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Why I Wrote Who's Hungry? by Bart Smith

SERIOUSLY, Why DID I write this cookbook? Great question! It’s not like there aren’t enough cookbooks out there already, let alone more sophisticated ones written by professionally trained chefs and nutritional enthusiasts, right? I mean, I don’t have any certifications or degrees in culinary arts or other fields related to food and nutrition, per se. Although, I do make the world’s best chocolate chip cookies, bar none, without training, certifications, degrees or stealing some family recipe. Something to keep in mind ... You don’t need certifications either to be the best at what you do when it can bring smiles to people’s faces with every bite!


That said, I’m certainly not aiming to help you attain some super duper vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, low-carb or some other health regimen goal via the fun-tasting dishes and beverages I’m about to present to you inside my cookbook. I will say though, there actually are some meals and beverages I do make, and are included inside my cookbook, that are healthy for you and can actually help you lose weight and stay slim. I make note of them on specific pages. So, watch for them!

Why I Wrote Who's Hungry? by Bart Smith

So, back to the question! What, then, is the aim of my cookbook? Simply, it is to share a handful of my personal/favorite meals that I’ve been making for the past 20+ years and that other people have also found to be absolutely great tasting, “out-of-this-world delish,” “yummy to the taste buds” and ultimately their favorite too whenever I’m in town or I happen to be in their kitchen or they’re in mine! “Bart, will you please make your world famous ___________.” (Fill in the blank WITH A MEAL or BEVERAGE of your choice FROM THIS COOKBOOK!)


Real quick, where did I get the recipes, cooking skills and training to cook what I do? Well, from three main sources: (1) My knack and love for cooking came from my mom, of course. Watching her make magic using basic ingredients in the kitchen over the years totally rubbed off. I picked up SOME of her amazing talent and creativity. (2) The recipes came from what I love to eat! (3) Another motivating source to cook healthy, besides what tastes great to me... most of my days are very long and energy-zapping where I need optimum fuel (i.e., healthy meals/beverages) that nutritionally serve my body so I can keep going and going. No coffee or energy drinks for this boy, no way, never. Also, I let food be my medicine. I stay far healthier and away from the doctor’s office when I eat healthy and control what I put into my body. Wouldn’t you agree? 


So, there you have it. Tack on 20+ years of cooking experience and you’ve got the dishes you’re about to see and hopefully enjoy in your own kitchen real soon!

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