friends and I cannot find anyone who makes either of those as good. I’m serious. One of my friends said she’ll never eat another chocolate chip cookie in her life unless it’s one of Bart’s cookies. We’re all diehard BARTMAN fans.” – Arda H., N. Hollywood, CA

Whatever Bart makes, I love. Whenever I come over, he’s always got something delicious cooking.” – Lee R., Newport Beach, CA

“Where do I start? Bart’s smoothies, his udon, his yaki-soba stir-fry seafood noodles, his pizza, I could go on and on. One of a kind entertainer and host! No one can touch him in these areas and so many other areas too!” – Belinda C., Newport Beach, CA

“I’ve been a fan of Bart’s cookies for going on 20+ years. One time we had guests over and they were just enamored by Bart’s homemade pizza, cookies and smoothies! Thank you, Bart. You made a lasting impression on them.” – Bill & Teri M., Reno, NV

“Bart, your cookies are absolutely the best ever. They melt in your mouth and leave you smiling all day long! Can’t wait to try your other dishes.” – Charlotte G., Playa Del Rey, CA

“Bart, your cookies, especially the gluten-free ones, blew my office away. Thank you for your kind generosity.” – Chuck R., Matthews, NC

“I love Bart’s sautéed sweet potatoes and salmon. Oh, and his tortellini and salmon. Oh, and his fried rice. His are the best I’ve ever tasted. I’m so glad I live close. Heads up, I’m coming over. What’s for dinner tonight?” – Dominique N., Fountain Valley, CA

“I’ve never had gluten-free cookies that were as good as Bart’s. Seriously!” – Dr. Andrea P., NMD, Phoenix, AZ

My store employees love your cookies, Bart. My customers, too. How can we ever turn down your cookies? Thank you for your kindness and generosity, always.” – George C., Matthews, NC

“If Bart isn’t wowing us with his pizza or cookies, it’s the 17 pitchers of his world famous party smoothies he made at a 4th of July party I held about ten years ago. I remember it as if it were yesterday. Bart, you made such an impression on everyone there. OMG! Thank you!” – Connie Q., Placentia, CA

“I have first-hand experience baking (cookies) with Bart. Everything I do now, when it comes to baking cookies is a reflection of his technique and ‘raw cookie dough’ talent. Not to mention, his fried rice was a hit with my family and I know my husband loved your sandwiches that you served him and Joe at the office. Amazing, you are, Bart!” – Cindy S., Matthews, NC

I’ve learned a lot from Bart when it comes to book writing, networking and how to conjure up unending smiles and memories with people. He did this through his cookies, pizza and smoothies. You rock, brutha!” – Todd W., Salt Lake City, UT

Being a vegetarian, Bart’s salad is like no other I have ever had. He’s got it right when he says, ‘WORLD’S BEST!’ I wholeheartedly agree. Your cookies too are lethally addictive. I can never make it home with any left over to share.” – Matt C., Boise, ID

“I’ve been gluten-free for almost 15 years. I will tell you this, Bart has THE BEST gluten-free dark chocolate chip cookies this side of the Milky Way Galaxy. I’m so glad I’m your friend.” – Gayl M., Hollywood, CA

“My family loves it when Bart comes to stay with us. Hands down, all four of my daughters jump for joy when Bart makes his cookies, pizza, tortellini or sandwiches, which he made (for my girls) for dinner one night when their babysitter only offered them cereal (for dinner). Thank you, Bart, for looking out for our girls. You are the man!” – Hasani & Family, Atlanta, GA

I don't even bake cookies for my girls (e.g., two young daughters) anymore. They only want Bart’s cookies. I think if moms around the world had Bart's cookies, yeah, they'd all agree to hang up their aprons; as they'd all be put out of business the very second Bart's opens his oven door and you taste is cookies right out of the oven. LIKE NO OTHER EXPERIENCE!" - Alicia N., Henderson, NV

“I used to get on Bart’s case about always making cookies. Well, now I’m eating my own words, no pun. Your cookies were G.O.N.E. in an hour after serving them at a party I had at my house. Your pad Thai is the best I’ve ever had anywhere. Your smoothies, always rock, and your pizza? I’ll never forget this party we went to where Bart asked if he could bring his smoothie-making supplies. I said, ‘Sure, you can set up over in that corner.’ I left the room and came back 15 minutes later only to find a crowd of about 20 people surrounding Bart at this table waiting in line to taste his party smoothie. Never saw anyone pull so much attention so fast after entering a room like that.” – Van S., Westlake Village, CA

My family goes crazy over Bart’s cookies. Can’t wait to enjoy your cookbook firsthand. That is, when are you going to cook for me? You always said you would. Hurry, can’t wait! My kitchen’s ready!” – Jade B., Los Angeles, CA

“When my niece said she made cookies too, in front of Bart, I had to tell her, ‘Honey, yes you do, but Bart’s (cookies) are the best this world has ever seen.’” – Linda C., Matthews, NC

Bart’s cookies are always a hit at the events I do. Thank you, Bart.” – Lindsay V., Beverly Hills, CA

Never had better tasting cookies than Bart’s cookies. Out of this world.” – Kenniesha N., Culver City, CA

I couldn’t believe how fast my wine tasting party DIED (i.e., approx. 30 minutes) after Bart arrived with his party smoothie making mix. Literally, he turned a 20-bottle wine tasting bar at my home into a complete wine ghost town. I’m not kidding. Everyone was drinking his smoothies thereafter for the rest of the night. Well, if you can't beat him, join him, right?” – Jill S., San Pedro, CA

“I’ve known Bart for almost 20 years. Whether it’s his pizza, protein shake, salad, or cookies ... his are the very best and makes me smile every time.” – Marlene G., Orlando, FL

“Thank you, Bart, for making your pad Thai noodle dish for the first time at my house for my birthday. Your salad, smoothies, and cookies are also big hits with my daughter and I.” – Paula & Emma, Springfield, IL

“My family and I love Bart’s cookies. They love them so much, my grand kids came up with a jingle for BartsCookies.com. It is so cute. Ask him to play it for you sometime. You’ll smile ten miles wide! Also, it was a joy to watch Bart juice a combination of fruits for me at my house the minute he saw my juicer sitting on the shelf collecting dust!” – Nita L., Grand Island, NE

“I have had the pleasure of dining at Bart’s house while he created this cookbook, and I have to tell you, his veggie lasagna, salad, sautéed sweet potatoes, salmon and cookies are the absolute best I have ever had. I also have dozens of cookbooks and none of them are as easy to follow or illustrated like Bart’s is. I watched him make a dish, then take pictures of it, then transfer those pictures to the computer, brighten the images, then insert them right into the cookbook all within minutes. Who does that? Simply amazing!” – Peggy H., Newport Beach, CA

My family goes nuts for Bart’s cookies! Send more, please ... and THANK YOU!” – Phil B., San Diego, CA

“Bart, you stole everyone away from my husband’s 50th birthday party with your cookies, party smoothies and readings out of one of your books. You are the life of any party you go to. Lots of love!” – Renee P., Marina Del Rey, CA

Your cookies are a hit with everyone in my building. Send more, please! Oh, and your pizza is to die for. I’m so glad you shared that with us.” – Sally W., Beaufort, SC

I’ve been in the catering and restaurant business for over 25 years. Bart’s cookies are the best cookies I’ve ever had. Even my co-workers say the same thing. Bart, what is your secret?” – Stuart E., Hollywood, CA

“I love Bart’s pad Thai dish, his cookies, his party smoothies ... when are you moving in? I want you as a roommate. Your buddy, Glen (my husband), also gives you the green light. Hurry! What’s for dinner tonight?” – Heidi H., Thousand Oaks, CA

“Bart’s cookies are the absolute best I’ve ever had. I remember he brought them to the bar where I work one Halloween night and I ate like 10 of them. The other 90 cookies were passed out to everyone else that night who absolutely loved and devoured them. His cookies are famous at our club.” – Megan H., Ventura, CA

Bart is a natural gourmet like no one I know. I helped him make cookies about 12 years ago. THAT was amazing. Then, he made me his world famous salad, and as a vegetarian, I can say, it was the best salad I’ve ever had. Bravo, Bart. What’s on the menu today?” – Sherrie R., San Diego, CA

Bart’s dishes are beyond mouth watering! I ’ve had his salmon salad, which is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I want to try every dish he makes! Enough teasing me with your photos sent to me via text. I want the real thing. I’m booking my flight to come to see you now! His cookies are the best, too.” – Susan P., Las Vegas, NV

“Well, I’ve had Bart’s tortellini and salmon, his pizza, his salad, his soft tacos, smoothies and other dishes. When I brought friends over to enjoy these dishes they were blown away by how fast and fun Bart whipped them up. Speechless, he left them! What’s more, I assisted him when he made over 30 PITCHERS of his world famous party smoothie at a party. He stole the show! Everyone came back for seconds, thirds and fourth cups of his party potion! His cookies also disappeared faster than we could say, ‘Where’d they go?’ Bart, you rock, always!” – Gale G., Huntington Beach, CA

“For almost 25+ years, I have sincerely enjoyed Bart’s cookies like no other cookie on the planet. Thank you, Bart. You are a kind soul for sharing God’s gift to you.” – Janice S., Los Angeles, CA

“The BOMB! That’s how I describe Bart’s cookies. I can’t stop eating them. I work out and still I have no self-discipline to ever turn down Bart’s cookies. Whoa, gimme gimme!” – Joe P., Los Angeles, CA

“Every time Bart brings his peanut butter milk chocolate chip cookies to our office EVERYONE stops working and starts acting like children. It's astonishing Bart has that kind of influence over grown adults. But hey, they are the world's greatest chocolate chip cookies. There's no doubting that and my office is filled with mostly moms who bake (or used to bake) cookies for their families. Not any more. Not after tasting Bart's cookies." – Ryan J., Henderson, NV

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