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Deep Dive Into Finding 'The One' For You, Dating Tips, Relationship Wisdom & Sex Talk


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Deep Dive Into Finding The "One" For You, Dating Tips, Relationship Wisdom & Sex Talk

Presented by Bart Smith


Wow, if that wasn't a mouthful? Author of seven relationship books, having been interviewed on Playboy Radio for three and a half hours, having written books about relationships, dating, the current trends in today's modern dating world, and sex.

Book BART to speak before your audience so they have all the information necessary to help ensure their chances at finding the one for them navigating the dating jungle, protecting their heart and their bodies on their way to finding the one for them.


Here's what your audience will learn during this presentation on this topic:

  • In Find The One For Me (book), I talk about picturing to meet the one for you, preparing to meet the one for you, looking for the one for you, hanging out with the (potential) one for you, securing the one for you, living with the one for you and one day losing the one for you (i.e., death, divorce, health, etc.). Let me dive into this to give you some perspective on this approach to finding the one for you.

  • I go into some amazing dating, sex and relationship principles I discuss inside Where Are You? & Where Art Thou?

  • I touch upon a number of regrets both men and women have inside my book 251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets.

  • I then touch upon relationship, dating and sexual truths, realisms, and wisdom (aimed at men) shared inside Laws Of The Bedroom.

  • Then, I'll dive into my romance erotica novel, Fantasy Boyfriend, and share passages, messages, meanings and lessons behind the way the man in that story views and treats the woman who has just entered his life and how he's having the kind of (loving) affect on the gal that she has NEVER ever experienced from interacting with and falling in love with a man before. 

  • Then, I'll speak to the ladies in regards to any number of life decisions they might make that they should watch out for (in Watch Out Ladies) and other topics, honestly, they need to wake up to (in Wake Up Ladies).

  • ... and so much more! This is going to be a jam-packed / info-packed talk for sure!


    TIME: 45 Minutes. Can be longer if you want or shorter too. Let's discuss.

    FORMAT: Can be presented online via Zoom/webinar or live, in-person. Let's discuss.

    FEE: No fee for this talk if online via Zoom/webinar. Traveling to your location, and making this presentation in-person may incur fees. Let's discuss.


    Contact Bart's office to see if he has a calendar opening to speak to your group on this topic (and possibly others). Your inquiry will surely receive a prompt reply. In a hurry? Call Bart's office directly at (323) 510-5155 PST.